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Druid Artifact Forms

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Edgar, 11-05-2023, 10:30 AM

Hello there everybody!

Since Legion has come to a close, we've taken a look back at the Druid forms that are unlocked via different artifacts and have made a list of those that are open for public use, locked off, or open with prerequisites. You'll find the forms below, with their status.

Fangs of Ashamane (Feral) Appearances

[Image: Fangs_of_Ashamane.jpg][Image: Fangs_of_Ashamane2.jpg][Image: Fangs_of_Ashamane3.jpg][Image: Fangs_of_Ashamane4.jpg]

All of these appearances are open to be used by all druids.

Valorous: Primal Stalker
[Image: Primal_Stalker.jpg][Image: Primal_Stalker2.jpg][Image: Primal_Stalker3.jpg][Image: Primal_Stalker4.jpg]
All of these appearances are open to be used by all druids.

Hidden: Moonspirit
[Image: Moonspirit.jpg][Image: Moonspirit2.jpg][Image: Moonspirit3.jpg][Image: Moonspirit4.jpg]
All of these appearances are open to be used by all druids.

Upgraded: Nature's Fury
[Image: Nature%27s_Fury.jpg][Image: Nature%27s_Fury2.jpg][Image: Nature%27s_Fury3.jpg][Image: Nature%27s_Fury4.jpg]
All of these appearances must be first learned from the Druids of the Dreamgrove.

Challenging: Ghost of the Pridemother
[Image: Ghost_of_the_Pridemother.jpg][Image: Ghost_of_the_Pridemother2.jpg][Image: Ghost_of_the_Pridemother3.jpg][Image: Ghost_of_the_Pridemother4.jpg]
All of these appearances must be first learned from the Druids of the Dreamgrove.

War-torn: Incarnation of Nightmare
[Image: Incarnation_of_Nightmare.jpg][Image: Incarnation_of_Nightmare2.jpg][Image: Incarnation_of_Nightmare3.jpg][Image: Incarnation_of_Nightmare4.jpg]
All of these appearances are locked to the public, and can only be granted as part of a Legendary item effect.

Claws of Ursoc (Guardian) Appearances

[Image: Claws_of_Ursoc.jpg][Image: Claws_of_Ursoc2.jpg][Image: Claws_of_Ursoc3.jpg][Image: Claws_of_Ursoc4.jpg]
All of these appearances are open to be used by all druids.

Challenging: Might of the Grizzlemaw
[Image: Might_of_the_Grizzlemaw.jpg][Image: Might_of_the_Grizzlemaw2.jpg][Image: Might_of_the_Grizzlemaw3.jpg][Image: Might_of_the_Grizzlemaw4.jpg]
All of these appearances are open to be used by all druids, as well as the model for a Furbolg character.

Hidden: Guardian of the Glade
[Image: Guardian_of_the_Glade.jpg][Image: Guardian_of_the_Glade2.jpg][Image: Guardian_of_the_Glade3.jpg][Image: Guardian_of_the_Glade4.jpg]
All of these appearances are open to be used by all druids.

Upgraded: Stonepaw
[Image: Stonepaw.jpg][Image: Stonepaw2.jpg][Image: Stonepaw3.jpg][Image: Stonepaw4.jpg]
All of these appearances are locked to the public, and can only be granted as part of a Legendary item effect.

War-torn: Fallen to Nightmare
[Image: Fallen_to_Nightmare.jpg][Image: Fallen_to_Nightmare2.jpg][Image: Fallen_to_Nightmare3.jpg][Image: Fallen_to_Nightmare4.jpg]
All of these appearances are locked to the public, and can only be granted as part of a Legendary item effect.

Valorous: Avatar of Ursol
[Image: Avatar_of_Ursol.jpg][Image: Avatar_of_Ursol2.jpg][Image: Avatar_of_Ursol3.jpg][Image: Avatar_of_Ursol4.jpg]
The first (green), third (purple), and fourth (red) versions of these appearances are locked to the public, and can only be granted as part of a Legendary item effect. The second (blue) version is off-limits.

  Open Thread

Staff Created Azerite Effects

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zackaroth, 10-15-2023, 02:12 PM

Hey guys! This thread is a list for all staff made Azerite Effects. Unlike player made effects, this effects do not have to be CTSed. Instead they may be slotted, switched out, or completely discarded by players before or after events. The only time Azerite effects cannot be switched out is during event themselves. We also ask you put any of your active Azerite traits somewhere in your TRP. You may have a mix Staff Made and Custom Azerite effects but can only have three active at any one time. Also remember, like Artifact Gold Traits, Azerite Traits will unlock over time. April 27th, 2024 will be the day of the first trait’s unlock. The second will be unlocked in a mini event during a main event break in July or August. The third will be unlocked similarly during the next holiday break (November 2024 to January 2025). So everyone will only start with one active trait before eventually unlocking the second and then finally the third, similar to Artifact traits. For more info, look at this thread

Azerite Traits have sub sections. Generic traits are more rounded and role neutral. Tanking traits are more suited for characters who feel they like to tank. Healing Traits are more suited towards healers. Protection are more role netural ways for players to protect themselves. Location Traits are unlocked once a faction has unlocked a zone. They are not inherently limited to that zone but some effects are. Their may be items in the future that allows players to use those location locked traits to be used anywhere.


Generic Traits: Can be used once the HoA is Unlocked

Earthlink: By choosing this effect, you find yourself bound more than ever to the pulse of the planet. Each beat of Azeroth’s heart brings you power but this power reduces over time.

Once per event you may activate this power, syncing yourself with rhythm. At the start of your turn after, roll 1-10. Whatever the number lands on is the amount of rounds your healing and normal attacks are empowered by Azeroth. Your healing is better and your attacks hit harder, as well as doing added arcane damage to melee, ranged and magical strikes. The empowerment of this buff fades each round it is in use and cannot be refreshed. This effect completely fades when the event is over.

Blood Siphon: Choosing this effect makes you more intune with the ebb and flow of the lifeblood within your allies. Their heartbeats become more apparent– thrumming along in concert with your own.

The Heart becomes a conduit, linking you to TWO of your choice of allies. Their pain is yours, their emotions swim in dizzying disarray along with yours. You feel their bodies moving as if they were your own– ghost limbs on the edge of your subconscious.

Twice per event, when one of the linked allies is injured near you in a way that sheds blood, the Heart siphons that shed lifeblood and bolsters your next melee, ranged, or magical attack with an added powerful and potent boost of blood magic. How this manifests alongside your attack is up to you.

Lifespeed: The Heart of Azeroth taps into your very vitality– the untapped potential within yourself. Once per event, you can activate this ability and the Heart siphons some of your vitality to give you a surge of speed giving you a choice. You may empower your speed to be able to dodge ANY counter attack or threshold roll even if it’s claimed to be undodgeable(Dm Discretion) for the rest of the event OR for one encounter you may empower your attack speed, allowing you choose another group to attack with for that encounter.(The second effect can only be used by a max of 3 players during the event and they must choose different secondary groups to go with. You must also put in your TRP what your secondary group is)

On my Way: True veterans of war know that to win a fight, you must work as a team. The heart gifted to you seems to be able to read this as well, channeling the cries of your allies into a gift of speed - urging you on to strike back at what harmed your ally.

Twice per event, when someone near you loses a counter attack, you may initiate a counter attack against whatever hit them and place yourself near your struck ally. (You must declare you’re doing this in a quick raid macro)

Unstable Flames: This trait  teaches the user how to cast Azerite Fireball. An Azerite Fireball is an unstable, explosive and deadly version of a normal fireball. This attack can be cast indefinitely, so long as this trait is slotted, and every explosive strike of this weapon leaves behind unstable Azerite Flames.

Once per encounter, you may connect with the Unstable Flames and cause them to erupt wherever they may be, causing an Azerite explosion that tears through enemies and allies alike.

Heed my Call: The Heart of Azeroth pulses energy, allowing you to grasp the Azerite Infused elementals that travel under the earth.

Once per event, you may tap into this web of connections– sending a pulse of energy out in all directions, as far as the eye can see. A smaller errant Azerite elemental heeds your call, lumbering to your side and prepared to do battle on your behalf. This creature acts as a pet and can take actions during your turn as normal pets do. This pet lasts until the end of the encounter it is summoned on but you may use the Heart to roll to keep control of it. If you choose to do this and fail the roll, the Elemental becomes hostile and attacks everyone.

Azerite Globules: The Heart finds itself empowered by Azerite - but it’s not against using its own blood to defend itself and its wearer. Every time you attack, you cause a tiny little globule made of Azerite to form. Upon reaching three spawns, they will join together and swarm over your foe - and promptly explode. These globs will follow you until you decide to send them to explode on an enemy or enemies. However, if you already have three globules, you cannot create more until the current three have been sacrificed. Be warned however, as other creatures made of azerite may be able to absorb them and empower themselves.

Gutripper: Hitting someone while they’re low may not be the most honorable act in the world, but it is hardly ineffective. With this trait, you can make sure you follow up after a successful strike to really press in the point of your efforts.

Once per event, after a successful counter attack, you may make a second quick attack against the same target so long as they survive the first attack. If your first quick emote killed the target, this trait does not carry an additional attack to an additional target. (Make sure to have this as a raid-ready macro.)

Elemental Whirl: Channeling the power of the Heart, you imbue yourself with…elements! Not just any one, but a veritable many! This imbuing extends to any weapons, natural or otherwise, possessed by whomever uses this. At the start of every encounter the user may roll 1-5, corresponding to the list below here.

1- Fire
2- Frost/Water
3- Lightning
4- Earth
5- All of them.

Their subsequent attack is imbued with whatever they roll, and empowered as such at DM discretion. If a 5 is rolled, it might be a bit more chaotic/explosive than intended.

Overwhelming Power:  The Heart of Azeroth proves once more to be a useful tool for those who like to spread terror and pain against their foes. Through its connection to you, it has started to store the feedback of your attacks within itself, ready to be unleashed when enough power has been contained.

Each time you strike an enemy, you gain a stack of Overwhelming Power. Upon reaching five stacks, you can unleash a devastating attack five times as powerful as it would normally be (per DM discretion). Stacks can be gained so long as you hit an enemy - be it a normal turn or winning a counter. You only gain one stack in each instance, AoEs and chain attacks only grant one stack. If you should get a Minor or Major Killing blow, if there is another encounter, you immediately start with 5 stacks.

Unstable Catalyst: The Heart of Azeroth seems to react oddly with your presence, becoming more volatile and unstable– the liquid azerite within bubbling and frothing as if agitated.

When casting spells or attacking, a small pool of Azerite forms where your attack hits. The pool lightly empowers any ally standing it but its raw energy is too much to be contained. If a pool is struck by a spell that emits any type of flames, this causes the Azerite Pool to Ignite and explode upon any ally or enemy near it. If a pool is struck by an Azerite Fireball from Unstable Flames all Azerite Pools in the combat area are ignited.

Champion of Azeroth(Cannot be taken with Anduin’s Dedication OR Sylvanas’ Resolve): There is something to be said about remaining neutral in a time of war. Some call it weakness, unwilling to pick a side while both sides see you as enabling another. Some consider it cowardice. Yet, a great many respect the struggle to keep walking the line, willing to see both sides of things. You are not in this for the Horde. You are not in this for the Alliance. You are in this to protect your home, your friends, and your world.

Once per event, you shine with the light of the world, becoming a beacon of inspiration, hope, and a reminder of what is at stake more than the pride of each faction. Choose three other raid members plus yourself and empower them - allowing them to take TWO ACTIONS their next turn, be it attacking twice, healing twice(including removing debuffs), or attacking once and healing the second. (Dm discretion).

Anduin's Dedication(Alliance Only, cannot be taken with Champion of Azeroth): Anduin’s dedication to the Alliance is matched only by his faith in the Light, and by channeling the strength of that conviction, you can mimic one of his greatest feats at the Battle of Lordaeron.

Once per event, you may channel energy into the heart as it takes on a golden hue. While it mimics the Light, it is NOT the Light, so it can still be used to heal undead and demon hunters/forlarren. You may select up to five other members of the raid (not yourself) and heal them back to full from the brink of death, purging them of nearly any debuffs that may be afflicting them in the process (DM Discretion).

Sylvanas' Resolve(Horde Only, cannot be taken with Champions of Azeroth):  Much could be said of Sylvanas, and much of it negative. But one thing both her allies and enemies alike can agree on is her resolve and her drive to survive. Even death has failed to claim her, and that same resolve can be found within both your heart and the Heart of Azeroth.

Once per encounter, you can channel that resolve through the Heart of Azeroth, and allow that resolve to flow through you, mending your wounds and purging debuffs that are upon you (DM Discretion). Though it’s not quite powerful enough to bring you back from the dead, it can just as well take you back from the brink.

Tanking Generic Traits: Traits that are more protective. Can be used once the HoA is unlocked.

Ablative Shielding:The heart projects a semi-solid field of energy around you that slowly chips away as you take hits. In effect, the shield breaks so your body doesn’t. It can withstand a good few hits before fully breaking, but each hit will see more of the damage getting through to you underneath. The shielding will negate the negative effects of the first counter-attack or threshold roll you fail at an event. Your second and third failed counters will only affect you at half strength, and anything beyond that will result in the shielding breaking and you taking the full brunt of attacks made against you again. (All subject to DM discretion) So long as the shield is up, you may also intercede on failed counter attacks made against your allies, taking the damage in their place.

Crystalline Carapace: Through the Heart, you channel fortitude, and it answers. Twice per event, you may call upon the Heart to cover yourself, and two allies in a layer of crystalline ‘armor,’ effectively acting as a second skin akin to barkskin. This armor is quite resilient to most attacks, and enables you to effectively weather a failed physical counter, with the armor shattering explosively upon the failed counter–harming up to five foes nearby. This effect does not block mind control or psychic damage effects.(Dm Discretion)

Winds of War: Calling upon the very winds of Azeroth you are able to manipulate them to draw your foes into a trapped melee. Swirling vortexes scream across the battlefield searching for foes of your choosing. Any who are unfortunate enough to be trapped within them would find themselves spiraling to your violent will.

One per encounter, you may call upon the winds of Azeroth to create five  5 whirling tornados that will tear across the battlefield. You may choose to target one enemy per tornado drawing them to you in slashing winds OR you may choose to combine the tornados to create a mighty hurricane that will draw (taunt) the attention of a mighty foe. This grants you advantage to the immediate counter roll only, the hurricane is only able to target boss level mobs. If used to create a hurricane, the effect is considered used up for the rest of the event. (Dm discretion, does not work on immovable bosses) 

Strength in Numbers: Though the champions of Azeroth are formidable foes in and of themselves, you know that your strength is that much greater in numbers. However, you also know that not all of your allies are as durable as you, so if you call them to your aid, you should be ready to safeguard them.

Once per encounter, when you are targeted with a counter roll, you may call upon up to four others. They can reject, but should they accept, the heart will teleport them to your side, and you will turn the roll into a group counter. If you still lose the roll, you will take all the damage from the attack and your allies will be safe.

Shimmering Haven: Using the power of Azeroth itself you create a blinding safe haven for both yourself and your allies. You become the beacon of hope that those in the trenches rally to in their hour of dire need. The armor between your allies and the tide.

Once per event, when the tides of battle grow dire you call upon the power of Azeroth to lend aid. Large golden gemstones erupt from the earth creating a protective haven. The haven immediately reacts to enemies and pushes them away and out of the dome. The dome will remain for One Round and vanish at the end of the user’s next turn. During that time up to 4 players may enter the dome and will be granted sanctuary from all forms of damage and debuffs.They may enter and exit out of turn but cannot reenter the dome if they have just attacked an enemy until the end of the following turn. Healers inside the dome may cleanse another player also within the dome of any debuffs out of turn. Those players who remain within the dome may not attack any foe that remains outside of it. The dome itself may be targeted by greater enemies. In the event the haven is targeted, those who are currently in the dome at the time of the attack may roll as a group to protect it. If the group fails the haven shatters and the sanctuary is lost for those in need. (DM Discretion)    

Healing Generic Traits: Traits are more healing. Can be used once the HoA is unlocked.

Synergistic Growth: The Heart you carry forms a bond with the other hearts carried by those of your groupmates. Any healing you impart upon one of them will spread to the others, yourself included, albeit not quite as strong. If your healing would damage other members of your group, the heart they carry will take over and heal them itself.

Once per encounter, you may channel an overwhelming burst of energy through the synergistic link, purging a debuff from every single member of your group, including yourself. (DM Discretion)

Ephemeral Recovery: Azeroth has endured great pain to persevere, and so must her children. Through the heart, you are able to seemingly cleanse debuffs from your allies, even if you are not naturally a healer or if you are, empower yourself to remove a debuff from a second person in the same turn. However, such actions come at cost. If you use this effect, you must draw upon your life force to help your allies and will suffer an unremovable -10 for the rest of the encounter. You may keep using this effect so long as you're alive but if you should ever reach -100 you die.This debuff is removed at the end of the encounter but if you have -50 or above, this effect cannot be used for the rest of the event.

Blessed Portents: The Heart of Azeroth twinkles with light, showering you with an array of dancing, shining pinpricks that all gather around you. You swear these motes of energy contain tiny, nigh-imperceptible voices that all speak of dangers to come. These unknown voices seem intent on preventing calamity, and are equally intent on you doing the same with their knowledge.

You gain 3 ‘Portents’-- these small wisps of future not yet come to pass. You can choose to spend a portent to either:

Bestow a healer with knowledge of the future and what injuries are to befall their allies, gifting them just enough time to better prepare their healing spells, as well as with specifics of injuries that are to come. The healer may choose to spend their portent to double the effectiveness of a healing spell or healing item ability on their turn (DM discretion).


Bless an ally with a split second glimpse into the future at a critical moment. The ally may spend the portent to dodge an otherwise undodgeable attack(either Counter or Threshold), saving them from terrible injury.(Dm Discretion)

May have unforeseen consequences in areas heavily affected by the Shadow or Void.

Bracing Chill: Azeroth cares for all her children - regardless of their state of life. Healing for those who find themselves on the tainted side of things tends to be harder to come by. ANY healer who picks up this trait will be able to tap into the natural chill of the world - freezing over wounds instead of outright healing them in order to keep the body together (in the case of undead) and stop any bleeding (in the case of void-tainted/demonicly tainted). While this won’t hurt anyone ‘normal’, freezing their bodies will likely be very unpleasant.

Concentrated Mending: Knowing you are going into the battlefield is one thing, but those who wish to see another battle know the importance of preparation. Through the Heart you are graced with the ability to mark yourself or an ally with a glowing rune of your design and hue (At DM discretion, Once per encounter). Over time this marking will constantly heal your body, and keep you rejuvenated. However this constant healing may not be very potent initially but over time it can heal more serious wounds. However the mark requires concentration.

If you fail a counter roll or a threshold roll, you lose concentration and the mark dissipates.

Savior: The ability to mend one's friends and allies upon the field of battle is important - and the very land you seek to defend is aware that should her defenders fall, she will be in danger. Through the heart, your will and desire to mend others becomes something more than even you intended.

Your healing has become more effective at healing those who are closer to death’s door - almost as if rewarding you for prioritizing those in need over those who are close to you in location and in friendship.

Once per ENCOUNTER, if you heal someone critically injured, the healing will bounce to up to THREE others of your choosing.

Once per EVENT, if you heal someone who is labeled close to death/on death’s door or otherwise about to die, you will trigger a raid-wide heal. Doing this also uses up the previous once per encounter effect.

All effects per DM discretion. Whoever gets this item will need to pay attention to the DMs emotes, as they will note if someone is near death or critically injured.

Woundbinder:  Not every healer is one who uses magic - some are trained in traditional medicines and fixing people up with gaze, linen bandages, stitches, saws and some good ol’ whiskey to take the pain away. Somehow, the Heart has prepared for those who are this way.

By wearing the heart while performing non-magical first aid on another, your actions BECOME magical and allow you to patch up any living creatures who need your aid. Any area that you work on starts to heal as if you were a priest, shaman or any other such healer.

For the unliving, it boosts your knowledge of anatomy, allowing you to put them back together correctly and less like a puzzle of ‘this looks right I guess’.   

Defensive Generic Traits: Traits that are more defensive, regardless of whether they are a tank or not. Can be used as soon as the HoA is unlocked.

Gemhide: Selecting this trait puts the wielder in tune with the crystalline minerals of Azeroths crust. You can feel their power seething beneath the surface of the world, like a mage can harness the power of ley lines you can harness the protective strength of crystals.

Once per event you may call upon the crystals of the Azeroth to answer your call. Roll 1d100.

On a 1 or 100 you are encased in a protective prism housed in a colossal crust. You will become a Gemshard Colossus. This effect allows you to tank the heaviest of blows and withstand incredible damage. The effects will last until the end of your next turn or until the construct shell is destroyed. (DM Discretion)

On a 2-99 you attract the gemstones of the crust around you to magnetically graft themselves into an armor-like shell upon your body. This will grant you the temporary effect of Spell Absorption. The armor will absorb and house the type of spell damage you are struck with, giving you medium resistance to future attacks of the same type as well as allowing you to eventually unleash it upon the enemy. The armor lasts until the end of your next turn but when this ability is activated and either you or any ally in the raid group fails a counter attack or a threshold roll, you may shatter the armor around you and unleash the enemies own magic against them. Be warned that getting struck/healed with a possible opposing force of the magic you absorbed may have negative consequences(Dm Discretion)

Impassive Visage: You may activate this ability once per event and the effect lasts the entire event. You can deactivate this ability but not on the same encounter you activated it on.

No matter how badly hurt you are, you don’t look it. You don’t even feel it. It’s virtually impossible for someone to tell how badly hurt you are, and frankly, you find it fairly difficult yourself, requiring a serious moment of self consideration and introspection. With this effect, your wounds will never slow you down and your mind is rock solid. You speak as if you have no emotion. In this state you are immune to any debuffs caused by mental attacks and cannot be mind controlled (DM Discretion). However, because you are so impassive, your emotional state never changes and you cannot benefit from any effect that gives you a bonus or advantage to your counter attack.

Vampiric Speed: While not defensive in the traditional sense, it could be said that ensuring you don’t die is a form of defense. This blessing upon the heart increases the speed of your weapon, allowing it to both strike and parry faster than you may have previously thought possible. Each strike you make and each blow you parry will slightly heal you. Once per encounter, when you win a counter attack, you will be able to fully heal yourself and purge debuffs. (DM discretion)

Longstrider: While armor is good to have for mitigating damage, it’s often been said, it’s better to not get hit at all. With this enhancement on the Heart, you’ll find yourself moving faster, reacting quicker, and all around better able to get yourself out of dodge. Though it has limited use on the offense, it may well save your life. Once per event, you may dodge an otherwise undodgeable counter or threshold roll with the DM’s permission.

Resounding Protection: Those wearing a Heart are forever connected to Azeroth - and through her, we find strength. Her earth, her strength - a power leant to you. Upon starting combat, you find yourself protected by a magical shield of translucent Azerite.

This shield greatly diminishes non-counter attacks against you and environmental effects. Once per encounter, if two turns have passed without you being attacked, you may emote with the third group and break the shield, causing a sonic boom that damages any enemies around you(be sure to make a marco stating you are doing this)

Once per event, if you fail a counter attack or a threshold roll you may activate this ability prematurely and cancel out the failed counter by erupting with a Sonic Boom. If you choose to do this, the ability is deactivated for the rest of the event.

Self Reliance: No one is an island, but you feel you do your best work on your own. Or perhaps you simply prefer to carry your own weight so you don’t burden others. You may activate this effect once per event and it lasts the entire event. This effect can only be deactivated once an encounter has ended.

You will be unable to accept help from others. No one can interrupt your counters,no one can heal you and you cannot participate in group counters. Instead if you are targeted by a group counter, you opt to take it on alone and may choose to either have a +10 or advantage to your attempt. This bonus only counts for counters that are stated to be group counters and you must inform the DM you have this ability active. Additionally while this effect is active, you may purge yourself of any non-mind controlling debuffs and if you do, you slightly heal some of your wounds. You can only remove a debuff on your turn but may still attack.

Azerite Fortification: The Heart of Azeroth senses your willingness to be the shield for your comrades– to be the unstoppable behemoth your foes fear, who shrugs off their attacks like so many flies. And so it taps into that want, that need to protect; and answers.

As long as the Heart is in your possession, you find yourself more difficult to move. You become noticeably heavier, your steps sounding like the hoof-beats of a warhorse.

Twice per event, when an attack hits you that should move you with its force, you may choose to tap into the sturdiness of Azeroth Herself and become immovable. You take less damage from the attack itself, and stay in place while your comrades are thrown like dolls.

Once you use the two charges, you feel the Heart thrum in anticipation– as if it was storing the excess kinetic energy from the last two blows within itself. You can stomp and send a shockwave of thunderous force outwards, expending the saved energies outwards in a cone towards your enemies. Lesser enemies are thrown; scattered and their defenses broken, while greater enemies stumble, their bodies taking heavy damage from the sheer force of the blow (DM discretion).

Bulwark of the Masses: Some fight in the back lines, others in the front line. You? You fight in the enemy's line! You thrive off being in the center of all the chaos and relish in the pain it brings.

Once per encounter, if you are set upon by more than a single lesser foe (a counter with more than one enemy attacking you), you may activate a shield that protects you from all angles. If you win the counter and the DM asks you to roll to see how many enemies you kill, you may instead kill all enemies that struck you(DM discretion). If you fail the counter, you still take half damage and any negative effects but you may roll out of the number of enemies attacking you. The number you land on is the number of enemies you may kill in a quick emote. If your roll allows you to kill all enemies, you may refresh this trait and use it again in the same encounter.

Location Traits: Traits that Unlock once a zone opens up for that faction.


Incite the Pack: The wild beasts of Zuldazar are second to none. Their ancient ferocity giving pause the even the most terrifying a foe. Tapping into their Primal powers is not for the feint of heart. But those who are brave enough to call upon the Wilds would find the ancient beasts strength not just their own but their allies as well.

Once per Event: You unleash a terrifying call that mimics the hunters shriek of the Zuldazar raptors. Both you and the group you are in become buffed with a pack like instinct. Your strength, speed, and senses all rise to predatory heights. The pack's terrifying call frees all members of the group from any immobilizing effects as they lust to hunt as one.

Moving in unison your pack may intervene in any counter attack that targets any other pack members and either turn it into a group counter(where bonus to the total is a static +20 irregardless of any other bonuses a pack member may have) or attempt to intervene in a failed counter by a pack member, gaining advantage on that roll. Should an intervening pack member win the roll, then both may attack. If they fail, only the intervening pack member is struck. Only one pack member may intervene per counter attack and cannot intervene on group counter’s or threshold rolls. This effect lasts the entire encounter but failing a group counter or an intervention knocks that player out of the Pack. Incite the Pack cannot be used twice on the same group in the same encounter.

Rezan's Fury: The Heart of Azeroth swirls with ancient, regal power. You swear it thumps against your chest here and there, as if something within is stomping with gargantuan footsteps. Those tied to the Loa may find the energy suffusing the Heart tied to Rezan, the Loa of Kings.

The Heart bestows you too with this regal, powerful energy. Every time you make a counter attack or threshold roll, roll 1-6. If you roll a 5 or 6, a Child of Rezan is summoned from the jungles, rushing to your aid. The devilsaur acts as a pet and can act on your turn as normal pets do. The creature lasts until defeated, or until the end of the encounter– in which time it bows and retreats into the jungles from whence it came.

This ability can only be activated if the player is within the continent of Zandalar, and only once per encounter, and twice per event.

Stormsong Valley

Tidal Surge: The deep is one that yields calm, and fury alike, and the Heart of Azeroth is one to deliver both. Tapping into the Heart, one is able to cause a wave of Azerite-infused tides to wash over the field, to do one of two once per encounter effects.

1. They may choose up to five allies and cleanse them of ALL debuffs, at DM discretion, as well as significantly mending their wounds.

2. They may designate up to five enemies to be crushed beneath the wave, with any survivors slowed down by how -cold- the wave was. This one is a more reckless attack, capable of harming allies if they are caught in it.

Secrets of the Deep: The Tidesages of Stormsong know the deep waters and what lies within. The secrets of the ocean are laid bare upon the waves for them to see. However, some secrets should remain hidden within it’s depths. The Heart of Azeroth slowly reveals them to you.

By having this trait active, its effect automatically engages. For the entire event, any normal, successful counter or threshold roll attack spawn Azerite Infused Water Droplet near you. On their turn, any player(including you), may interact with a Droplet. This purges all debuffs, and does a moderate heal on any who interact with it, without sacrificing their turn.

However, randomly(at DM Discretion), a Void Droplet will form, created somewhere deep underwater. Players(And Enemies) may interact with this droplet but must roll against the DM. Players who succeed the roll are granted a +15 to all counters and threshold rolls…at the cost of having disadvantage from void whispers during the encounter. This effect can be removed by a debuff purge. Failing the roll blasts players back with a watery void. The more players using Secret of the Deep increases the chance of Void Droplets forming as well as the current location of the players.


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Heart of Azeroth and Azerite Traits

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Zenethen, 09-14-2023, 10:34 PM

Hey all, it’s that time of year for a big ol’ announcement about Azerite! Well, specifically Azerite traits, not the substance itself. Since compiling all of this into one big blob of text wouldn’t do so well, it’s going to be in a bulleted list. The following is regarding the Heart of Azeroth itself, then we will cover the traits therein.

  • The Heart of Azeroth will be available to everyone that is on the ‘good’ side of things in BfA. This means champions that are not strict antagonists or openly loyal to clearly defined evil organizations. However, there is a ‘lower limit’ to who gets a Heart. It is not going to be handed out to every Farmer Joe who happens to come to a main event, but if your character would be regarded as an adventurer, hero, or champion, then having a Heart of Azeroth is available as an option.
  • Having a Heart of Azeroth is technically optional. If you do not want your character to have one, they do not need to have one. However, they will be unable to use any Azerite traits without one, and may miss out on specific story beats surrounding them. Additionally, if your character has a Heart, and we observe the character abusing its power IC, or you abusing its power OOC, we reserve the right to remove it from a character - it is a lore item, after all!
  • Acquiring a Heart of Azeroth is simple: attend the intro event where Magni passes them out. If you miss this event, don’t worry! You can assume that Magni passed it along to your character, whether offscreen or in a little thing run by a staff member wherein Magni hands you one.

  • The Heart of Azeroth will have three Azerite traits initially. April 27th, 2024 will be the day of the first trait’s unlock. The second will be unlocked in a mini event during a main event break in July or August. The third will be unlocked similarly during the next holiday break (November 2024 to January 2025). There may be a fourth trait coming during 8.2, but that is a very long way away.

  • Those who have a Heart of Azeroth will be unable to use Relics (the specific keyworded items from Legion). Those who do not have a Heart of Azeroth can still use Relics. However, for you Heart of Azeroth wearers who like your Relics, there is an option below. Bear in mind for those considering keeping their Relics as Relics, they will not continue to be made by us.
With the Heart of Azeroth itself covered, now it’s on to the traits of it. They are essentially Gold Traits, but as opposed to prior days, there are a whole lot of them to choose from. And they’re available, generally speaking, to everyone. You are limited to what you choose at the start of an event. Traits can be swapped out with each other, but only between events.
  • These are the three methods to making traits:

    • Choosing from staff-generated traits. These will be released separately from this announcement. Each patch will add new ones. Some new ones may be added based on certain locations.
    • You can generate your own! Just submit via CtS the traits you think you’d like to have, and we’ll consider them in a meeting.
    • Transform your Relic(s) into traits. This will intertwine the Relic with your Heart of Azeroth, but it will allow you to stay better within our usual item limits. This does, however, permanently disenchant the Relic as its effect is absorbed by your Heart of Azeroth.

  • Regarding generating your own traits, we will not consider any traits which use “hard” interactions with the counter system. This means;

    • No bonuses or negatives.
    • No advantage
    • No disadvantage
    • Relics with the above that are turned into Azerite traits are okay, but no NEW traits with the above.
    • Blocking counters is okay
    • Debuffs are acceptable, so long as they do not ‘hard’ interact with the counter system.
    • Out of turn cleansing/dispelling is acceptable.

  • Additionally, regarding generating your own traits:

    • We will not consider a trait which allows you to slot in extra traits. Nice try, Genie!
    • Traits cannot refresh other traits.
    • Traits cannot be used to swap traits in the middle of an event.

  • There will be no class specific Azerite traits! Any class can slot in any Azerite trait.

There is one final matter to address: Azerite traits and the Heart of Azeroth will not be usable on other planets or in other realms, unless they are specifically tied to Azeroth itself. For example, the Emerald Dream or Ny’alotha are okay. However, the Heart of Azeroth will not function in the Nether, the Shadowlands, Outland, etc. We realize this isn’t strictly-speaking relevant, given that BfA takes place effectively always on Azeroth, but we wanted to make it known regardless.

As always, if you guys have any questions, please feel free to submit them via Questions for Staff on the discord, or by submitting a CtS.

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Antorus Legendary and Lore Weapons!

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zackaroth, 04-23-2023, 03:03 PM

Hey guys this thread is to catalogue all the Legendary/Lore Items that will be dropping in the final Legion raid. Due to overwhelming interest, none of these items will be decided until after Antorus is over. Additionally Artifact Wielders may apply for these items but will have to wait until the artifacts are retired to get them. Those who do not have artifacts do not have to wait. Keep in mind these items can only remain Legendary/Lore items and cannot be brought up to artifact level.

As a reminder effects for Legendary/Lore Items are as follows : 2 actives and 2 passives.

Imonar The Soul Hunter
Glaive of the Hunted: Demon Hunter/Warlock/Warrior Only. Melee users get priority over casters: When Imonar fell, his weapon fell with him. But exploring whats left of his body has produced schematics for a weapon very similar to his. Able to channel Fel, cut through almost anything and as durable and tough as it is easy to wield, the weapon would be a monster in the right hands if it could be remade...
Taeshalach: Warrior/Paladin/Shaman Only: The Blade of Aggramar himself. Inside the chest he has left behind, he has left a Blacksmithing plan on how to reforge a powerful version of his own blade. You can only barely make out some of it as much of it is written in Titan. You can see it tells you to seek out Odyn as he may have a Blacksmith who can reforge this weapon for you, as no mortal could.
Argus the Unmaker
Aman'Thul's Vision: Spellcasters Only: The final trinket for the complete set. Aman'thul has left behind a fragement of his own power for a Champion of Azeroth to use. While the Legion has been defeated, dark days may still lay ahead as other forces seek to use the power of Azeroth for their own dark ends. Protect the Final Titan. This item as an extra bonus effect:
Bonus Effect: Once per event, Aman'Thul's Vision's can be used to restore any of the Titan Trinkets back to full charge, allowing a secondary use..
Scythe of the Unmaker(Blue Version): Magical Infusion: Death/Arcane. Warriors/Death Knights/Mages/Shadow Priests Only: How did the plans for this item end up here? Is this something the Titans would leave behind? Not only that but also contains everything you would need to craft it...Argunite, a Special form of Titansteel and various other materials. You'll just need to find someone to forge it for you. The Power of the Unmaker in your hands...born of Arcane like all Titans and infused with Death. A powerful weapon and a heavy burden to bear.
Scythe of the Unmaker(Red Version): Magical Infusion: Death/Fel. Warriors/Death Knights/Demon Hunters/Warlocks Only: A second version of his Scythe. Once more it's unknown who exactly put this in here or even why. Only the plans and materials to craft this have some with it, Fel Corrupted Argunite included. Death and Fel..a rare but potent combination, extremely corruptive but immensely powerful. Dangerous in both the right and wrong hands...
Aegis of Aggramar(Replica): Warrior/Paladin/Shaman Only: Another gift from Aggramar. Plans to craft a shield similar to the Pillar of Creation, the Aegis of Aggramar. While you'll no doubt need either Odyn's or one of the Keeper's in Ulduar's help to forge this, this shield can serve to protect not only Azeroth but your allies as well. While it can never be as powerful as the actual Aegis, the power infused into this shield makes it no less formidable.
Insignia of the Grand Army: Open to anyone, 2 can go out: A gift from the Lightforged. A special ring crafted from Argunite and imbued with immense magical powers. The ring can absorb either Void or Light from the Netherlight crucible, allowing the wielder to craft special effects tailored just for them.

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Argus Side Events!

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zackaroth, 02-01-2023, 08:59 PM

Hey guys! This thread will be a primer that STs can use for events on Argus. We will be going down zone by zone as well as speaking about what should and shouldn’t be done. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Argus in General

So as stated in the first event of Argus, being the Legion’s homeworld, demons constantly respawn in areas they are cleared out in. That means, beyond what is taken in Main Events, no area of Argus can be claimed or ever fully cleared out. That means events on Argus should focus less on killing large numbers of demons and more on some type of goal, either to get something, stop something from happening or destroying a structure. Events on Argus should be framed as quick and sudden strikes rather than massive battles.

In addition, Argus rares do not permanently go away. Even if a rare has been done before, they can be used again a short time later, to emphasise the fact that not only has the Legion somehow subverted the natural order of things but that for some reason demons on Argus are not dying permanently as they should. Also if a rare awards a mount that mount can be given out, though demonic mounts can only be used as pets by warlocks and demon hunters.

Finally, Argus is extremely dangerous for non Legion aligned demons and demon hunters and half demons who have demonic souls. Atleast to die on. Unlike normal, their soul will not head into the nether to regenerate, instead heading to the world soul where they will most likely be trapped and either forced to serve the Legion or are obliterated when Argus is killed.


Krokuun has several side quests that can be done.

Petrified Forest: First up is in the Petrified Forest where the Krokul are asking for aid in both collecting Talbuks for mounts as well as stopping the Legion from kidnapping the Broken to fuel dark rituals to create a previously unseen type of demon: The horrific Ur'zul.

Unending Assault: The Vindicaar is under constant attack from the Legion and thus will require heroes to repeatedly push back the demons from its initial landing site. The Legion will also bring in the Devastators again to try and shoot down the ship. This quest is infinitely repeatable until Argus is over and can have different Legion commanders leading the efforts.

Crystals of Light: While the Xenedaar is a lost cause, there are still valuable supplies that can be found inside of it. The heroes will need to constantly fight off the Legion’s attempt to secure the ship. Unlike before, the Legion is willing to use the massive Light Breakers as well as swarms of Felbats to overrun the Army of the Light’s position.  This quest is infinitely repeatable until Argus is over and can have different Legion commanders leading the efforts.

For now, the area around Nath'raxas Hold is closed off. This thread will be updated when it opens up.

Antoran Wastes

The Antoran Wastes is both the industrial heart and capital of the Legion. Here is where many of the Legion’s most important alchemical, mechanical, and magical weapons are produced. It’s also home to Antorus, the Burning Throne; the most important base the Legion has. While any assault on Antorus has to wait, the rest of the zone is open. There are only two areas that the forces of Azeroth control besides the Vindicaar. Veiled Den, controlled by the Illidari; and Light’s Purchase, controlled by the Army of the Light.

This area has no quests beyond its intro and is considered a ST playground, where STs are free to do whatever they wish, similar to Battlefield Barrens, where they can create their own storylines or one off events. Since this is a very important area to the Legion, it’s encouraged to be as creative as possible in damaging their war machine.

The Wastes are also home to another event line STs can run: Invasion Points.

Invasion Points

Invasion Points are portals from Argus to other worlds the Legion are attacking. The forces from Azeroth can use these portals to blind side the Legion and stop their attacks on innocent planets. Invasion points can be seen as mini-dungeons that can be done by STs. There are 6 planets that can be visited and they all need help. In addition, STs can also apply for the 6 new world bosses that can appear on this planet as well. These world bosses do drop loot however, unlike other world bosses. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE LOOT FOR THEM. In addition if you don’t want to use these world bosses, you can also use any Legion Rare as the commander of the attack that has appeared in Legion (save they were not permanently killed). Because we will most likely never see these worlds again, feel free to go crazy. The world bosses can be used on any planet, not just the ones they appear in on retail.

Once an invasion is fought back, the portal to the planet is closed FOR GOOD. There is no going back.

The six planets under attack are:

Aurinor:  A world with blue grass and trees on floating islands with seemingly nothing but clouds below them. The planet seems to have major time anomalies on its surface, orbs of chronomatic magic found floating that can either speed up or slow down time.

.f t Aurinor

Bonich: A forest world with animals and insects similar to Azeroth. The Legion seeks to drain the world dry of its many resources.

.f t Bonich

Cen'gar: A volcanic world that has many types of flame elementals that will attack both Legion and Azeroth’s Forces. The Legion seeks to corrupts this world's powerful elementals and add them to its war host.

.f t cen'gar

Naigtal: A swamp-like world that once held a race of sentient beings. The Legion’s constant attacks wiped them out and now only the creatures remain. Avenge this fallen race by denying the Legion this world.

.f t Naigtal

Sangua: A dark world with an even darker nature. Deep red blood pours from the surface as the Legion drains it for whatever twisted reasons they can imagine. Azeroth Forces may be subjected not only to the Legion but dark whispers and tendrils deep from under the planet

.f t Sangua

Val: Unlike the other planets, Val has completely fallen to the Legion but has not yet been terraformed fully into a Legion world. It is a cold and inhospitable place. Destroy the Legion’s invasion force and shut down their portal, denying the Legion a new world to transform.

.f t Val

The 6 World Bosses are:

Matron Folnuna: Matron Folnuna destroys worlds by infecting them with her spawn. These vile creatures spread like a plague over the landscape, corrupting and devouring anything in their path.

Mistress Alluradel: All those who gaze upon Mistress Alluradel fall under her sinister control. She commands victims of her dominance to inflict gruesome torments upon themselves. A thrall's only hope to escape is death, and Alluradel will not allow that release until their agonized screams have ceased to amuse her.

Inquisitor Meto: Inquisitor Meto's mastery over fel magic is rivaled by few in the Legion. Meto uses this power to sow chaos and destruction across the cosmos, leaving countless burning worlds in his wake.

Occularus: Occularus feeds on the minds of his enemies, savoring their despair as he sears their flesh. This malevolent creature has devoured worlds, yet his hunger remains insatiable.

Sotanathor: Sotanathor's legendary strength was forged through countless burning campaigns across the cosmos. A brutal general, this demon commands vast legions that have never known defeat.

Pit Lord Vilemus: Pit Lord Vilemus' brutality is renowned even among the Legion. He delights in setting his foes aflame in fel fire, then laughing at their despair as they beg for the mercy of death.


Eredath, like the Wastes, has no real side quests. The zone will open up in halves. When the right zone Main Event is complete STs will be able to run storylines there, and when the left side of the Main Event is complete, STs will be able to run storylines. Keep in mind, because Eredath is happening near the end of Argus, it is better to consider what events you may want to run now rather than wait until the zones open up.

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Netherlight Crucible

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zackaroth, 01-22-2023, 03:42 PM

Hey guys, another announcement and most likely the final big Legion related in regards to power ups for artifacts. Coming in 7.3, the players will unlock a powerful device known as the Netherlight Crucible. This device will both contain the power of the Light and Void. It can be used to also empower a player’s artifact.

When the Crucible unlocks, players will be able to empower ONE Gold Trait with a secondary activatable effect with either the Light or Void, as well as be able to fluff up their other traits with either Light or Void effects. In essence one of your gold traits is getting a second ability that you can choose to use. For these abilities you can only attack, heal or give advantage/disadvantage, you cannot gain a plus to your counter attacks or reduce the enemies counter attack..

However, some artifacts can only be empowered by the Light and only some can be empowered by the Void. The ones that are considered “neutral” can be empowered by either force but can only be empowered by one of them. For example, Ashbringer can only be empowered by Light and Xal'atath can only be empowered by the Void. However, an artifact like Titanstrike can be empowered by either Light or Void.

These won't unlock at the same time. The Holy side of the Crucible unlocks after the Feb 4th event and the Void side unlocks after the March 11th event. That means players who use Holy will have access a full month before those who want/have to use the Void. However, both  can be CTSed for the empowerment ability to use as soon as this post goes live and can be used as soon as their respective sides are unlocked.

There is no format for this. Just tell us what Gold Trait you're empowering and what the secondary effect will be. If you have any questions feel free to ask us!

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7.3 Shadows of Argus Event Dates

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zackaroth, 11-07-2022, 06:24 PM

Hey guys! Below you'll find the event dates for the final patch of Legion! For the first half of the year we will be doing mostly Argus and then the final raid of Legion: Antorus! There are a few important dates here. So on Dec 4th, 2022, this will be the last staff meeting of the year. That means we will not be looking at anymore CTS's until Jan 8th. That means if you have anything important, get working on it NOW. The staff will only convene to meet during the break if it is an emergency.

Second, April 1st, 2023 WILL BE THE LAST DAY YOU CAN SUBMIT INTEREST FOR AN ARTIFACT OR A CUSTOM ARTIFACT. This is not an out of season April's fool joke. Any artifact apps submitted after this date will be denied. April 2nd will be the last meeting the staff looks over new artifact apps.

The full timeline is below.


Dec 4th: Last Meeting of the Year

Jan 14th: Community Meeting

Jan 21st: Argus Prologue: Whispers of a Frightened World

Argus Storyline: Korkunun

Jan 28th: The Hand of Fate


Feb 4th: An Offering of Light

Feb 10th: The Assault Begins(Antoran Wastes intro.)

Feb 11th: The Speaker Calls

Argus Storyline:Eredath

Feb 18th: A Floating Ruin

Feb 25th: War of Light and Shadow Part 1


March 4th: War of Light and Shadow Part 2

March 11th: Seat of the Triumvirate(Dungeon)

March 12th - March 26th: 2 week Break for Antorus Prep


April 1st: Antorus, the Burning Throne: Worldbreaker, Felhounds, High Command(Artifacts Locked off)

April 8th: Antorus: Portal Keeper

April 15th: Antorus: Eonar

April 22nd: Antorus: Soul Hunter, Kin’garoth

April 29th: Antorus: Varimathras, Coven


May 5th: Antorus: Aggarmar

May 6th: Antorus Finale: Argus

May 7th-May 28th: Break/ End of Legion Party.

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Hammer of Vigilance Legendary/Artifact

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zackaroth, 10-23-2022, 04:02 PM

Hey guys, a new legendary/lore item has been unlocked and can be turned into! However this comes with some preconditions.

Hammer of Vigilance:
Warlocks/Demon Hunters/Priests/Paladins Recommended: The Maiden of Vigilance's weapon was the only thing that survived her encounter with the champions. The item defies all possible logic. It is evenly imbued with both Holy and Fel magic. By all rights it should have exploded into ashed but has not. The item can neither be cleansed nor further corrupted without causing a disastrous effect, leaving it an enigma for those who might want to wield its power.
This item can be a legendary or turned into an artifact. If turned into a legendary it must have two active effects that are either Light or Fel based and two passives that are Light or Fel Based. If turned into an artifact GT 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be evenly Light and Fel based effects while GT5 is allowed to be a combo between the two.
If you are interested in this item, please make a CTS. If turning it into an artifact please follow the custom artifact guidelines.

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For New and Returning Players

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Reigen, 07-24-2022, 06:03 PM

Hey everyone! We thought that with so many new players, and several returning ones, that we ought to post a refresher on a few things.

First and foremost, take a look at this lovely guide by Talona for some of the most basic stuff to help you navigate through this server - how to add accounts, change characters from accounts and the ever elusive raid tier numbers for different colored items.

With that said, let’s get into this.

Contact the Staff/Morph Request/ST Applications

Anything posted within these three forums are always reviewed on Sunday. The staff hosts a meeting that starts at 1pm server time every sunday without fail UNLESS we are on a staff break, which is generally around the holiday time. Any posts must be posted by 12pm SERVER TIME the day before to be reviewed. If it is posted after that time, it will not be looked at until the Sunday after.

Sometimes simple questions/requests can be approved during the week, things like claiming a rare mob to fight for an event. We ask that you do not DM the staff asking them to look over posted CTSs.

Note that for morph requests, the application needs to have the display ID and entry ID. If you cannot find them, ask a GM for help before posting. It will not be approved until those IDs are found.

Order Halls

Order halls are open for all appropriate characters to join. You don’t have to wait for an IC invitation to join them and can just say your character is part of them UNLESS you want to do things ICly, in which case reach out to an order hall lead or the dedicated order hall DM.

Some order halls, like Netherlight and Light’s Hope, are open for anyone to come into with some restrictions. (Death Knights and Demon Hunters are barred from Light’s Hope. Not only did the Death Knights attack it, but it’ll just hurt being there for anything fel/death infused).

Other order halls, like the Tirisgarde, Illidari, Valajar ect are not open for just anyone to walk into. Generally if it has a portal you need to take, you will need someone from that hall to bring you into it. Sometimes it’s as simple as DMing someone RPing there and asking if you can be invited ICly to join in. Respect, however, if you’re told no. Sometimes people might just want strictly mage RP.


For the most part, mounts require common sense. The mounts you buy from your city vender are free for all if you have a reason to have them. Profession mounts are generally free game. Store mounts are on a case by case basis and it’s best to ask a staff member before using them.

Mounts that drop from dungeons and raids, however, are off limits. Those are rolled for at the end of the event and whomever wins it ICly has THE mount and there are no duplicates. Sometimes there may be exceptions where we’ll allow a mount to go out again down the line, like First Arcanist Manasaber. Midnight from Karazhan, however, is one and done and only one person owns that mount unless they pass it along to someone else.

General Information for new players

We’ve had a recent influx of players due to Chronicles shutting down, and we welcome you all. However we think a few things need to be clarified.

The server has run the way it currently runs for a long time, and we’ve found the way we do things works fairly for everyone. It doesn’t put too much on the staff, and the players know they will always have a response by Sunday. We want to make sure that anything earned from those who have been on the server is still an achievement, which is why we put restrictions on just what players from other servers can bring over.

We understand how things may be more strict than where you’ve come from, or how they might seem silly, weird, or strange. We are giving a lot more leeway for new players than we normally do, allowing things to be applied for and approved faster than we generally would because we want you to be able to get into the swing of things without too much disruption.

That being said, we do know there’s going to be frustration and displeasure in some of our responses, and we welcome you to talk to us about them. What isn’t going to work is going off on tangents in other chats. We will find out about it and it will not reflect well upon you.

While we’re pretty firm in our ways, we’re not an immovable object. We’re willing to hear things out via a CTS so long as you’re willing to respectfully discuss it with us. Leading in with anger helps no one and will only entrench both sides. We like to think we can be approached if players think we’re being unreasonable.

Thanks for reading and remember, happiness is mandatory citizen.

P.S: One final reminder that harassment is not tolerated, nor is racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. There is only one warning and that is the rules page.

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Mage Tower Quests!

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zackaroth, 05-09-2022, 05:04 PM

Hey guys! This thread is to explain the Mage Tower quests and give a list of them, along with each quests final boss. These events can be picked up by ANYONE, Staff or Storyteller. These are mostly self-contained storylines that deal with other Legion threats on the Broken Isles and around Azeroth. Each one of these quests culminates in a final, epic battle against a very powerful boss.

Not only that, but completing a Mage Tower Final event will unlock the Challenging Appearance for all Main Line Artifact users who attend that event! There are 7 quest lines in all so everyone should have a chance at running or attending something. Should no one do the Mage Tower quest lines or find yourself unable to attend any of the events, the staff will discuss what to do with the Challenging Appearances.

To claim these, just make a quick CTS, ask any questions you feel you need answered, any small changes you feel like you may need to make and you’ll be all set. The Staff will try to answer these CTS’s before Sunday to give you enough time to prepare and get the event going.

And another note, while these quest lines are based on spec on Retail, on Freedom there is no such limitation and can be attended by anyone.

The following google doc shows all the Mage Tower Quests, along with hyperlinks to the start of the quest line and a hyper link to the Final Boss fight quest.

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