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  7.3 Shadows of Argus Event Dates
Posted by: zackaroth - 11-07-2022, 05:24 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys! Below you'll find the event dates for the final patch of Legion! For the first half of the year we will be doing mostly Argus and then the final raid of Legion: Antorus! There are a few important dates here. So on Dec 4th, 2022, this will be the last staff meeting of the year. That means we will not be looking at anymore CTS's until Jan 8th. That means if you have anything important, get working on it NOW. The staff will only convene to meet during the break if it is an emergency.

Second, April 1st, 2023 WILL BE THE LAST DAY YOU CAN SUBMIT INTEREST FOR AN ARTIFACT OR A CUSTOM ARTIFACT. This is not an out of season April's fool joke. Any artifact apps submitted after this date will be denied. April 2nd will be the last meeting the staff looks over new artifact apps.

The full timeline is below.


Dec 4th: Last Meeting of the Year

Jan 14th: Community Meeting

Jan 21st: Argus Prologue: Whispers of a Frightened World

Argus Storyline: Korkunun

Jan 28th: The Hand of Fate


Feb 4th: An Offering of Light

Feb 10th: The Assault Begins(Antoran Wastes intro.)

Feb 11th: The Speaker Calls

Argus Storyline:Eredath

Feb 18th: A Floating Ruin

Feb 25th: War of Light and Shadow Part 1


March 4th: War of Light and Shadow Part 2

March 11th: Seat of the Triumvirate(Dungeon)

March 12th - March 26th: 2 week Break for Antorus Prep


April 1st: Antorus, the Burning Throne: Worldbreaker, Felhounds, High Command(Artifacts Locked off)

April 8th: Antorus: Portal Keeper

April 15th: Antorus: Eonar

April 22nd: Antorus: Soul Hunter, Kin’garoth

April 29th: Antorus: Varimathras, Coven


May 5th: Antorus: Aggarmar

May 6th: Antorus Finale: Argus

May 7th-May 28th: Break/ End of Legion Party.

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  Hammer of Vigilance Legendary/Artifact
Posted by: zackaroth - 10-23-2022, 03:02 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys, a new legendary/lore item has been unlocked and can be turned into! However this comes with some preconditions.

Hammer of Vigilance:
Warlocks/Demon Hunters/Priests/Paladins Recommended: The Maiden of Vigilance's weapon was the only thing that survived her encounter with the champions. The item defies all possible logic. It is evenly imbued with both Holy and Fel magic. By all rights it should have exploded into ashed but has not. The item can neither be cleansed nor further corrupted without causing a disastrous effect, leaving it an enigma for those who might want to wield its power.
This item can be a legendary or turned into an artifact. If turned into a legendary it must have two active effects that are either Light or Fel based and two passives that are Light or Fel Based. If turned into an artifact GT 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be evenly Light and Fel based effects while GT5 is allowed to be a combo between the two.
If you are interested in this item, please make a CTS. If turning it into an artifact please follow the custom artifact guidelines.

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  For New and Returning Players
Posted by: Reigen - 07-24-2022, 05:03 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey everyone! We thought that with so many new players, and several returning ones, that we ought to post a refresher on a few things.

First and foremost, take a look at this lovely guide by Talona for some of the most basic stuff to help you navigate through this server - how to add accounts, change characters from accounts and the ever elusive raid tier numbers for different colored items.


With that said, let’s get into this.

Contact the Staff/Morph Request/ST Applications

Anything posted within these three forums are always reviewed on Sunday. The staff hosts a meeting that starts at 1pm server time every sunday without fail UNLESS we are on a staff break, which is generally around the holiday time. Any posts must be posted by 12pm SERVER TIME the day before to be reviewed. If it is posted after that time, it will not be looked at until the Sunday after.

Sometimes simple questions/requests can be approved during the week, things like claiming a rare mob to fight for an event. We ask that you do not DM the staff asking them to look over posted CTSs.

Note that for morph requests, the application needs to have the display ID and entry ID. If you cannot find them, ask a GM for help before posting. It will not be approved until those IDs are found.

Order Halls

Order halls are open for all appropriate characters to join. You don’t have to wait for an IC invitation to join them and can just say your character is part of them UNLESS you want to do things ICly, in which case reach out to an order hall lead or the dedicated order hall DM.

Some order halls, like Netherlight and Light’s Hope, are open for anyone to come into with some restrictions. (Death Knights and Demon Hunters are barred from Light’s Hope. Not only did the Death Knights attack it, but it’ll just hurt being there for anything fel/death infused).

Other order halls, like the Tirisgarde, Illidari, Valajar ect are not open for just anyone to walk into. Generally if it has a portal you need to take, you will need someone from that hall to bring you into it. Sometimes it’s as simple as DMing someone RPing there and asking if you can be invited ICly to join in. Respect, however, if you’re told no. Sometimes people might just want strictly mage RP.


For the most part, mounts require common sense. The mounts you buy from your city vender are free for all if you have a reason to have them. Profession mounts are generally free game. Store mounts are on a case by case basis and it’s best to ask a staff member before using them.

Mounts that drop from dungeons and raids, however, are off limits. Those are rolled for at the end of the event and whomever wins it ICly has THE mount and there are no duplicates. Sometimes there may be exceptions where we’ll allow a mount to go out again down the line, like First Arcanist Manasaber. Midnight from Karazhan, however, is one and done and only one person owns that mount unless they pass it along to someone else.

General Information for new players

We’ve had a recent influx of players due to Chronicles shutting down, and we welcome you all. However we think a few things need to be clarified.

The server has run the way it currently runs for a long time, and we’ve found the way we do things works fairly for everyone. It doesn’t put too much on the staff, and the players know they will always have a response by Sunday. We want to make sure that anything earned from those who have been on the server is still an achievement, which is why we put restrictions on just what players from other servers can bring over.

We understand how things may be more strict than where you’ve come from, or how they might seem silly, weird, or strange. We are giving a lot more leeway for new players than we normally do, allowing things to be applied for and approved faster than we generally would because we want you to be able to get into the swing of things without too much disruption.

That being said, we do know there’s going to be frustration and displeasure in some of our responses, and we welcome you to talk to us about them. What isn’t going to work is going off on tangents in other chats. We will find out about it and it will not reflect well upon you.

While we’re pretty firm in our ways, we’re not an immovable object. We’re willing to hear things out via a CTS so long as you’re willing to respectfully discuss it with us. Leading in with anger helps no one and will only entrench both sides. We like to think we can be approached if players think we’re being unreasonable.

Thanks for reading and remember, happiness is mandatory citizen.

P.S: One final reminder that harassment is not tolerated, nor is racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. There is only one warning and that is the rules page.

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  Mage Tower Quests!
Posted by: zackaroth - 05-09-2022, 04:04 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys! This thread is to explain the Mage Tower quests and give a list of them, along with each quests final boss. These events can be picked up by ANYONE, Staff or Storyteller. These are mostly self-contained storylines that deal with other Legion threats on the Broken Isles and around Azeroth. Each one of these quests culminates in a final, epic battle against a very powerful boss.

Not only that, but completing a Mage Tower Final event will unlock the Challenging Appearance for all Main Line Artifact users who attend that event! There are 7 quest lines in all so everyone should have a chance at running or attending something. Should no one do the Mage Tower quest lines or find yourself unable to attend any of the events, the staff will discuss what to do with the Challenging Appearances.

To claim these, just make a quick CTS, ask any questions you feel you need answered, any small changes you feel like you may need to make and you’ll be all set. The Staff will try to answer these CTS’s before Sunday to give you enough time to prepare and get the event going.

And another note, while these quest lines are based on spec on Retail, on Freedom there is no such limitation and can be attended by anyone.

The following google doc shows all the Mage Tower Quests, along with hyperlinks to the start of the quest line and a hyper link to the Final Boss fight quest.

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  Wow Freedom Legion: 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras
Posted by: zackaroth - 04-12-2022, 04:22 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

[Image: LGO4Bu4.jpg]
The Pillars of Creation have all be found and assembled. Gul'dan is defeated and Sargeras's plan of taking over Illidan Stormrage's body has been thwarted. But the Legion's invasion isn't over yet. Over the Broken Shore, the Fel Storm still rages and unleashes demon after demon on to Azeroth. And while one of their plans have been waylayed, The Legion has no intentions of giving up now. To end the invasion and send the Legion screaming back into the Nether, the Champions of Azeroth and their Order Halls must do what the Horde and Alliance failed to do...invade the Broken Shore and storm the Tomb of Sargeras himself. They must use the Pillars to seal the Tomb from ever being used a gateway to the Legion again. But it won't be easy.
Many challenges await the heroes and their allies, on the Broken Isles and elsewhere. The Legion will fight tooth and claw to keep their hold on Azeroth and with Gul'dan out of the picture and many of the Legion's top Commanders dead or imprisoned, that only leaves one person in full control over the invasion besides Sargeras himself. The Deceiver...Kil'jaeden! The Champions have defeated the likes of Archimonde, Mannaroth and even silver of power from Sargeras himself. But will they be able to stand up to the one who has hunted down his former people for thousands of years?
Welcome to Patch 7.2 for WoW Freedom! In this patch several things unlock! Read below to find out more!
Gold Trait 5
At the end of the event on April 16th, Gold Trait 5 will finally unlock for all players who have gotten it approved! More info on GT5 can be found here!
Class Order Hall Storylines and Class Order Hall Mounts!
Class Order Hall storylines return for the final legs of their stories! Each storyline will introduce a new champion to the Order Hall as well as unlock a special mount obtainable only by members of that Order Hall! Not every Order Hall will be getting a mount similar to retail and there will be a few surprises in there to keep all of you guessing. The staff will have a full announcement about Class Order Hall mounts in the near future. Keep an eye out for Order Hall Events! They will be starting soon!
Battle for the Broken Shore
After the opening event, players will be able to host events on the Broken Shore itself! Like Battlefield Barrens back in MoP, players will have almost 3 months to do events on the Broken Shore with the only off limits zone begin the entrance to the Tomb itself. Not only that, but THREE world bosses are now available. The terrible Fel Reaver Apocron, The Dread Lord Malificus and the powerful Naga Witch Si'vash! The Broken Shore will remain open for the rest of Legion!
Legion Invasions: The Broken Isles
Not only that but the Legion is now focusing its efforts on undoing many of the postive changes the Champions have made to the Broken Isles themselves. Azsuna, Val'shara, High Mountain and Stormheim can now be invaded heavily by the Legion! These can be full story-lines or one off events depending on what the applying ST wants to do! For ideas on these invasions, check out this wowpedia page
The Mage Tower
And finally...Freedom is proud to introduce the Mage Tower Questlines! These are open for anyone, ST or GM to apply for and host. 7 unique storylines that lead to an epic boss battle at the end of each of them. Unlike retail, the quests will not limited to class or spec but instead will be open to all who are interested! Players with Main Line Artifacts who attend a Mage Tower Boss Fight will unlock their final appearance of the expansion: The Challenging Appearance! The staff will have a full break down of the quests as well as alternative ways a player can get their final appearance if they cannot attend a Mage Tower storyline.

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  Event Changes for the rest of 2022 and Beyond.
Posted by: zackaroth - 04-01-2022, 03:00 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Attention Freedom, I, your admin, have another announcement to bring you.

As you may have seen at the end of Morgoth’s event, my character, Zackaroth, stated his intentions of coming back from his one-man war to join with the rest of the heros. Now, we know many of you haven’t had the honor to RP with him for a long time. In fact, most people who are present on the server now have perhaps only met him twice.

That being said, with Zackaroth back in the picture, there are going to be a few changes to how events are going forward.

1. The expansion is no longer about the heroes who repel the Legion. Sure, you can help, but Zackaroth is now the main and named character who saves the world.

2. Due to this, every other character will be required to join the guild called ‘The Side Character’. Membership is mandatory.

3. Also, to avoid continuity issues in the future, killing blows now automatically go to Zackaroth.

4. When Zackaroth is in the event, everyone should be talking about him and only him. They should compliment how he fights, pledge their loyalty to him if he defends them. He’ll also accept naming your children after him.

5. If Zackaroth isn’t at an event, your characters should be asking where he is.They should be lost without him and try to go forward with the event in a way they think would make him proud.

6. Events will now be multi-day events, but ICly are considered to be only a few hours. In each event, Zackaroth must enter the battlefield last, and be the last to leave when the room is exploding so that everyone has to worry about him.

7. The GMs will rotate who hosts events so that Zackaroth can attend events. As a rule, he has a static +20 and advantage in every counter attack.

8. All loot is now Zack’s, that way we can make sure the effect is great as we’ll write with a specific character in mind. This also applies retroactively, so make sure you put down your stuff in Khadgar’s vault. It’ll be an honor if Zack decides to use your weapon!

We know this transition might be hard, so we’ll be rolling it out over time to ease you into it. We’re sure this is what’s best for the server going forward.

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  7.2: Armies of Legionfall Event Dates
Posted by: zackaroth - 03-22-2022, 06:28 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - Replies (1)

Hey guys! This isn't the official 7.2 thread, that will be coming later! Instead this will be the Event Dates of our 7.2 storyline! This patch will be very similar to our "Battlefield Barrens" patches, in that there is not a strong focus on staff run events but rather ST run events within the confines of the Storyline. Once the first two events are done, expect to be given free reign as Broken Isle Legion Zone invasions can finally occur, Events can be held on the Broken Shore, Two New World Bosses,  The Mage Tower Quest Lines and of course the staff led 7.2 Order Hall Storylines as well as Mount Storylines! This will all culminate in the Tomb of Sargeras Raid at the start of the summer! Read below for the dates.


Armies of Legionfall Storyline

April 23rd:  Assault on the Broken Shore

April 30th : Cathedral of the Eternal Night(Dungeon)

May 1st-August 28th: Battle for the Broken Shore. Similar to Battlefield Barrens, STs should be encouraged to do Legion themed events around the Broken Shore as well as do the Legion Invasions of the Broken Isles. For us we will need to do the 7.2 Order Hall Storylines and Mount quests, as well as Mage Tower Quests. This can be extended if we need more time or lowered if we need less time.

Tomb of Sargeras
Sept 17th :Tomb of Sargeras Prologue: Brutallus

Sept 24th: What a King Must Do(Alliance Only event)


Oct 1st: ToS: Goroth, Demonic Inquisition

Oct 8th: ToS: Harjatan, Mistress Sassz’ine

Oct 15th: ToS: Sisters of the Moon, The Desolate Host

Oct 22nd: ToS :Maiden of Vigilance

Oct 28th ToS: Fallen Avatar

Oct 29th: ToS Finale: Kil’jaeden

Oct 30th- Jan 2023: Holiday Break

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  The end of Suramar, The Nightwell and other things!
Posted by: zackaroth - 12-26-2021, 11:40 AM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys! I hope your having a good holiday season. Come 2022 we are back on track with our events and finishing up the Suramar Storyline! Not only that but we are preparing to doing our third raid of Legion: The Nightwell! Below you'll see the schedule of the last half of the Suramar Rebellion Storyline as well as the dates for Nightwell!

Jan 8th: March on Suramar

Jan 15th: Elisande’s Retort

Jan 22nd: As Strong as Our Will

Jan 29th: Breaking the Nighthold

Jan 30th-Feb 13th: Two week Break for Nighthold Prep


Nighthold Raid

Feb 19th: Nighthold: Skorpyon, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax.

Feb 25th: NH: Spellblade Aluriel

Feb 26th: NH: Star Augur Etraeus, High Botanist Tel’arn


March 5th: NH: Tichondrius, Krosus

March 11th: NH: Grand Magistrix Elisande

March 12th:NH: Finale:Gul’dan

March 13th- April 10th: Four week Break

After that we begin to prepare for our march to the Broken Shore and the 7.2 storylines! We have some special stuff planned for that so be sure to stick around. Speaking of such, a small reminder here. Applications are now open for Gold Trait 5! These effects will not come into play until we start 7.2 but we figured we'd start giving people time to plan them out and CTS them for feedback! Please read this thread for more information: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Thread-Gold-Trait-5

Until then I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

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  Introducing the Artificer
Posted by: Reigen - 12-12-2021, 08:02 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey everyone,

Today we’d like to introduce a new rank into the fold: The Artificer.

Artificers are a temporary rank made up of players who would like to help the staff team with writing up dungeon/raid loot. Not only will this help offload some of the work the staff has to do, it’ll also help us see what type of loot participating players would like to see.

There is no application process for becoming an artificer, simply submit a CTS stating you’d like to become one and we’ll go from there. Submissions for artificer will ONLY apply for the upcoming dungeon/raid and, upon completion, players will have to re-apply to help with the next dungeon/rank. As with storytellers, submitting your interest will not guarantee acceptance into that rank.

There are three rules that must be adhered to upon becoming an artificer.

  • Any loot you write for a dungeon/raid will not be obtainable for you under any circumstances, even if that loot piece is unclaimed. If you write it, you cannot loot it, and this rule will apply for staff members as well.
  • Artificers are not to discuss/share the loot they are working on with anyone outside of fellow artificers and staff members. If leaks are found and traced back to you, your rank will be removed and you will not be considered for future artificer opportunities.
  • You are not to make loot for the benefit of a sole person. If we catch wind of someone making loot that caters to their friends, their rank will be removed. Loot has to be inclusive.
Artificers will have their own discord channel in order to discuss what loot they wish to claim and work with each other/with staff members. They will be allowed to claim up to five items to work on at any given time. In order to prevent leaks, artificers will not have access to the master loot document and will submit their own works via CTS.

Each boss will have a ‘due date’ of when the loot will need to be submitted, so that the staff team can review/approve the loot that will be going out. If an artificer wishes to join in on the meeting when loot is being discussed, they will be allowed to in order to get feedback/provide clarity. This is not required, however, and may change depending on how the first few tests go.

Please be aware that this is a new system and there may be a few slight hiccups as we get this all put together. 

We want to say thank you to anyone who is considering taking on this role to lend us a hand and, if you have any questions, please reach out to us!

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  Gold Trait 5
Posted by: zackaroth - 11-08-2021, 03:29 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys! We’d figure we’d get a jump on this a bit early. As you all know, both Main Line and Custom artifacts have 4 Gold Traits players can use during events. By now, all 4 have been unlocked for everyone to use. However, next year we will be unlocking the final and 5th Gold Trait for the artifacts! This is still well off, to be precise sometime in April. But  because we have alot to do next year, the staff figured it would be a good time to start talking about Gold Trait 5.

What is Gold Trait 5?

Gold Trait 5 is the final Gold Trait unlocked for artifacts in Legion. It’s unlocked very early in the Broken Shore storyline and serves as sorta the ultimate amplifier for artifacts.

Players will create their own Gold Trait 5, regardless of type of Artifact.

Yep! You read that right! Both Mainline and Custom Artifact users will be able to make their own Gold Trait 5s! The staff has figured it would be easier and much more beneficial to players if both types could create their final Gold Trait. Creating Gold Trait 5 is similar to creating a Gold Trait for a custom artifact. Main Line Artifacts do have named Gold Traits...but because many of them seem silly, we are allowing players to change the name to something more inline with their artifact. This the application for Gold Trait 5 Below,

Name of Artifact:
Main Line or Custom:
Name of Gold Trait 5(include the original name if you have changed it from a Main Line):

When you're ready, submit this application as a CTS and the staff will look over it and work with you in fully approving it! There is no rush and no deadline for Gold Trait 5. Again we have until April before they start appearing so take your time in crafting it.

How powerful should a Gold Trait 5 be?

Because Gold Trait 5’s are the most powerful an artifact will ever be, it’’s effect should be a game changer in a sense. If Gold Trait 4 is the Artifacts Ultimate Move, then Gold Trait 5 should be the Limit Breaker that goes beyond in power. All Gold Trait 5 abilities  must be Once Per Event. Keep in mind your artifacts history, it’s current set of Gold Traits and the power it has been blessed by when creating Gold Trait 5.

A Handy Guide to creating Effects

This is a guide, created by Bham, that the staff uses to create loot for our events. Feel free to use this as well for creating Gold Trait 5 or even loot you may create for your own events.

Item Name: [Fluff]
[Uses] per [Limitation], you can [Fluff Connection] [Effect]

Fluff & Fluff Connection
Generally something to connect the item’s name, original owner or location, to its powers. As for connection, it’s further fluff to give a theme to the item, usually aligned to a class or school of magic. (Holy, Arcane, Nature, etc)

Uses:Once or Twice

Limitations: Encounter, Event

Effects: For artifacts and Lore/Legendaries, they may hit multiple targets (Normally up to 5)
Harm Enemy
Debuff Enemy*
Buff Ally
Heal Ally
Buff Self

Mounts, Pets & Minions: Usually given a form of attack or buff.

*Anything that affects an enemy is up to DM Discretion.

Main Line Artifact Gold Trait 5 Names

These are the names of the Gold Trait 5s for the Main Line Artifacts. This is just here if you have trouble coming up with a name or if your just curious. As stated before, Main Line Artifact users are free and in some cases encouraged to change the name of their Gold Trait 5.

Death Knights

Maw of the Damned: Soul Drinker

Blades of the Fallen Prince: Thronebreaker

Apocalypse: Black Claws

Demon Hunters

Twinblades of the Deceiver: Chaotic Onslaught

Aldrachi Warblades: Flaming Soul


Scythe of Elune: Circadian Invocation

Fangs of Ashmane: Bloodletter’s Family

Claws of Ursoc: Pawstive Outlook

G'Hanir, the Mother Tree: Deep Rooted


Titanstrike: Cobra Commander

Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners: Cyclonic Burst

Talonclaw: Echoes of Ohn'ara


Aluneth: Time and Space

Felo’melorn: Strafing Run

Ebonchill: Glacial Eruption


Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion: Quick Sip

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists: Whispers of Shaohao

Fists of the Heavens: Thunderfist


The Silver Hand: Sacred Dawn

Truthguard and Oathseeker: Blessed Stalwart

Ashbringer: Judge Unworthy


Light's Wrath: Aegis of Wrath

T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru: Cosmic Ripple

Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire: Lash of Insanity


The Kingslayers: Sinister Circulation

The Dreadblades: Loaded Dice

Fangs of the Devourer: Feeding Frenzy


The Fist of Ra-den: Seismic Storm

Doomhammer: Lashing Flames

Sharas'dal, Scepter of Tides: Deep Waters


Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester: Rend Soul

Skull of the Man'ari: Thal'kiel's Ascendance

Scepter of Sargeras: Flame Rift


Strom'kar, the Warbreaker: Executioner's Precision

Warswords of the Valarjar: Death and Glory

Scale of the Earth-Warder: Neltharion's Thunder

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