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  Gold Trait 5
Posted by: zackaroth - 11-08-2021, 03:29 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys! We’d figure we’d get a jump on this a bit early. As you all know, both Main Line and Custom artifacts have 4 Gold Traits players can use during events. By now, all 4 have been unlocked for everyone to use. However, next year we will be unlocking the final and 5th Gold Trait for the artifacts! This is still well off, to be precise sometime in April. But  because we have alot to do next year, the staff figured it would be a good time to start talking about Gold Trait 5.

What is Gold Trait 5?

Gold Trait 5 is the final Gold Trait unlocked for artifacts in Legion. It’s unlocked very early in the Broken Shore storyline and serves as sorta the ultimate amplifier for artifacts.

Players will create their own Gold Trait 5, regardless of type of Artifact.

Yep! You read that right! Both Mainline and Custom Artifact users will be able to make their own Gold Trait 5s! The staff has figured it would be easier and much more beneficial to players if both types could create their final Gold Trait. Creating Gold Trait 5 is similar to creating a Gold Trait for a custom artifact. Main Line Artifacts do have named Gold Traits...but because many of them seem silly, we are allowing players to change the name to something more inline with their artifact. This the application for Gold Trait 5 Below,

Name of Artifact:
Main Line or Custom:
Name of Gold Trait 5(include the original name if you have changed it from a Main Line):

When you're ready, submit this application as a CTS and the staff will look over it and work with you in fully approving it! There is no rush and no deadline for Gold Trait 5. Again we have until April before they start appearing so take your time in crafting it.

How powerful should a Gold Trait 5 be?

Because Gold Trait 5’s are the most powerful an artifact will ever be, it’’s effect should be a game changer in a sense. If Gold Trait 4 is the Artifacts Ultimate Move, then Gold Trait 5 should be the Limit Breaker that goes beyond in power. All Gold Trait 5 abilities  must be Once Per Event. Keep in mind your artifacts history, it’s current set of Gold Traits and the power it has been blessed by when creating Gold Trait 5.

A Handy Guide to creating Effects

This is a guide, created by Bham, that the staff uses to create loot for our events. Feel free to use this as well for creating Gold Trait 5 or even loot you may create for your own events.

Item Name: [Fluff]
[Uses] per [Limitation], you can [Fluff Connection] [Effect]

Fluff & Fluff Connection
Generally something to connect the item’s name, original owner or location, to its powers. As for connection, it’s further fluff to give a theme to the item, usually aligned to a class or school of magic. (Holy, Arcane, Nature, etc)

Uses:Once or Twice

Limitations: Encounter, Event

Effects: For artifacts and Lore/Legendaries, they may hit multiple targets (Normally up to 5)
Harm Enemy
Debuff Enemy*
Buff Ally
Heal Ally
Buff Self

Mounts, Pets & Minions: Usually given a form of attack or buff.

*Anything that affects an enemy is up to DM Discretion.

Main Line Artifact Gold Trait 5 Names

These are the names of the Gold Trait 5s for the Main Line Artifacts. This is just here if you have trouble coming up with a name or if your just curious. As stated before, Main Line Artifact users are free and in some cases encouraged to change the name of their Gold Trait 5.

Death Knights

Maw of the Damned: Soul Drinker

Blades of the Fallen Prince: Thronebreaker

Apocalypse: Black Claws

Demon Hunters

Twinblades of the Deceiver: Chaotic Onslaught

Aldrachi Warblades: Flaming Soul


Scythe of Elune: Circadian Invocation

Fangs of Ashmane: Bloodletter’s Family

Claws of Ursoc: Pawstive Outlook

G'Hanir, the Mother Tree: Deep Rooted


Titanstrike: Cobra Commander

Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners: Cyclonic Burst

Talonclaw: Echoes of Ohn'ara


Aluneth: Time and Space

Felo’melorn: Strafing Run

Ebonchill: Glacial Eruption


Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion: Quick Sip

Sheilun, Staff of the Mists: Whispers of Shaohao

Fists of the Heavens: Thunderfist


The Silver Hand: Sacred Dawn

Truthguard and Oathseeker: Blessed Stalwart

Ashbringer: Judge Unworthy


Light's Wrath: Aegis of Wrath

T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru: Cosmic Ripple

Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire: Lash of Insanity


The Kingslayers: Sinister Circulation

The Dreadblades: Loaded Dice

Fangs of the Devourer: Feeding Frenzy


The Fist of Ra-den: Seismic Storm

Doomhammer: Lashing Flames

Sharas'dal, Scepter of Tides: Deep Waters


Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester: Rend Soul

Skull of the Man'ari: Thal'kiel's Ascendance

Scepter of Sargeras: Flame Rift


Strom'kar, the Warbreaker: Executioner's Precision

Warswords of the Valarjar: Death and Glory

Scale of the Earth-Warder: Neltharion's Thunder

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  Artifacts Redux
Posted by: zackaroth - 09-19-2021, 12:37 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys. This thread will detail the changes we are making to both Main Line and Custom Artifacts. While the staff team does not like limiting things after we have already allowed it for a certain way for a while, it is becoming clear to us and from the community meeting, artifacts need to be fixed in a way, especially in regards to custom artifacts.

1. Players can now get a Third Artifact on a Third character

The staff has deemed it late in Legion enough that we can begin to offer this to players interested. Players who already have two Artifacts on two separate characters can apply for a third one, Main Line or Custom, on a third character. We understand that having three artifacts may cause some issues as players cannot triple box at events in regards to activity on that character. We do expect the character to be around and not just a placeholder but we will understand if the character cannot be at every event. Use your best judgement when asking for a third artifact on whether or not you can balance three characters with powerful items.

We also may ask players to hold off on obtaining a Third Artifact if we see someone who has a lesser number of Artifacts or none at all who we think would fit better. Keep this mind: You are not guaranteed to get a Third Artifact.

2. Explore the History of a Main Line Artifact

In every Class Order Hall, there is an archive of all the Main Line Artifacts histories. Through hours of research and dedicated learning, most of the histories, known or previously unknown, much of the Main Line Artifact’s histories have been revealed. Players can use this information to create events where they can relive the details in these books that led to the creation or use of their Artifact. The style of event is ultimately up to the person running it but it should be framed in a historical sense. To read up on the IC books about each Class Hall’s Artifacts please read over this Wowpedia page. By looking at each Order Hall’s Research NPC, you’ll find links to the IC books available in each Order Hall. Use this as your inspiration! Be sure to CTS the staff with event details if you want to do this.

3. Valorous and Mage Tower Appearances

This has been discussed before but never really codified. Well the Staff team feels now it’s time to. Valorous and Mage Tower Appearances will be available to Main Line Artifact Wielders once we hit certain thresholds.

Valorous Appearances will be available once the Nighthold is finished. There will be a short event afterwards that will allow players at the event and in the future(through their own mini-event if they cannot attend the staff one) to unlock the Valorous appearances. Players will have access to all the appearances of the Valorous set, though people will still be able to use these appearances for Custom Artifacts.

Mage Tower Appearances will be available once we get to 7.2 and the Mage Tower quests open up. To obtain these appearances players will have to attend a Mage Tower Event and defeat the final boss of the quest line.  Players will have access to all the appearances of the Mage Tower set. This set of appearances will be exclusive to the Main Line Artifact wielders if they want it to be so. If you wish to have your Mage Tower appearance exclusive only to you, please make a CTS to let the staff know. Mage Tower Appearances that are exclusive to their wielders cannot be turned into Custom Artifacts. HOWEVER, if you already have a Mage Tower Appearance that is a custom artifact this does not apply to you and can be considered grandfathered in.  This is still in the early planning stage, and the Staff will have more information on how these events will be run and what Main Line Artifact wielders who cannot attend these events can do.

4. Artifact Appearances Doc Version 2

A lot of you may remember the Artifact Appearances Document released at the start of Legion. I’ll be the first to admit it’s a mess and very confusing to navigate. It’s been cleaned up entirely. The suggestions have been removed and all that is left is the appearances and which skins have been made into full fledged artifacts. Feel free to look over the doc if you wish to create a Custom Artifact or just want to look at appearances. You can view it here: Artifact Appearances Doc

5. Changes to Custom Artifacts


First let me state, it was never our intention to have Custom Artifacts more popular than Main Line ones. We had thought it would be a very cool way for players to express themselves or not box themselves in too much with a Main Line. And while that succeeded, it has left some Main Line wielders feeling bad as they are stuck with whatever the game gave them. And while some of it is unpreventable, we can close the gap a bit between Main Line and Custom Artifacts. Below you’ll find the changes the staff has made to the rules of Custom Artifacts.

Change 1: Custom Artifacts can now only come from one of three sources. First is a Legendary or Lore item raised to Artifact Status. These types of weapons can be found in this thread here: Artifact and Lore Thread

Second is from appearances that have been spun off from their original Artifact. These are noted in the Appearances Document that is linked above.

Third, for completely Custom Artifacts(I.E weapons with lore you create), they can only use appearances from the Appearances Doc(again linked above). This means only those appearances can be used in the creation of completely Custom Artifacts. The Staff realizes this may be a bit harsh but one of the reasons Custom Artifacts have gotten so out of control, at least to the view of some people, is us liberally allowing anyone to turn anything into an artifact. From now on, only those appearances above can be used as Completely Custom Artifacts.

Change 2: Custom Artifacts can only have 1 event to obtain it. This is another big change that the Staff feels is necessary. When someone obtains a Main Line Artifact, it’s normally one big event. However, we have noticed for Custom Artifacts players have created entire event lines centered on getting it. While it has not been terrible, this is not what the Staff wanted or wants now. It makes Custom Artifacts far to above Main Line artifacts. So to bring some level of parity between them, when creating the method for obtaining a Custom Artifact, it should be a single event. The staff will no longer accept Custom Artifacts that need entire event lines to complete. If you need help condensing your Custom Artifact into a single event, the staff is willing to help in your CTS.

Change 3: The Staff will be a little more critical on handing out Custom Artifacts, to the same extent we are of Main Line Artifacts. Custom Artifacts sorta of became...very easy to get over Main Line Artifacts at some point and the staff want to change that. While the Staff will not be overly harsh, we will be asking players who want a Custom Artifact to expect the same sort of judgement we would have on a player asking for a Main Line artifact. For players who go inactive with a Custom Artifact they will not have it taken away. Instead the Artifact will be depowered to Legendary status(regardless if the player gives it up or not), and if the player returns they may make a CTS to hash out on how to bring it back up to Artifact status or change it to be more suited to a legendary weapon.

6. Activity Check Ups

Similar to Storytellers, the staff will be looking at the activity of all Artifact wielders, both Main Line and Custom, every 3 months. For those who are inactive or having trouble with getting on, the staff will be reaching out to see what can be done.

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  Item Limits in Events
Posted by: Reigen - 09-12-2021, 01:35 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey everyone,

This is something we’ve been wanting to address for a while, most of all with lifting the amount of relics a person can possess from three to unlimited. We don’t want events to become bogged down with someone attempting to use every item within their arsenals. So while the amount of items you can own is unlimited, we will be placing limits on how many items you can bring to an event.

Just like in retail, we will be limiting your ‘load out’ equipment. Players will be allowed to bring 2 rings, 2 trinkets, a necklace, and a max of 3 relics per event, plus their weapon, artifact and enchant effects. Enchant effects, while rare, do exist and whatever armor slot they are in is considered taken up. This will mean having to pick and choose what items your characters will bring with them on their adventures and will rely on a trust system. Keep in mind, however, that we will pick up on people who are using more than what’s allowed.

We know there are a fair few characters who have the ability to summon their equipment to them and don’t want to take that ability away, thus we will allow you to swap your load out once per event and only once. That means once your character swaps their equipment, they are stuck with it for the rest of the event, so choose when to do this wisely. This can only be done after combat is complete and not during combat.

For weapons, we understand certain characters can swap them in and out using magic. While there is no official staff ruling on this, we ask that you use common sense. Don’t try to min/max. As with the above, they can only be swapped out after combat and Artifacts cannot be swapped.

We also understand there will be the argument of explaining an OOC restriction as an IC thing. “Well my character has ten fingers so why can’t I use ten rings?”. Simply put, stacking so many magical items and their effects on each other is a bad idea. Here is a PSA from your favorite mage group:

“Too many items in one area will cause magic to cancel each other out and effects will not function properly. The Kirin Tor has found that limiting yourself to two pieces of magical jewelry on your hands, one necklace and two magical baubles elsewhere on your body should be fine. One too many will cause you to explode even. Layering magical items ON each other is a BAD idea.”

As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please reach out to a staff member!

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  Trial of Valor
Posted by: zackaroth - 08-18-2021, 03:08 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

The Legion has been cut off from Karazhan. Without another portal to invade Azeroth, the endless army of demons have suffered a setback. However, all is not well on the Broken Isles. Reports of increased attacks by the Helarjar, Helya's corrupted version of the Valarjar, have begun to crop up. Places near the waters report a deep mists where vykrul made from seaweed unleash devastating attacks and even kidnap those unlucky enough not to fall. With the threat of the Legion and the preparations to both aid Suramar and to one day attack the Broken Shore underway, none of the Order Halls can waste valuable assets into looking into these attacks. Well...all but one. Twin dread ravens have been seen flying around Dalaran, calling out to many of the Champions of Azeroth, asking for aid in dealing with this new threat...

The Trial of Valor storyline is upon us! This will be a short 2 week storyline! The first event will be a normal event while the last two will take place inside the Trial of Valor raid! The raid will only have three bosses be done on a Friday/Saturday sort of deal. You can find the full schedule below!

Trial of Valor Storyline

August 21st: A Call to Action

August 27th: Trial of Valor: Odyn

August 28th: Trial of Valor: Guarm, Helya

August 29th-Sept 5th: One Week Break

After Trial of Valor we will enter our final storyline for the year: Suramar: Insurrection!

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  Community Meeting Summary 8/13/2021
Posted by: Reigen - 08-15-2021, 02:00 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey everyone,

As you know, we had a community meeting on Friday. We received a lot of feedback from players. We're still looking for more feedback, so if you missed the meeting, we encourage you to make a CTS. Below is a general summary of the feedback we received.

  • Players would like smaller scale events where the world isn't at stake. Social events also came up as something players would like to see more of. There is a worry however that non-combat RP doesn't seem to draw in as many attendants.
  • 'Why would my character be anywhere but the front line?' came up, to which we would like to suggest and remind that characters need breaks. They can't be on the front line 24/7. One can always say that they were commanded to take a break or operate on a rotating schedule.
  • We all have lives, we're not all in school with a great amount of free-time. We have jobs, children, and families we all need to attend too. Sadly activity will drop as players reach for more in life.
  • It was brought up that applications have been slowing RP down and that the process may be stifling, that getting things done involves a lot of red tape and that the staff can be hard to approach.
  • Some mentioned that if they have an issue with staff, that they have no way to express this out of fear the staff member will find out. We just want to remind you that if you have an issue with a member of staff, please please please message Zackaroth.
  • Some have brought up that not being around and missing a bulk of activity has been discouraging. That not being part of main events have left them feeling excluded. There is a divide between those who attend events and who cannot attend. Inactive order hall leads have been noted to contribute to this problem.
  • Custom artifacts are more involved than the mainline ones and take away from mainline artifacts as a whole.
  • Events don't feel like there are enough mobs to really make us of some aspects of the artifacts. We encourage feedback of events to the DM, let them know what is and is not enough.
  • People expressed wanting more passive and flavor loot items, not always just active items. We're willing to do this going forward, just make sure to let us know if we're reaching a good balance between active/not active items.
  • We want to make sure that IC is kept IC. When asked to cut back on comments, try to respect that. Don't be calling every Orc in RP a pig due to the mainline story that they have no control over. Communicate OOCly to make sure you're not making RP un-enjoyable.
  • Lastly, when someone comes back after being gone for a while, it was requested to stop asking 'Where have you been?' because it can be discouraging. It makes it hard for players who have been away to come back if they're getting jumped on by people claiming they abandoned them. Don't ask this ICly either, as it puts characters and players on the spot.
As said above, please continue to give us feedback and if you have comments on what was said above, please let us know. We ask that you make a CTS if you have comments, because comments in general will be lost.

Keep an eye out for future updates. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know, as always!

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  Return Karazhan
Posted by: zackaroth - 06-28-2021, 11:30 AM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Return to Karazhan
The Emerald Nightmare has been defeated and the Nightfallen finally have a way to counter the addiction to the Nightwelll and prepare for a full scale rebellion. But the Legion still remains an ever present threat. Hundreds of demons pour from the Tomb of Sargeras every day and shows no sign of stopping. Where they to gain another entry point into Azeroth...it could spell doom for everyone. But what place on Azeroth would allow them entry? What place could be connected to all the Leylines of the world. What place could be considered a magical nexus strong enough to even rival the Tomb? Uh oh...
Khadgar's wards are failing, Karazhan comes alive with old and new foes alike and once more the Legion teeters on the brink of victory, threatening to completely undo what has been accomplished in the past year. To save Azeroth from a two front war they could not possibly win, the Heroes must Return to Karazhan....
Hey guys! In July we begin the Return to Karazhan storyline!There we will face off against many new and old bosses from the past! The event line will be about 3 weeks long and the dungeon broken up into two of those weeks! See below for the full schedule! An additional note, the two Opera Halls not done will be able to be done by ST's once the instance is finished!
July 17th: Return to Karazhan

July 23rd: Return to Karazhan Lower: Opera Hall, Maiden of Virtue(Dungeon)

July 24th: Return to Karazhan Lower: Moroes, Huntsman(Dungeon)

July 30th: Return to Karazhan: ???(Bonus Boss), The Curator(Dungeon)

July 31st: Return to Karazhan Upper: Shade, Mana Devourer, Watcher(Dungeon)

August 1st-August 15th: Two Week break

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  Emerald Nightmare Lore Items
Posted by: zackaroth - 06-13-2021, 11:41 AM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys! If you know the Emerald Nightmare loot list, your probably wondering what happened to two very specific items. Well, wonder no more. Both the Horn of Cenarius and The First Satyr's Spaulders can be CTSed as Lore/Legendary items. These are NOT considered Legion legendaries and do not count towards that limit.If you are interested in these items please create a CTS with the effects and the event line to get them.

Horn of Cenarius: Druid, Night Elf and Tauren(Non-dark caster class) ONLY: The fabled Horn of Cenarius, used to summon the power of nature to defeat Archimonde at the end of the Third War and again to rally the ancients of Mount Hyjal to confront the forces of the Old Gods during the Cataclysm.Every time it has been used, Azeroth has always been in great danger. With the Nightmare gone, but the Legion still a threat, the Horn is needed now more than ever.

The First Satyr's Spaulders: Demon Hunters, Shadow Priests, Warlocks, Death Knights and other dark caster classes ONLY: A piece of Xavius still exists in this world. While the evil Nightmare Lord can never return(probably) these shoulder's he wore since his first inception linger with his power.It would take a powerful person to control the evilness that lurks within and use it against the forces that seek to destroy Azeroth.These shoulders can be transmogged but MUST reveal themselves in their true form when the owner is in combat.

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  The Emerald Nightmare/Finale of Suramar
Posted by: zackaroth - 05-09-2021, 11:36 AM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

[Image: 46153-ilgynoths-whispers-in-patch-83.jpg]
"Your coming was foretold in the rings. The long circle is nearly complete"
The Emerald Nightmare
The Emerald Nightmare has only grown stronger since the heroes departed Val'sharah. Now completely corrupted, the Nightmare threatens to spill over into Azeroth during a critical point with the war with the Legion. Malfurion has decided it's time. He calling all the Heroes of Azeroth, all those who are friends to nature and all those who wish see the Dream once again in it's pure state to his cause. To storm and cleanse the Emerald Nighmare. But it won't be easy. Corrupted Wild Gods, Infected Dragons, pieces of the corruption itself, Malfurion's own teacher and finally...the Nightmare Lord himself await. The battle to purify the vision of the blueprint of Azeroth begins...
Legion's first raid begins in two weeks! This time we are doing raids a little different, trying to make them 2 bosses per day instead of three. Of course, the final two bosses will still be a Friday and Saturday combo. Below you will find the schedule!
Also keep in mind we will be doing the Suramar Finale a week after the end of the Emerald Nightmare as it ties into the ending of the raid!
May 29th: Emerald Nightmare: Nythendra


June 4th: EN: Elerethe Renferal, Ursroc

June 5th: EN: Dragons of the Nightmare, Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption

June 11th: EN: Cenarius

June 12th: Emerald Nightmare Finale: Xavius

June 26th: Suramar Finale: A Change of Seasons

June 27th-July 11th: Four week Break
And after that's done...
" The master has been gone for so very long..."
[Image: zx0AKMw.jpg?1]

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  [Important] BFA Core / End of Legion
Posted by: Aphetoros - 04-01-2021, 02:25 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hi everyone,

We’ve waited a while to announce this, as it was a topic of intense discussion among the staff team. In the end, we have decided that for the good of the server we will be ending the Legion expansion preemptively, and moving to a BFA core starting May 31st. This may sound drastic, or as if it’s coming out of left field, but we’ve dealt with so many issues with Legion as an expansion. The reasons for this are manifold, but one of the prime reasons is that there is too much content left in Legion, and we do not feel we are making appropriate progress due to the sheer amount of player progression that occurs while storyline progress is minimal. When we realized that development on the BFA core was almost finished, we decided it was time to make the jump.

Because of this, not only are we skipping to BFA, we are wiping the server of all characters, and past history. Any previous lore will be no longer admissible, but we will accept CTSes for lore that players wish to transfer. Doing this will allow the server to have a fresh start, because Freedom’s history is too bloated, and our existing characters are too powerful to bring into BFA. We will likely not be accepting any applications to transfer existing characters in effort to encourage new character concepts, but we are allowing people to apply for transfers anyway as it may be possible to adjust them to fit the new server post-wipe.

Seeing as BFA is a totally different landscape, making new characters will allow people to participate in the war effort when many of the current characters (Wrenard excluded - blue made me add this) wouldn’t, which allows us to run the BFA expansion without making any changes to the story. This is great for the server because it allows us to experience some of Blizzard’s best writing in recent years without tainting it with custom content that would make it hard for new players to join in. 

One issue with BFA we needed to figure out before we could announce this is the Heart of Azeroth. Because BFA is structured around the Heart of Azeroth, we thought it would be unfair to give it to one player, and we couldn’t find a way to make it possible for multiple players to wield it. Because of this, Zackaroth has agreed to return from his RP hiatus to play Zackaroth, now the Hero of Azeroth, who will lead the other heroes as wielder of the Heart of Azeroth. This decision was made to ensure that no one fights over the Heart of Azeroth or feels upset. In certain events, Zackaroth may allow another player to hold onto the Heart of Azeroth, returning it at the end of each event.

While we will be moving to the BFA core on May 31st, we won’t start the storyline right away. People will have time to set up new characters, as we’ll be starting right at the end of Legion. During this time, we’re trying something else. We will be attempting a FreedomClassic server, which will run as an experiment during this Summer break (Likely until September.) This server will start at the beginning of vanilla WoW and go up until TBC - we’re still ironing out the timeline on the events, so keep an eye out for that, as we’ll be asking storytellers to help run those events. 

Over the next few weeks, similar to our Legion Update threads, we’ll be announcing updates on Freedom: BFA as we have them ready for you. 
But we understand this is short notice, so in posting this we are also including below the template for a lore transfer request. Post these in the CTS forum when you have them ready, and we will go over them in each meeting. These will be open for the rest of the Summer. Prepare to wrap up any storylines currently on-going before May 31st, and we will start reviewing lore transfer requests immediately. 

Thanks for reading - we’re excited to bring this new chapter of Freedom to you all. Thanks to Crow and Kretol for their amazing work on the BfA core - we can’t wait to share it with you.



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  Suramar Storyline
Posted by: zackaroth - 12-16-2020, 08:12 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys, hope your having a good break and a good holiday season. Well, 2020 is almost over and 2021 is coming in hot. It will officially be the year of Suramar! Thats for most of the year much of the focus is going to be on the zone Suramar and it's storyline. There will be detours, such as Karazhan and the Trial of Valor, and of course the Emerald Nightmare, but expect to be seeing alot of Suramar! Also, Class Order Hall storylines are done so there will not be staff run Order Hall events until 7.2 in 2022. However, as always, people are free to run their own custom events for the Order halls.

below you will find the first half of the year. If you notice at certain points I gave us a two week break. Thats so people would not get burned out on Surmar and could also have a chance at doing some of the Legion Side quests in other zones as well as the TONS of side quests in Suramar! Any questions feel free to ask.


Jan 8th: In the House of Light and Shadow

Jan 15th: Beginnings

Jan 16th: Destiny Unfulfilled (Illidan BT Boss Fight)


Jan 23rd: Nightfall(Suramar Intro)

Jan 30th: An Old Ally


Feb 6th: The Telemancer

Feb 12th: Tapping the Leylines

Feb 13th: Masquerade

Feb 20th: The Light Below

Two Week Break: February 21st-Match 7th


March 12th: The Waning Crescent Part 1

March 13th: Waning Crescent Part 2

March 20th: Thalyssyra’s Abode

Two Week Break: March 21st-April 4th

April 10th: Blood and Wine

April 16th: Statecraft Part 1

April 17th: Statecraft Part 2

April 24th: The Arcway(Dungeon)


May 1st: Court of Stars(Dungeon)

May 8th: A Growing Crisis

May 9th- May 23rd:Two Week Break for Emerald Nightmare Raid Prep

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