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  Minor Raid Loot change and WoD Lore Weapons
Posted by: zackaroth - 04-18-2019, 08:40 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys, this announcement is going up a little later then I intended but it is here regardless. We are changing the raid loot rules just a bit. This will not alter the way we hand out loot but instead help people who may have to leave at mid or at the end of the event. If you have the leave the raid in the middle or towards the end you may ask a staff member to look at the loot list and get loot for that day on the character you where on, if their is any loot left. Keep in mind you will have to been actually part of the event and been there for a good chunk of it.

Next is about the WoD Lore Weapons. WoD drops ALOT of lore weapons. Normally the way we would go about these is look at players who have been active and seem deserving and want the item. However..because WoD raids are very close to Legion artifacts storylines it sort creates a strange scenario where if we give someone a Lore Weapon, they may only use it for a few months until its time for us to start handing out artifacts.

So instead what we are going do is list the current WoD Lore Weapons available and if players are interested, may make CTS if they believe their character is a fit for them. Keep in mind, again, artifacts are coming sooner then you think and if you want either a canon or custom artifact then the staff recommends you not get a WoD Lore item. But it also bears reminding that these WoD Lore weapons can be turned into artifacts once we hit Legion. I will update this list as they become available. Also keep mind CTSing for a WoD lore weapon does not mean you are guaranteed to get it. You will also have to create your own effects for the weapon and get it approved by the staff but the staff is willing to help you.

WoD Lore Weapons
The Bladefist: (Fist Weapon):  In our timeline, Kargrath eventually replaced both his hands with terrible bladed weapons known as the Bladefist. These weapons, while simple looking, killed many in the orc’sdemonic  blood lust. In this timeline, the heroes pushed Kargrath to attempt to replace his other hand early but was killed by them before he could. Now his infamous weapon has fallen into your hands...

Gar'tash, Hammer of the Breakers: (Two handed Mace): The Hammer of Kor'ragh, the breaker immune to almost all magic. The weapon itself is a strange paradox. It is somehow infused with magic but also repels it.

Staff of the Grand Imperator(Magic Staff): The staff of the Ogre King. A powerful relic wielded by Mar'gok until his death at Cho'gall's hands. It is infused with large amounts of arcane energy and seems to pulse with power. What secrets did the Imperator leave in this weapon?

Gor'gah, High Blade of the Gorians (Two Handed Sword): The sword of the Ogres. A massive and hefty two handed blade that was meant to be used by a champion of the Gorian Empire. Mar'gok never found anyone worthy to wield it and thus it sat in his vault for years. That is until his death and it was rediscovered by the heroes who helped bring down his empire.

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  Patch Notes Retirement and Entire Compendium of the Patch notes
Posted by: Talona - 04-14-2019, 01:30 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

The Staff has decided to retire the Patch Notes section of the forums. Our reasons for this are: 

  1. We have been more consistently using the announcement threads to announce changes to rules, storyteller, mainstoryline, etc. The intended purpose if the Patch notes was to do this, without making announcements.
  2. The patch notes system is not user-friendly, and becomes unclear what each patch note entails
  3. The patch notes system is overshadowed by changes made through announcements and becomes out-dated
With all this being said, we intend to make sure that any changes we make, lore considerations we have, etc we will put in announcements as an easier, more user-friendly way to access up-to-date information in a clear and concise way that the Patch notes were not doing. Below you will find the complete and up-to-date information from the Patch notes section, the information is split into five categories of information being: Mainstoryline, Morphs/Morph Rules, Server Rules, System Changes, and Misc. Lore Notes

1. Dualboxing Announcement Regarding Characters in Events/Dungeons/Raids

2.  Turning People Away in Raid vs. Forfeiting Loot
We have revised our policy with regards to denying entry to an event that is underway. Instead, if someone arrives more than halfway into the final boss they can still attend the raid but have to forfeit their loot, the killing blow, and any attendance rewards they may have been eligible.

3. Priority Rolls for Overtly Evil Chars of Evil Organizations
Overtly evil characters, or characters that come to events as spies for evil organizations may be given lower priority for items that are not directly related to those characters. Additionally, they will still need to seek DM discretion on if the event is appropriate for them to attend.

Morphs/Morph Rules
1. While these changes took place some time ago we do want to reflect on them
Eredar: All Eredar are under Tier 4, but it is still important to note the differences in the Eredar you may apply for.

Dragons: We have also added Dragons to Tier 4, and you do not need to be a pre-existing drake to be a Dragon; They are case by case applications.

2. Concerning Temporary Morphs
For temporary morphs, you may ask a GM in LFG or asking for the Staff in Discord, but remember to specify why you want it. If you want to morph into a Dragon to show that your players in your event are fighting a Dragon, then ask for the temporary morph from the Staff. You do NOT need to apply for a temporary morph. Alternatively you can apply for Storyteller to use these abilities.

3. Concerning Dragons
You can evolve into a Dragon, or apply for a Dragon separate to a drake, but ALL dragon applications are case by case.

4. Concerning ALL Non-Legion Aligned (even BOUND) Demons
All demons that intend to be Anti-Legion Aligned  will need to make a Tier 4 application IF you intend to actively oppose the Legion (Such as being a Champion of Azeroth; Defender of Life).

Demons who are bound may fight against the Legion but it must be against their will due to the master who bound them. If you wish a bound demon to be anti-legion aligned you are still required to make a tier 4. 

5. Ticket System Mention Removal
Removed all mention of requiring to make a ticket as the ticket system does not work, and additionally GMs can add morphs to morph applicants when they are offline so long as the morph information was supplied.

6. Felsworn and Dire Orcs/Trolls
Felsworn have been moved to Tier 1 (Previously Tier 2), and now include Felblood Elves, and Fel Orcs.
Dire Orcs and Trolls have been consolidated to be Dire Orcs/Trolls

7. Botani Distinction in Tier List
Traditional Botani that follow the genesaur (and are seen more as antagonists) will be Tier 1
Independent/Good Aligned Botani will now require a Tier 2
WoD Tiers included on the Tier List and are denoted by (AU)

8. Sargerei:
Sargerei right now wouldn't be Eredar, they would be traitorous felsworn like Draenei, they will be allowed to be applied for once Auchindoun is done. There is no possibility of Sargerei being good or independent. They may become full Eredar in 6.2 when they drink the demon blood.  These Eredar wouldn't be allowed to be independent aligned either.

8.2 Sargerai Addendum
People can be Sargerai Infiltrator under the following Conditions:
-They must be CtS'd for.
-They can only be reveal themselves to be Sargerai after Auchindoun, meaning they can't do anything overtly nefarious until Auchindoun is done.
-They can't have absorbed or taken any Fel until Auchindoun as that would give away that they are infiltrator's for the Sargerai, it is much more likely they'd have to 'earn' the fel blood, and would possibly earn that once Auchindoun is done. At which point these characters would be felsworn Sargerai, before that point they would look like regular Draenei.
-If too many people apply for this, we will have to close the door on these infiltrator's been applied for, to maintain a fair equilibrium between heroes being in the Garrison and infiltrator's.
-If you plan to be a Sargerai Infiltrator you couldn't have information that impacts the main storyline or have information that has inner-workings within the Sargerai and the Shadow Council.

9. AU Arakkoa:
After being rescued from the Blood Maul Slag Mines The flightless AU Arakkoa may now be applied for. They would have needed to be slaves within the dungeon who recently escaped thanks to the heroes efforts. (At this point in time all Arakkoa may be applied for)

10. Update on Drakes
Drakes can be related to Aspects with the following understanding:
-This doesn't change anything to your character, you're not any better or stronger than any other applied drake.
-Any relationships with the aspects is extremely impersonal and they hold no sway with the Aspects.
-The only clutch you can not be a part of is Kalegos as he was only an aspect for half a year.

11. Dreadlords
Dreadlords are now open to be applied for under the current stipulations. This is due to the fact Auchindoun is complete.
-They can now be rped on Azeroth and Draenor
-They can rp in Legion bases and Legion space

12. Fel Lords
Fel Lord's have been put on the Morph Tier list and can now be applied for, they are being considered as Tier 3, and may be applied for, here on in. 

Server Rules
1. New rule in the Freedom Rule Section
21.) Adult Situations - Here, on Freedom, the staff doesn't care what two consenting adults do in private chats. But keep it just like that, in a private party. Any adult themed RP (such as ERP) is strictly to be kept out of public channels. We have people who may not want to see it and those younger than 18. We ask you respect this and keep such roleplay in private parties

2. Rule Changes:
Rule 4.) Don't be intentionally rude. Tough-skin is required, but being rude on purpose still isn't cool.
Rule 16.) The exception to this rule is demons, elementals and similar NPCs that are not permanently killed when they die on the mortal plane. These NPCs will be treated on a case-by-case and you should let us know if you want to kill any of these with the understanding they can return at staff or story discretion
Rule 10.) We consolidated rule 10 with 10a and 10b to cut down on redundancy and adding an additional note.
Rule 11.) The Three Strike rule is an arcane and archaic rule that has been removed as it was redundant and not used often.

3. Rule Addition Regarding Pets
Player Character Death and Pet/Mount Death
a. Player Characters cannot be killed without their consent and permission, unless they are doing something where death is the only option. (Like doing something knowingly that is dangerous and stupid)

b. Pets/Mounts are to be treated the same as player characters in that they also cannot be killed without the player character's (owner of said pets/mounts) consent and permission.

4. Rule Addition
Rule 22.) Server-Wide we do emote-based PvP fights, which are known as "trust fights". We understand that some players do not prefer this method in which there are alternatives, with specific caveats:
a. Roll Fights In lieu of a trust fight, two players can deal out their PvP battle in a roll-fight, however, this must be consented and agreed upon by both parties. If one party does not want to roll fight, but both insist a fight needs to happen, then the fight must be a trust fight. We do not allow forcing any player to roll fight under any circumstances because roll fighting is largely dependent on RNG and generally has no basis in our role-play setting due to the constraints of being unable to apply advantages/disadvantages that one does in a classic D&D. We do not have such a system to support roll-fighting. So roll fighting must be consensual. If, a player feels uncomfortable with an emote-battle, but does not want to force a roll fight then:
b. Predetermined Outcome We recommend that the two parties discuss OOCly the outcomes of the fight that way everyone's best interest can be served. If there is still a level of unsureness about this option, then:
c. GM Moderator We encourage our players to seek out a GM to moderate the emote-battle for any abuse of power in the fight itself. If the battle is with a GM-player character, a player has the right to ask for a third-party GM/The Admin to moderate. 

This is due to being asked what our rules are on PvP are, as well as player's rights with regards to it

Edit: This rule strictly applies to PvP RP outside of events. Events are DM-discretion on if roll fights are necessary or not. The only thing we require is that the DM makes it clear that the event is roll-fight only beforehand to the players getting involved.

System Changes (To Discord, Forums, Storyteller, or IG systems e.g. Black Market)

1. New sections of the Forums:

The Community Gatherings Section where you can use the section to connect with others, this includes streaming music with Plug DJ, D&D games you want to advertise for players to join, stream movies to watch, host game-nights, etc. This area is a great place to go when you want to take part with the community!

Art Gallery Section where you can use this section to post your personal art, whether its your commissions, things youve drawn, an art dump you want to share with people. Anything you want to share with the arts is great for this section!

2.  Bot Spam on forums and Discord
Make sure to report any bots advertising for Paragon/RPH, we have additionally removed some of the permanent links that were accessible to all.

3. Dynamic Storyteller
Lowered the player requirement for DST.2 to 3 people interested, excluding the DM
Clarified DST.5 making it clear showing what one has hosted must be done in storyteller section with progress reports

4. Guild Storyteller
Lowered the player requirement for GST.1 to 3 people interested, excluding the DM
Clarified GST.5 making it clear showing what one has hosted must be done in storyteller section with progress reports

5. Storyteller General Rules
Storyteller Forums and Progress Reports
A new example of the Progress Reports is included with clarification that the only information required for reports are completed events and the day they were hosted on.
Also elaborated the DSTs can run facilitation of social RP in their progress reports

6. Storyteller Information: Hosting Multiple Events in the Same Day 
Clarifying that it is okay to have multiple ST events the same day as each other but that the staff encourages people to do so thoughtfully, with careful planning, and to communicate with fellow STs in the long run.

7. Storyteller Review Change
The time between reviews for storytellers has been increased to a month and a half rather than a single month.

8. Storyteller Rule Updates:
Invisible Morph Ruling: You are not allowed to use the invisible morph outside of your own events. It is not something to be given to other players, or added to other players outside of your events or in the mall in any regard. If this happens again where this morph is abused outside of ST events, it will not only result in the loss of ST for the personal offender, it will also result in the morph display being totally prohibited for all STs. The staff is extending a hand of trust towards you all, and we want to emphasize how serious this is by saying that abusing this morph will result in the loss of ST powers, and all STs will be prohibited from using it.

9. Storytellers Claiming Land With Banners
With regards with using banners to claim areas that may be used for future events, the staff is not disallowing its use but we definitely recommend that if it is used it should be for projects you intend to do in the near future, within a couple weeks or so. Otherwise, such as using it to claim lands for future events, or because you want to remember the land, we recommend not doing so, because claiming things with banners and leaving it does not guarantee it will remain in your hands and we prefer for people to use things as and when they need them.
That being said there is an alternative to the banners for some. If you are interested in a piece of land but unsure what to do with it, or you want to remember its location for a possible idea in the far future, or something, you can make a private teleport of the land, and port to it when sometimes comes to you, baring in mind the land may end up in use, but that goes for the banners as well.

10. Blackmarket System is Retired Per this announcement 

11. Custom NPC Requests; Custom Beast NPCs
Through the efforts of Bluelink, those staff members who are capable to make NPCs, can make any NPC race tameable by Hunters through a custom NPC.

For example, if you wanted a skeleton pet and want it to follow you around as a pet does for a hunt, it can be done through the creation of a custom npc. Staff members who wish to know how to make tameable npcs may find the pinned post under custom npc requests.

12. Forum Update
The Freedom Lore has been removed, as its purpose has been efficiently covered by the CTS section on the forums, and the QfS section in the Discord.

13. QFS Lore  inquiry policy
We'd like people to make sure they do some research regarding their lore question before asking them. In order for us to most accurately, promptly, and assuredly respond to questions, we need to be aware of how much about the topic you're aware of.

To this end, we'd like to ask everyone that, when applicable, please include a little bit about what you've found through your own research regarding the area of lore in question. We're not asking for a research paper, and definitely not anything near the level of research needed for a complex CtS inquiry, but just enough that we're not blindsided by further points that you might bring up. This will help us answer questions as best as possible.

14. QFS BFA Lore Inquiries
Players may now ask questions in QFS regarding BFA lore

Misc. Lore Notes
1. NPC Drake Companions
Going forward, npc drake companions will be rare without a very in-depth reason, so to acquire one will be through in-depth storylines, or otherwise. Additionally, npc drake companions cannot be brought to any events without express DM approval.

2. Dragonkin Ages
Like people, every dragon grows at a different rate. It really depends on the character, and it's a case by case basis. But, we would find it hard to believe that a dragonkin would still be a drake past 500 years. We mostly say it's up to personal experience so that our Whelp players don't end up needing to wait, like, 5 years to actually grow into a drake, but the point does still stand for drakes.

3. Dragon Ages
Dragon characters can be born up to 1000 years before the War of the Ancients.

4. Monk Wind Teleportation
Advanced monks that work for or with the Shado-pan may have the ability to learn a 'windstep', an ability that is similar to Blink or Shadowstep. It will most likely be tiring after continual use in combat, just like Shadowstep or Blink.

5. Developer Spellbook Updates
Everyone can now use Track Humanoids innately!

6. Reminder on Legion Lore with regards to Helya/Helheim
Any Vrykul Spirits/Kvaldir from Helheim are under a sway/curse of Helya that prevents them from talking about Helheim or revealing Helya in any regard.
This is due to the fact that the reveal of Helya and Helheim are generally supposed to be a big reveal and surprise.

7. Defined Distinction with Personal Dragonsworn and General Dragonsworn
Personal Dragonsworn are Dragonsworn who were bestowed their gifts and duties by a personal player character drake/dragon. These players serve and are attached to the personal player character drake/dragon and aid that character with their duties of the flight. A general Dragonsworn are those who helps the entire flight typically by way of group affiliation such as Cenarion Circle or the Timewalkers and their focus is the Dragonflight as a whole.

It is important to note that being a personal dragonsworn does not mean you do not have those core group affiliations, it simply means that you are a primary aid to a specific drake/dragon.

8.Transmogging Items
Precedence: We are allowing transmogging of gear, but at this time we are still not allowing the transmogging of weapons.

Note: Transmog cannot be used to disguise heavy armor as cloth or vice versa ICly. (In example: If you're wearing cloth gloves, you cant say they are transmogged to look like cloth gloves but when you punch someone you punched them very hard because its actually plate.)

9. Lore Update on Demons vs. Alternate Selves
The lore implies because Demons souls are linked to the Nether that they transcend space timelines.

Because the npc: Socrethar/Othaar It is possible that a demon could have an Alternate self if they became a demon in recent history (within the last couple decades or so). So their past history would still exist but the longer they are a demon the more they transcend time. We will be coming out with an announcement on this in the coming weeks!

10. Different Races + Paladins
We are allowing Forsaken to be able to be Paladins
We are also allowing for the possibility of Orc Paladins

Note: For any of the above races or non-traditional Paladin races, please make a CTS if you are looking into such characters.

11. Demons in Pandaria
Demons can now go into Pandaria. It's important to note Pandarens wouldn’t react very well to seeing a demon going around Pandaria, so be mindful and utilize disguises in the open. There is no risk of summoning any Sha unless there is an extreme pull of power and emotion.

12. Monk Multiclassing Guide
We have come out with a working guide on the classes that are open to be multi-classed with monks. We have also included the classes that cannot, and a general reason why. We will also be expanding this guide to include certain RPG classes overtime. However, if you are interested in knowing how/if your RPG class could multi-class with a monk please make a CTS so we can help!


13. Challenge Mode Weapon Update:
The Staff is allowing players to use the challenge mode weapons on the basis that:
These weapons are to be CTS'd for as custom items
They need some sort of questline to obtain as they are rather unique.
We are treating them as semi-significant/minor potential lore items
There are some challenge mode that are not listed as they will be potential artifacts/loot for future events in WoD, but the ones listed below are now open for CTS:   

Claws of Creation
Greatstaff of Infinite Knowledge
Living Longbow
Elemental Crescent
Bloodmaw Gargoyle
Arcana Shard Spire
Tesseract Timepiece

14. Draenor Native Clarifications:
Native Draenor Orcs can be played in the approved zones (Frostfire/Shadowmoon) but those Orcs who are of clans a part of the Iron Horde will have to be exiles of their original clans. Any Iron Horde Native cannot be allowed until Gorgrond for when they are first seen (With the exception of Thunderlord and Shadowmoon that are in the Iron Horde). (All other clans can be allowed at this point in time of WoD)

15. Priestess of the Moon discipline priest tree update
Priestess of the Moon can be discipline priests, they'd learn spells like psychic scream as defensive techniques. Spells such as Shadowfiend and Shadowmend would not be taught, and they would need to learn those spells with a teacher of another race or on their own. This may be frowned upon in Kaldorei society, but it wouldn't make them a pariah.

16. Rping in locked zones and player houses
Any homes or villages spawned in locked zones will not be allowed to be rped in, until the zones themselves are unlocked. This includes but is not limited to quiet secluded areas, or island homes off of the coasts or areas on the fringes to other areas. If confused, about when a zone is unlocked it is generally only unlocked when the main-story goes to those areas.

17. Wildhammer Druids
As per the day's meeting, Wildhammer Dwarves are no longer required to submit a CtS thread to roll characters as Druids. The effective level of power, methodology and expertise of a starting Druid of Wildhammer origin should be treated as and be compared to the Gilnean Harvest Witches.

18. Blood Elves can now start transitioning into having Golden Eyes
This cannot be represented in game as of yet but can be stated via TRP etc. This transition will come more easily for light users, and will be impossible for Warlocks and Shadow Priests (And Demon Hunters, Death Knights, etc. Use Common Sense.) This will not be possible for High Elves, nor can Blood Elves revert to blue eyes.

19. Languages and Dialects
Kingdoms speak common, not any other dialects - with the exception of Gilneans which have a British accent. Players can use different dialects and languages however, as long as they say that it’s more localized and not widespread throughout the entire kingdom.

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  Freedom isn't Free.
Posted by: Bhamarim - 03-31-2019, 09:14 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

"On behalf of our favorite dreadful overlord  Zack and the best green overseer Kretol, we're happy to announce that, among many other exciting things, World of Warcraft: Legion is finally coming to Freedom™. That's not all we've had in the works though. We've kept our dev team chained to their desks for months so this transition would be as physically painless for everyone involved as possible. In short, we've decided to stay one step ahead of other RP servers and allow you all to take us with you everywhere you go. So not only are we going Legion, we're going mobile!

We've always known that mobile gaming is the way of the future but it wasn't until recently we figured out how to cram so much content into such a tiny device but that's all been solved through Sorcery™. So starting April 2nd, you'll be able to enjoy all the content without being bound to your desk, unlike our dev team. You'll never have to miss another storyline event or raid because you're doing something trivial like driving or happen to be stuck in class. We're also planning on introducing VR support in the third quarter.

Beyond that, all allied races will be insta-unlocked upon Legion's Launch. The staff feels that many of the recruitment scenarios simply doesn't match up to the quality RP and story standard that we expect of Freedom and her storylines. So we have decided to retcon that lore and implement our own. The four allied races in Legion (Nightborne, Lightforged, Void Elves, and High Mountain Tauren) Have banded together creating their own third faction known as the Unbound, we're preparing another Infodump regarding the subject. Things are about to get interesting in Legion and beyond, as both factions will vie for the support of this up and coming powerhouse of a faction known now as the Unbound!

You do have a mobile device, right?"

This was supposed to be my post. Informative, cheeky, just like the spirit of our beloved server. But this time Zack's gone too far.

Some of you may know that our meetings are carried on Sundays, and as usual, Zack just dumped all this info on us. The discussion ended up being so heated I wouldn't be surprised if more of the staff came forward feeling the same way I do.
As much as I don't care for the most of you, some still deserve to know how we're moving forward. As part of the effort to bring Mobile, VR, and Donate2Artifact we will be scrapping everything along with the old core for the upcoming expansion. Everything will be rectonned, forget your characters, your stories, and all your work.

Why? Well, we're sick and tired of people complaining how admittedly dead the server is, and going mobile is our way of putting it onto your lazy-butt hands o keep the server alive. (That was intentional by the way. Because you can’t say expletives on the forums without it being flagged. Welcome to Zack’s new Catholic Server, another way to censor us and make Freedom an ironic meme) tWe know how unaccustomed you are with actually doing RP, so going VR is also a way to bring out that fresh, young Fortnite crowd into the server to keep it brimming with life(And you know we won't KEEP them here if we don't do microtransactions). It shouldn't impact RP quality, given the bar we've set...

That feeds into why we're hitting the 'scary reset button'. So that we can be truly just with old and new players alike, and encourage people to actually pay for our jobs. So if you are a dedicated player that actually helps the server for a change, then you get an artifact of your choosing. What happens if someone already has it? Duel it out or Khadghar makes a copy of it. Not really our problem at this point. Just so you all know, the new server will be called...

Freedom 2: The Rise of the Freenix.

Honestly, this is too much for me. The name, the reason, the logic behind it. Well, it's all utter shit. This is the last drop in a long coming wave of frustration. We're constantly being watched, judged, by the staff, and now this? I could handle bad characters and terrible writing from the rest of the server, but not this. We're better off RPing in retail folks. If any of you need me, I'll be in Goldshire playing some poker, make sure to bring gold and good times Wink

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  Map Clean up Follow-up.
Posted by: Bhamarim - 03-31-2019, 01:49 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hello again everyone. As some of you may know we started some effort onto cleaning up the world map with a form you have filled over the past month, in this post:

We believed the roughly 40 days were enough for everyone to make sure their used projects, and so you did. With that being said, we will officialy begin cleaning up the zones aforementioned. We will no longer be accepting used projects, as the amount of time qualifies for inactive bases, one of our rules for player housing.  We will, however, continue to accept input regarding places that are no longer being used.

DO NOT delete your unused projects, as that combined with a lack of communication will only have us confused and may hinder our procedure. That thread is formerly locked and the form will be modified for our best interest.

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  Legion Information Part 5: Dragons, New Artifacts, Mains and Warlock Artifacts
Posted by: zackaroth - 03-19-2019, 08:41 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys. We are back once again with another thread about things to come in Legion.More information will come in the coming months but for right now the staff is still working on some final concepts, such as Order Halls and two new artifacts so this may be the last thread for a while.

Dragons in Legion/End of WoD

As we get closer and closer to the end of WoD and start to enter Legion, the staff has been rethinking the roles of dragons in the story. Originally they were only thought to be a reward for long time drake players or those who could write an extremely detailed and excellent app and only appear in the main storyline for extremely important events. However, after discussing it and thinking it over, we are going to be changing our stance on dragons in the main storyline. As WoD progresses and Legion begins, Dragons become have become weaker due to the ending of Cata and some mortals becoming stronger, the power gap is not as wide. This will become especially apparent when the artifacts begin to become empowered.

We are loosening the restrictions on Dragons on where they may show up and attend the main storyline events. However, they should still act in accordance to their flight's color, be reserved with their dragon form and be courteous to Dms and fellow players. We will also be allowing Dragons/Drake characters to go for canon artifacts as well as create their own.

Legion Mains

As you guys may have seen this week, we have recreated a thread asking people who they plan on maining in Legion as well as what spec their character is. Keep in mind when we say spec, we mean the closest retail spec your character is closest too. You can find the thread here: https://wowfreedom-rp.com/f/Thread-Legio...Intentions

New Artifacts

After going over the Artifacts, the staff has found the Warrior one very...well dull. It is extremely Vrykul based and very niche. So we are adding two new custom artifacts based off existing Lore Weapons. Both are two handed axes and both were in the hands of famous orcs who fought the Legion. Stay tuned for more information.

Warlock Artifacts

And without further delay, here are the Gold Trait 1's for the Warlock Artifacts!

Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester: Affliction

Gold Trait 1: Reap Souls: The scythe pulses and hungers for souls, especially for demonic ones. It urges the warlock to go and consume as much as possible. Once per encounter, you may swing the scythe forwards, unleashing a black wave of dark energy that may either kill up to 5 weak enemies, or injure stronger ones. Killing enemies grants you soul fragments, up to a max of 20. You may spend 5 soul fragments to use Reap Souls again in a single encounter. (This does not consume more souls) At the end of each event, the soul fragments are fully consumed and cannot be used again. If the warlock gains a boss killing blow, their fragment count immediately hits 20.

Skull of the Man’ari + Spine of Thal’kiel: Demonology

Gold Trait 1: Thal’kiel’s Consumption: What price will you pay for power? A warlock is asked this question every day. With the Skull, the user can pay a price of blood from their own body and empower their demon with great strength and heightened intelligence, or sacrifice their demon, Thal’kiel transmuting the stolen life force into a ray of pure shadow or fel energy, damaging a foe equal to the amount of life stolen. If the warlock empowers their demon, only their demon can be counter attacked for the duration of the encounter. If the warlock sacrifices their demon, then they can use the empowered fel or shadow ray once per encounter.

Scepter of Sargeras: Destruction

Gold Trait 1: Dimensional Rift: Empowered by myriad demonic portals and granted dominion over all space and time, the enormous power imparted into this Scepter must never be fully realised, lest it threaten to unravel all existence. You must tread carefully as you court its potential.

Once per encounter, you may beckon the Scepter to tear open a momentary Rift in space and time to beyond, opening 3 portals. You may roll 1-3 to determine which type of portal opens up.
This opens up a portal to a world of shadows, unleashing horrific void energies on your target.
This opens to a portal to a world made of hellfire and brimstone, unleashing magma like fire upon your enemies.
This opens to a portal to a world ravaged by the Legion, unleashing powerful chaotic fel energies on your target

You may either choose to unleash the power from the portal as many bolts to ravage an army of enemies or as three beams to focus on a single enemy.

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  Legion, Artifacts, and Order Halls Information - Part 4
Posted by: yakobthemoose - 03-03-2019, 06:50 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey folks, we’ve been insanely busy over the last 2 weeks and so we haven’t had tons of time to work on Legion details, but I’ve got a brand new information dump for you today! This week, we’re going to hammer out the final details of the Order Halls, as well as a few other things relating to Artifacts and the Legion server.

We should get the most important thing out of the way first. If you’ve been mulling over what characters you’re wanting to be your mains in Legion, now is the time to decide. We are now fully earnestly monitoring candidates for each of the Artifacts. If you want to be an Order Hall leader and wield one of the baseline artifacts, you need to really show us your activity and properly carve out what spec you want to be considered for. If you’re worried that you might not sure what your character does in combat properly conveys what Artifact you’re going for, then message us ASAP and we can work with you on how you can make it more clear in the eyes of the relevant factions.

To reiterate what I said in previous announcements, to get one of the mainline Artifacts, you will have to be an Order Hall leader. Even if your character is of an appropriate spec, if you are a total outcast to the relevant factions and embody no leadership qualities, then you won’t be selected. Remember that as an Order Hall leader, you must epitomize what it is to be your spec, class, or faction, and you will be one of three leaders of the relevant faction.

I understand that not everyone is entirely familiar with the Order Halls, and might not be sure where they fit in the grand scheme of things. To that end, we’ve created a list of Order Halls, the Factions that they encapsulate, and who will be welcome in the Hall itself. Check it out below.

Order Hall Access List

It is assumed that, unless the character is exiled by the relevant faction (listed below), a character may access any order hall that encapsulates their class.

Exceptions to these guidelines can be made by Order Hall leaders.

Death Knight - Acherus - Knights of the Ebon Blade
  • Only members of the Ebon Blade
Demon Hunter - Marduum/The Fel Hammer - The Illidari
  • Warlocks
  • Independant Demons (Who can join in they want)
Druid - The Dreamgrove - Dreamweavers/Cenarion Circle
  • Hunters
  • All Night Elves and Tauren (No Demon Hunters or Death Knights)
  • All Druidic Races
Hunter - Trueshot Lodge - The Unseen Path
  • All but unholy/fel/necromancy users, but only by invitation
Mage - Chamber of the Guardian - Tirisgarde
  • Members of the Kirin Tor
  • All but unholy/fel/necromancy users, but only by invitation
Monk - Wandering Isle - Order of the Broken Temple
  • Non-monks can be taken by a Monk either by Zen Pilgrimage or flight
Paladin - Light’s Hope Chapel Undercroft - Knights of the Silver Hand
  • All Argents
  • No Warlocks/Demon Hunters
  • Death Knights are barred after they attempt to raise Tirion in undeath, and become Kill on Sight if they approach the chapel
  • All others okay
Priest - Netherlight Temple - The Conclave
  • All, but you can get kicked out
Rogue - Dalaran Sewers - The Uncrowned
  • Any characters with association with SI:7 or Horde intelligence, but by invitation only
  • Anyone provided they are blindfolded before entering
  • Location is highly secretive, anyone who reveals the location without consulting the Leaders are subject to imprisonment or worse
Shaman - The Heart of Azeroth (The Maelstrom) - The Earthen Ring
  • Warriors
  • Monks
Warlock - Dreadscar Rift - The Council of the Black Harvest
  • Illidari
  • Death Knights, within reason (eg. First Gen, etc.)
Warrior - Skyhold - The Valarjar
  • Open to all once Halls of Valor is done, accessible through Stormheim. Non Valarjar cannot jump up to or down from Skyhold. Odyn will slap your shit if you misbehave.

Please keep in mind that these are guidelines, and as I stated above, leaders of the Order Halls have the authority to make exceptions on an individual basis.

Now, though we’re allowing people to enter other Order Halls, we’d very much prefer if people were a member of a single order hall if possible. We understand that some characters are thematically very tied to more than one, and can be considered somewhat of an exception to this guideline. Just keep in mind that some Order Hall quests are much more exclusive than others, and we don’t want to be playing the game of trying to decide if someone should or shouldn’t be there. Use common sense, and please don’t feel bad if, for example, you as a Valarjar cannot come to the Paladin class campaign.

Now, for some very good news! We’ve sorted out the problem on the Legion test server with NPC’s not being equipped. This means that we’ve locked ourselves into using this server, and the staff team will be doing some final private testing in the next few weeks. Once we’re in a place that we’re happy with, we’ll open up for public testing so you guys can get a feel for what we’re in for. We are not, however, moving to the Legion Server until we’re finished with Hellfire Citadel. There would be far too much work and time wasted into setting up Garrisons again, as well as repopulating the world.

Please also keep in mind that, when we do move to the Legion core, all current spawns and build projects will be erased. I know this sucks, but there’s nothing we can do about it. We’ll also have a number of necessary client patches to insert when the time comes. I can’t currently confirm that we’ll have our custom items either, but I know it’s being worked on.

That’s all there is for this week. I’m gonna leave you guys with another set of Artifacts, as always. We have Warrior this week, as we realized we needed to completely rewrite the Affliction Warlock weapon. We’ll have all the Warlock Artifacts ready for you next week.


Strom’kar, The Warbreaker - Arms

Gold Trait 1: Warbreaker: Thoradin’s strength and rage course through this weapon, as well as the corruption of the foe who would eventually be his end. Once per encounter, the warrior can channel this power into himself and slam his foot into the ground, causing shadow-enchanted spikes of earth to stab up, sundering the armor of any they strike and impaling lesser foes. The color of the sword also affects the type of void energies unleashed.

Blue: No changes

Green: Chaotic Fel-Void energies are unleashed on your targets.

Purple: The Void spikes are greatly enhanced, the spikes growing longer and more jagged

Red: Void Flame spikes are unleashed under your enemies, searing both body and mind.

Warswords of the Valarjar - Fury

Gold Trait 1: Odyn’s Fury: Once per encounter, the Warrior unleashes the fiery power Odyn bestowed the swords, causing a spiral of flames to spout from the edges and engulf enemies surrounding them. This fire burns after the fact, dealing more damage over time. The more damaged the warrior, the more intense the flames. The color of the weapon changes the type of fire emitted from the sword.

Orange/Red: No changes. Normal burning fire.

Purple: Void energies erupt from the blades.

Green: Unholy Flames erupt from the blades.

Scale of the Earth-Warder - Protection

Gold Trait 1: Neltharion’s Fury: The corruption of the black dragonflight is still present within this discarded scale, and while harmless to the wielder, it can prove very dangerous to their enemies. Once per encounter, the wielder can call upon that power to ignite the shield in shadow flame and taunt enemies around them, draconic whispers drawing them to attack the wielder. Those that would strike either the wielder of the shield are burned by shadowflame, and their injuries dull the pain felt by the wielder.

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  Black Market System Retiring! UPDATES
Posted by: Talona - 03-03-2019, 03:09 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hello Everyone! 

The Staff wants to give crucial changes to the Black Market System. In this post we will be discussing its retirement, what that means for the future of Black Market system, and what it means for current token wielders. 

The Retirement of the Black Market System
In it's original inception, the staff created the Black Market System to address and alleviate loot saturation while trying to facilitate and foster RP through the items that are gotten, such as storylines to obtain certain mounts, or items, even spells, and crafting opportunities. 

As we have gone through WoD, loot saturation has become less of an issue, and we have also noted that the majority of the Black Market item list are weapons which, when Legion comes, will not be a priority for many players. Since we will notbe focusing on weapons for dungeon and raid loot tables, Legion will focus on trinkets, and rings which also makes pretty much the rest of the Black Market defunct as well.

What This Means For the Future of Black Market System 
The Black Market will continue to exist as an IC entity, and a potential quest hub as well as classhall individuals for the Rogue classhall. That means the Black Market will continue to function ICly and Lore wise but it will not function as it used to OOCly, instead we want to make it more of an interesting plot group. There is potential for something to come in the future with the Black Market but we will insist on our focus to be creating RP through it. 

This means that the way the Black Market was done is retired. There will be no more tokens passed out from trading in loot items, and it's system will be null. 

What Does this mean for Current Token Wielders
All previously acquired tokens for the Black Market will become Timeless Coins instead. Timeless coins will still be passed out but ICly through Chromie, and it will be done as dungeon/raid event loot through the Staff.

If a player had multiple black market tokens, all those tokens will become a single Timeless Coin with the caveat that they will be able to use that single coin for any of their characters this is because we are taking away potentially multiple black market tokens so we wanted to give more freedom for Black market token wielders who are potentially losing out.

What Are Timeless Coins
Timeless coins are tokens that require the individual to reach out to Zack for loot lists from previous expansion dungeons and raids. That individual will be able to get their character a loot item already passed out, that would not otherwise be gotten again. Traditionally, only the character with the coin would get the loot, the ONLY exception to that is if the coin was previously Black Market tokens. 

If you were previously a black market token wielder, you now have a Timeless coin, please contact Zackaroth to spend that coin.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact a Staff member!

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  We need YOU to tell us your building projects.
Posted by: Bhamarim - 02-17-2019, 08:33 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Greetings folks! This announcement is a little different, given we need your direct input for this.

Lately we've noticed a bunch of unused building projects, and we're having some trouble keeping up with their uses, which have fallen to inactivity, and so on. Therefore we decided to compile a list of all buildings, both used an unused, so we can keep our maps and areas clean of ghost towns and abandoned houses, and at the same time know which areas have ongoing projects so we can better guide whomever might be interested in them.

For that, we've made this simple form, which shouldn't take more than a few minutes, but will greatly reduce the complexity of going about finding those areas and their owners.


The deadline for this form is March 31st. Any projects not included in any of the lists will be considered unused, and henceforth deleted. So don't forget to submit yours!

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  Legion, Artifacts, and Order Halls Information - Part 3
Posted by: yakobthemoose - 02-10-2019, 05:37 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey everyone, I’m coming back at you again with about info dump about Legion. This one is going to be shorter, but will finalize everything you need to know about Custom Artifacts and how you can make one!

Let’s begin with reiterating what exactly is available to be made into custom Artifacts. As I stated before, any and all Lore or Legendary weapons are eligible to be converted into an Artifact. All we need from you is a brief summary of why you want it and what sort of connection it has. We’ll also need some kind of story or plan for how your character gets this item or how it will be ascended to the status of an Artifact Weapon.

We’re also going to be allowing a select assortment of alternate artifact appearances to become their own artifact if any are interested. We haven’t decided which ones will be yet, but in the coming weeks we’ll have a full and comprehensive list of the ones we feel are unique enough to be their own item, as well as what class we feel should have them.

So now you’re probably wondering when exactly you can get around to creating your custom Artifacts. Well, I have good news: Below this paragraph I’m going to post the format we want people to use for their custom Artifacts; HOWEVER, we are NOT opening up Custom Artifact Applications until midway through Tanaan. We’ll let everyone know when we want you to submit them, but these items will take a lot of thought and effort to create on both yours and our parts, and we want you to take your time in creating them.

Here’s the application for you to follow:

Quote:What weapon are you applying for (Please link the wowhead page with the model you would like to use):

What character would you like to have this weapon?

What connection does your character have to this weapon?

What order hall do you think your character should belong to?

Do you have a plan/event-line for acquiring these weapons or empowering them to the status of an Artifact?

Please come up with 4 gold traits that the Staff can work with you to build a complete item. If appropriate, include thematic reasoning for the effects, but try not to get too into the lore/flavour of the item:

I know with what I said before, what we’re expecting might sound a little vague and maybe might sound a little daunting to get an item approved. So during the meeting today I proposed a custom artifact for my own character, which (after some give and take), was approved. I’m going to share it with you now so you guys know approximately what we’re looking for. This took a bit of concession and compromise, which is what will happen when you submit yours. The likelihood of us accepting your Artifact on first submission will be low, but the idea is that we’ll work together to make it work.

Without further ado, here’s the weapon I applied for on Torven.

Quote:What weapon are you applying for (Please link the wowhead page with the model you would like to use):
The Fangs of the Father legendary rogue dagger set from Cataclysm.

What character would you like to have this weapon?
Torven, my Alliance main.

What connection does your character have to this weapon?
Torven did the storyline for these daggers back in Cataclysm, and has a personal history with Wrathion, Deathwing, and the Black Dragonflight. Due to some personal storylines and me feeling guilty about holding on to legendary weapons during a time when my activity was low, I gave them up. Now that Torven has returned to his old roguish ways, I’d like to use them again and Legion presents an opportunity to expand on their limited lore.

What order hall do you think your character should belong to?
Rogue still. These weapons are very much focused around the shady things Torven had to do to end the Black Dragonflight as a threat.

Do you have a plan/event-line for acquiring these weapons or empowering them to the status of an Artifact?
I do, and have already sent that in to the staff.

Please come up with 4 gold traits that the Staff can work with you to build a complete item. If appropriate, include thematic reasoning for the effects, but try not to get too into the flavour of the item:

Gold Trait 1: Dragon Trigger - Forged from Deathwing’s jaw to hunt down the Black Dragonflight and minions of the Old Gods, these daggers deal critical damage against all Dragonoid creatures, denizens of the void, and elementals. Once per day, The Fangs can transform their user into a being very similar to Neltharion’s mortal form, gaining them a massive increase to their strength and speed, increasing their potency with fire spells, and giving them the ability to fly. This transformation lasts until the end of an encounter.

Gold Trait 2: Aspect of Death - Torven has used his knowledge of shadow to gain additional mastery over the daggers, and stave off the influence of its true master. The living weapons, which previously were fueled by Torven’s own lifeforce, now can be satiated with the souls of his enemies, allowing him to recharge Dragon Trigger by killing 5 enemies and consuming their essence.
When activating his Dragon Trigger, he can choose to power up further into a state that brims with shadowflame and the power of the void instead. While more lethal in this form, he draws the attention of any and all servants of the void in the immediate area, including old god forces, who may see the opportunity to consume him and take his power.

Gold Trait 3: Elementium Bolt - Once per regular Dragon Trigger activation, Torven can let the molten elementium coating his body coagulate into a massive spike above his head, like one of the many rivets that kept Deathwing’s plating attached to his body. He may then fire this rivet either in its molten form or solidified. While molten, it will splash and incinerate lesser foes, but do little damage to major targets. When solidified, it will do heavy damage to a single target, but will be ineffective against large groups of enemies.

Passively, Torven can now bring his wings out at will, without triggering his transformation.

Gold Trait 4: Cataclysm - In the moments before his demise, Deathwing threatened to cause a second Cataclysm that would have annihilated all life on Azeroth, and potentially might have destroyed the entire planet. A portion of that destructive power remains in the fangs. Once per event, Torven can unleash a torrent of pure destructive energy from his mouth, causing earth-wrenching explosions with whatever it makes contact with.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Feel free to use my application has an idea for the level of detail and complexity we’re looking for, as well as appropriate power scalings. I’ll leave off, as always, with the next set of Artifacts. This week we’ve got Rogue, which leaves us with only 3 more classes left! Check them out below!


The Kingslayers: Assassination
Gold Trait 1: Kingsbane - The very paired weapons that ended one of the mightiest of the Wrynn dynasty are certainly worthy of their name. The dark power of the Deceiver himself courses through these weapons, coating them on command in a magical poison hostile to all life. Once per encounter, this poison can instantly kill any single non-boss enemy, and deal devastating damage to those it cannot outright kill.

The Dreadblades: Outlaw
Gold Trait 1: Curse of the Dreadblades - The power of these blades comes with a terrible curse, one that draws the wearer closer to death when used at their full potential. When activated, the Rogue will turn spectral, causing their attacks to become bypass all forms of armor (other than ones with holy enchantments on them) and be completely impossible to parry or block. Additionally, they can walk on any surface of water, don’t need to breathe, can command ocean predators, and can dissipate into mist.

The curse in this power is that, the longer this form is maintained, the closer the rogue is brought to death. When the blades are first acquired, using this ability longer than 1 turn per encounter will outright kill its wielder, but each Gold Trait acquired extends this time. Each time the ability is used, a full encounter must pass without using the curse before the effect can be used again, or else the timer will not reset.

Fangs of the Devourer: Subtlety
Gold Trait 1: Goremaw’s Bite - The postmortem bite of the dread Felhound has become so steeped in shadow that it seems to have grown a sentience of its own. If examined quite closely through magical means, the exact width of the edge would be unable to be determined...in that region lives a thin slice of the void, allowing the fangs to sever most materials with no trouble at all. Once per encounter, slips into the void and reappears behind their chosen enemy, allowing them to rend the target unseen before being placed back at their original location. The wounds inflicted by the daggers can cause lesser enemies to simply implode into nothingness and damage a stronger enemy with bursts from the Void.

As always, shoot us a line if you have any questions. We're always happy to answer.

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  New Staff members 2019!
Posted by: zackaroth - 02-10-2019, 04:28 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - Replies (1)

Hey guys, please welcome our new trial staff members from this round of Staff apps!





Thank you for everyone who applied and good luck to our new trial staff!

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