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04-18-2018 11:03 AM
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Oh boy
Last Post: jonkill
04-18-2018 11:01 AM
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The time has come.
Last Post: Cartoonkarl
04-09-2018 07:46 PM
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Demon Hunters Coming through to Draenor.
Last Post: Joe2618
04-08-2018 12:47 PM
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04-04-2018 02:59 PM
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  The time has come.
Posted by: Cartoonkarl - 04-08-2018, 10:24 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - Replies (10)

Heya everyone!

The time has come for me to step down from the staff, and Freedom for a little bit. I wont be gone for long, I hope, but who knows. While my tenure on the staff was not as long as others I enjoyed much of it.

Don't have much else to say, other than have fun.

If you need me, I am on Discord. For now, farewell.

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  Demon Hunters Coming through to Draenor.
Posted by: Joe2618 - 04-08-2018, 12:47 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys, we're addressing this  due to an interest of none-Illidari Demon Hunters being able to rp in WoD. They  will be able to come over to Draenor however there are a few caveats to this:

-First of all Demon hunters would not be allowed to join with the Alliance and Horde officially as that would take away from the special moment in Legion when they officially join the Alliance and Horde.

-Secondly the Horde Demon Hunters could 'help' the Horde, but this would be under the conditions that they could only help fighting demons, and not the Iron Horde. And they would have to leave immediately after dealing with the threat. They are not here to socialise, but to help kill demons and then leave.  Additionally you will need to speak with the commanders both OOCly and ICly if the Horde Demon Hunters could help the Horde as a whole first.  To be clear you can join main storyline events on your Demon Hunters as long as the main story pertains to demons.

-Thirdly Alliance Demon Hunters will not be able to help the Alliance at all due to Cordana and her Warden's presence they will need to do their own thing on Draenor following their own storyline.  Cordana would not allow Demon Hunters to help the Alliance in any capacity. You could not join the main storyline at all, until patch 6.2 but you can come up with your own custom storylines on Draenor.

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Posted by: Loxmardin - 04-04-2018, 02:59 PM - Forum: GM-Team Patch Notes - No Replies

Wildhammer Druids

As per the day's meeting, Wildhammer Dwarves are no longer required to submit a CtS thread to roll characters as Druids. The effective level of power, methodology and expertise of a starting Druid of Wildhammer origin should be treated as and be compared to the Gilnean Harvest Witches.

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Posted by: yakobthemoose - 03-25-2018, 03:19 PM - Forum: GM-Team Patch Notes - No Replies

Regarding Questions for Staff (QfS):

We'd like to revise and reiterate some of our QfS policies. Lately there's been some issues with understanding current policies, so we feel it's prudent to adjust and reconvey our stance on certain questions.

First of all, we'd like to touch once again on questions regarding datamined lore material from Battle For Azeroth, since we've continued to receive inquiries. We'd like to be perfectly explicit -

The Staff will NOT be commenting on Battle For Azeroth Lore in any capacity, no matter how small or seemingly harmless. The sole exception to this is the fact that Kul'Tiras was not destroyed in the Cataclysm, and that they are an isolationist nation that is derived from Gilneas.

To reiterate, further questions regarding BfA lore will NOT be answered. We will be waiting until release to begin our inspection of its lore when staff members run through it on Retail. Any further questions regarding them will be addressed as such.

Secondly, we feel there is a need to revise our general current lore QfS inquiry policy. We'd like people to make sure they do some modicum of research regarding their lore question before asking them. In order for us to most accurately, promptly, and assuredly respond to questions, we need to be aware of how much about the topic you're aware of.

To this end, we'd like to ask everyone that, when applicable, please include a little bit about what you've found through your own research regarding the area of lore in question. We're not asking for a research paper, and definitely not anything near the level of research needed for a complex CtS inquiry, but just enough that we're not blindsided by further points that you might bring up. This will help us answer questions as best as possible.

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Posted by: Joe2618 - 03-21-2018, 03:33 PM - Forum: GM-Team Patch Notes - No Replies

Rping in locked zones and player houses

Any homes or villages spawned in locked zones will not be allowed to be rped in, until the zones themselves are unlocked. This includes but is not limited to quiet secluded areas, or island homes off of the coasts or areas on the fringes to other areas. If confused, about when a zone is unlocked it is generally only unlocked when the main-story goes to those areas.

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Question 03.18.2018
Posted by: Joe2618 - 03-18-2018, 03:39 PM - Forum: GM-Team Patch Notes - No Replies

Sargerai Addendum
People can be Sargerai Infiltrator under the following Conditions:
-They must be CtS'd for.
-They can only be reveal themselves to be Sargerai after Auchindoun, meaning they can't do anything overtly nefarious until Auchindoun is done.
-They can't have absorbed or taken any Fel until Auchindoun as that would give away that they are infiltrator's for the Sargerai, it is much more likely they'd have to 'earn' the fel blood, and would possibly earn that once Auchindoun is done. At which point these characters would be felsworn Sargerai, before that point they would look like regular Draenei. 
-If too many people apply for this, we will have to close the door on these infiltrator's been applied for, to maintain a fair equilibrium between heroes being in the Garrison and infiltrator's.
-If you plan to be a Sargerai Infiltrator you couldn't have information that impacts the main storyline or have information that has inner-workings within the Sargerai and the Shadow Council.

Update on Drakes
Drakes can be related to Aspects with the following understanding:
-This doesn't change anything to your character, you're not any better or stronger than any other applied drake.
-Any relationships with the aspects is extremely impersonal and they hold no sway with the Aspects.
-The only clutch you can not be a part of is Kalegos as he was only an aspect for half a year.

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  Patch 3.14.18
Posted by: Cerb57 - 03-14-2018, 02:57 PM - Forum: GM-Team Patch Notes - No Replies

Iron Horde and Blackfuse Goblins are available to be played once Gorgrond is open.

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  Custom Lore Weapons
Posted by: zackaroth - 03-13-2018, 08:15 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys, just wanted to take a moment to talk about Custom Lore Weapons that may drop from Bosses after a main event.

Recently some took issue with the fact that Ner'zhul's staff was given out unexpectedly and with no warning or hint. To some it was made worse it was given to a staff member. Normally when a lore item drops from a boss, the staff does not heavily advertise to avoid a situation where people just make or force their characters into positions to try and get it. We also try to consider all options and mostly choose people who where active during the content and fit the weapon. It's also generally assumed players know when big weapons are going out, as with the Thunder King's Armaments or Garrosh's loot table.

Unfortunately, that kinda fell through because the Staff of Souls is a custom weapon and not on any loot table so players didn't know to bring a character who they felt was deserving to any of the zone events for them to try and atleast get into the contention.

Next time the staff will be alot more cognizant of custom lore items and make sure to try and inform the player base in some way they are going to be available.

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Posted by: Joe2618 - 03-05-2018, 02:36 PM - Forum: GM-Team Patch Notes - No Replies


Priestess of the Moon discipline tree update:
Priestess of the Moon can be discipline priests, they'd learn spells like psychic scream as defensive techniques. Spells such as Shadowfiend and Shadowmend would not be taught, and they would need to learn those spells with a teacher of another race or on their own. This may be frowned upon in Kaldorei society, but it wouldn't make them a pariah.

Sargerei right now wouldn't be Eredar, they would be traitorous felsworn like Draenei, they will be allowed to be applied for once Auchindoun is done. There is no possibility of Sargerei being good or independent. They may become full Eredar in 6.2 when they drink the demon blood.  These Eredar wouldn't be allowed to be independent aligned either.

AU Arakkoa:
After being rescued from the Blood Maul Slag Mines The flightless AU Arakkoa may now be applied for. They would have needed to be slaves within the dungeon who recently escaped thanks to the heroes efforts.

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  Staff Apps are opening once again!
Posted by: zackaroth - 02-25-2018, 03:40 PM - Forum: Announcements & News - No Replies

Hey guys, we are once again opening up staff apps for players interested in joining the staff team. This time we do not have a set number of staff we are looking for. We are looking for people who want help in the main events, answer CTS/QfS, deal with player issues and generally those who would like to make Freedom a better server then it already is. The application period will be open from February 25-March 11th at 1pm Server Time. If you are interested, please head to the Staff App sections of the forums. For the old Staff Only questions, this time send those answers to me so I may catalog them for the application reviews. Be sure to send them over discord.

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