A Very Fond Farewell

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Hey there guys and gals!

I just want to start this post by saying how fond I have been of Freedom as a server and as a community. I have laughed and joked alongside many of you, and plotted devious stories and grand adventures. Together, we've accomplished a great deal of fun and entertainment. There has been no place in my life that has made me more glad than when I have been able to work beside you in the living world of Freedom, or to be allowed to give you my own visions of the world in which we've all developed. It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this community, first as a player beside many of you on CotH, secondly a player here on Freedom, thirdly a Storyteller whose vision so many took part in, and lastly a staff member to help our community get brighter day by day.

It's been a long three years, six years for some of y'all, and I hope to have more potentially in the future. But, all good stories must unfortunately have an end. Stressors with school, and work, and finding a new home with my sister and her husband, and other minor factors all over have become too much. Unfortunately, this has been a choice I've been playing with for a while, and this is my final decision on the matter.

I will be stepping down from the staff on Freedom, and taking a full step back from Freedom as a server. Whether this will be a permanent departure is to be seen, but my life will be quite a disaster for the next year (just time-wise, don't worry I'm not mentally falling apart Tongue) without accounting for my commitments on Freedom. Perhaps when that year is over I'll feel confident to return to this server, because I absolutely love this place. I won't be disappearing entirely from the internet, so I'll still be available for conversations and talks if you ever find yourself in the need or the desire, but I'm afraid my decision to depart the server is a final one for the foreseeable future.

Thank you all, a thousand times thank you, because these have been some of the best three years of my life. Keep being awesome, and keep being great on Freedom. (Just remember that Freedom isn't free! It takes folks like you and me) And if this news impacts some of your characters (through my characters taking a hiatus/retiring), feel free to touch base with me on discord or somewhere else and I'll be happy to explain sorta what direction they'd be going in.

I bid you all a very fond farewell, and leave you with this beautiful song by Billy Boyd whose lyrics actually mesh really well with my situation, so I encourage you to have a listen if you find the time.

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Known you a good long while Zen and I hope to see you return. Roux will miss Dalikan de Bucket and Rhord.
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y u break my heart like dis bro

farewell my brother in noblebright, Melodia shall keep making Dalikan proud while you are off to parts unknown
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Hey Zene, I'm going to miss having you around, I know how crazy RL can get especially when it comes to committing time for something like Freedom. I hope that things don't get bad for you though, and I hope to see you on Freedom again soon because there's a lot of things I want to do with you. You are a good person and a good friend =)
What a punch in the gut. Although our characters, somehow, were never as close as I feel they should've been, I still genuinely enjoyed spending time with you, and I hope we'll be able to hang out some time again in the future.
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I'll never forget how instrumental you were in helping me find my feet here. Happy trails friend.
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I'm with Vikings on this. Gotta hit me right where it hurts. So just take all my best wishes as you go. Tongue

Gonna miss you, Zen. It was you and people like you that made Freedom so fun for me for so long. Take care, my friend, I'll see you around.  Smile
Man. I don't even know where to begin, Zen. You're one of the best people I've ever had the chance to talk to and it's been a blast these past few years. So, I wish you the best, buddy.

See ya soon.
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Noooooo Sad Garah will stay with Koragg though, wether youre here or nah
See you around eventually! I hope youll return Smile
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I'm starting all over again, uh,
it is Monday.

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Godspeed, Godford. We're gonna miss you. We'll be here should you return.
Until then:

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G'luck, mangk. I've always enjoyed RP'ing with you. You'll always be welcome here. I hope everything works out for you.
I know we never really talked, but I always respected the heck out of you and hope things go well for you in the future!
Getting irl situated is always priority! The revolving door will always be open. Thanks for the work you put in both on CotH and here.

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