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I am not really sure what is expected from me in this post, so I will just go with the casual.

Hello, all of you. I have been RPing for quite a long time, but I took a break every now and then.

I come from Paragon, left because of the ... shitty environment.

Jesper told me to join Freedom and that it is much better than Paragon, so here I am.

Feel free to ask any questions if you feel like.
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Hello, hello. Welcome, welcome.

<small><small><small><small>You will never leave.</small></small></small></small>
Welcome <E>Big Grin</E>
Welcome, I hope you have a lovely time here. Feel free to poke me in-game if you ever want someone to chat with. ^.^
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!!!! Your name is very familiar

Sunny here. o3o

Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself ^^
Thank you all.

@Sunny, I had the same username on Paragon, maybe that's why. I'm Rebecca, maybe you know my real name. I see you have Tumblr, I got it as well. [url=""><s></s>

I recognize some names, nice to meet you all.
Heyo! Welcome to FREEDOM! I'd say your name sounds familiar but it doesn't bahahah.

I was Staff at Paragon for a while, but, that was years ago.

Hope you enjoy your stay! (also I followed you on tumblr!Wink

edit: i was told i typed "welcome to paragon" instead of "freedom". i blame everybody but myself.
I played on Paragon since the beginning, so your name would probably sound familiar to me.
<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Salty Sal</dt><dd>Feb 28 2015, 02:10:02 PM</dd></dl><div>I played on Paragon since the beginning, so your name would probably sound familiar to me. [/quote]I was Matti on the forums/mainly. IRP I played Abigail, Keyalin, uh.. Cecilie, Yrah'zaja, and a bunch of others. I was there about 2 weeks after the beginning! So close, but not quite as long!
Welcome aboard! We're all crazy here!
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Thank you.
Hey There! Welcome to the server and I'm glad you're here! <3 If you need anything or have any questions let me know. ^.^
Welcome to the server!

I'm the local Dwarf enthusiast.
Thanks to both of you. I remember your name, Durkon, and yes, your love for dwarves as well.

I don't think I know you, Talona. But I will ask around if I need anything, thank you.

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