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1.) Harassment/Toxicity/Trolling - Harassment, sexual or otherwise will not be tolerated. If someone asks you to stop bothering them in some way, and you do not stop, then The Staff will see out means of punishment after a review of the logs and situation. Sexual and Personal Harassment will not be tolerated period. Trolling, is another form of harassment whether its personally targeted or server-wide, it can result in a warning, and will result in a permanent ban depending on the severity of the issues. Toxicity, is not solely limited to harassment or trolling, but also includes severely disproportionate reactions to situations of conflict, stubbornness and inflexibility to an extreme that cannot be met with or by any actions of the staff or players, constantly yelling or putting down of other players, etc. Toxicity is not something that can be used as a catch-all, it varies from person to person, but it generally requires a series of incidents.

Please understand that if you happen to bother someone on accident, or if there is fair and legitimate criticism being made the staff will not use this as a means to punishment, as this is for repeated, or severe issues that are negative for the atmosphere and health of the server. That being said, as far as constructive criticism goes, civility is all that is asked whether its player to staff, or player to player

2.) Racism/Homophobia/Misogyny/Transphobia - Just as with harassment, repeated forms of racism/homophobia/misogyny/transphobia that goes beyond the boundaries of a mild-mannered joke and begins to irk / insult people will not be tolerated. We will not ban you for making a racist/homophobic/misogynistic/transphobic remark out of nowhere, but if you’re asked to stop, then please stop. If we find this behavior has continued, or has reached an unacceptable level, you will be banned.

3.) No political or religious discussions in public channels (Say, LFG, General, etc) - These almost always lead to drama and fights that just get annoying and way out of hand. If you wish to have one of these discussions, take them into whispers or a private party.

4.) A little bit of Tough Skin - This is the internet, and there is some degree of ‘tough skin’ that is required. We do not expect nor want our players to come to the staff after minor negative happenstances. However, if you do feel someone is going too far with a joke at your expense or intentionally trying to assault you, you can bring it up with the staff and we will review the situation. While a little bit of tough skin is required, you should not intentionally be a jerk towards other players OOCly

The Freedom Server and Discord is a place where people can express diverse opinions and beliefs, and that right will never be taken away, but we will not tolerate targeted abuse on our Server, or targeted harassment of other players.

5.) Public drama (LFG, General, Mall) - No one wants to listen to two people rip out each other’s throats. If you are asked to take it out of that form of chat and into private, do so. If it is tied into one of the other rules, then bring it up with a staff member to deal with the situation. Don’t add flame to fire and risk getting yourself in trouble as well.

6.) Powergaming - This is when your character is impervious to attacks or defeats others without them having a chance to defend against your attacks - all this with without proper IC reason. In general, your emotes cannot be forced upon others. If an attack is blocked, dodged, or negated, that would need happen in reason. This falls under character flaws and imperviousness. Obviously speaking, the likeliness of a Blademaster being struck by a random footman is extremely low, but that would be within reason. Where a fight between a grunt and a footman, each would not be within reason to go entirely without a scratch. This does not mean that damage is required to be taken in fights, but if there is a habit of none being taken in a multitude of battles, we as the staff will need to step in. If you feel you were unfairly wronged in a fight, then that is to be brought up with the staff for investigation

6a.) High-End Abilities - Many have asked whether they can use abilities like Ascendance, Avatar, or Invoke: Celestial. While we don’t specifically limit these abilities, and you do not need to apply to access them, please be judicious in your use of high-end or extremely powerful class abilities, such as Invoke: Celestial, Ascendance, Resurrection, etc. (These abilities are generally very obvious due to their unique nature or their high power from a lore standpoint.) Decide whether your character would actually be able to use such powerful abilities. When it comes to these abilities, it is far better to work up to use of them through RP, perhaps using a quest to gain the ability. If the staff feels an extremely powerful ability is being used when it should not be, or otherwise improperly, they have the right to ask you to stop. This will generally only occur if the ability is being abused.

7.) Metagaming - This is when you have OOC knowledge of something and use it ICLY. A typical example is when you call someone by their name ICly for the first time, since you saw their character’s name above him/her - that is OOC information.

Sometimes this can turn into a tricky subject, in which case, you should contact a GM if you want to solve it. For example, someone set up traps for your path and when you walk towards the enemy character, he/she emotes that traps sprung on you, however, you were a skilled trapper yourself and you should of been able to detect oddities on the road, thus, you should of been told of set up traps, yet the enemy character’s owner feared of potential metagaming from disclosing that information. This would be one of the complicated cases and if this is pushed into an issue, it should be brought to GMs, since both sides have strong stand-points.

If your character has become aware of something through unclear means (Scrying, spying, lying,  etc), then please be courteous and note such with the person in question OOCly, or through your emotes. Even if you don’t go into detail, a short remark of your characters intentions can avoid the idea of metagaming.

8a.) Multiboxing: When is it an issue? - Multiboxing tends to be frowned upon depending how it is used in RP, such as multiple characters of yours fighting together in an event. It will be up to DM to put some ground-rules for multi-boxing, however, if you feel that multiple characters of your account absolutely have to be in the event (due to strong IC reasons) with DM saying no to it, then it should be discussed with a GM. Should it be used to spread support between multi-boxed characters without proper IC reasoning, then it brings OOC into IC, which is another offense.

8b.) Restrictions on multi-boxing

  • No multiboxing to support / further your own characters in combat, especially against other players, without an agreement.
  • Multiboxing is always up the discretion of the DM unless an overwhelming IC need is present. This will be determined by the staff but the burden of proof will fall upon the player requesting to supply the overwhelming need.
  • Multiboxing more than 2 characters in a public event is not allowed. Private events are up to the DM's discretion .
  • Abusing multiboxing can lead to punishments to be determined by the staff after review.

9.) Lore - Lore on a private server is a tricky thing. Too much adherence is boring and too little makes it not Warcraft anymore. Bending lore is fine, breaking it is not.

Examples of Bending Lore:

  • A faction taking over a plot of land or even a zone they can reasonable reach and conquer.( Asking a GM first of course)
  • Areas of lore being filled in that are not covered by Blizzard or the RPG in a reasonable manner
  • Some races not strictly adhering to the stereotypes or actions expected of them
  • Lesser Lore characters dying or surviving who have no real value to the overall plot or won’t later derail coming plots. Please be sure to come to Staff before doing this, however, so we can discuss it in more detail.
  • Factions participating in events that don’t in Blizzard lore but would make sense to be.
  • Having a weak relation to a lore character (e.g. served under Arthas banner, worked in a group project involving a lore character and etc.). If you are unsure about the magnitude of your relation, it is recommended to consult a staff member for possibilities.

Examples of Lore Breaking:

  • Custom races, I.E races that do not exist within the WoW universe unless talked about and approved by the staff.
  • Having strong relation to a lore character (e.g. being a family member of King Varian), however, certain strong relations can be built through RP. If you are unsure about the magnitude of your relation, it is recommended to consult a staff member for possibilities.
  • A faction taking over a town/city or an entire zone that doesn’t has the realistic means too or makes no sense at all.
  • Destroying a capital city
  • Killing a Lore character who is important to the story
  • Using magics that either are impossible or highly improbable due to a character's race or actions
  • Having a character whose principals go directly against it’s races portrayed nature for no discernible reason. IE a genocidal Red Dragon or a Heroic Black Dragon.

Ultimately, the staff reserves the right to assess what is a lore bend and what is a lore break.

10.) The RPG - The RPG - Freedom sees the RPG as a guide, rather than a strict source of Canon. It can used for ideas, classes, spell effects, etc all to improve and enhance ones roleplay within reason, but do keep in mind that there are some abilities and spells that are overpowered, and that we expect certain concepts to be progressed into naturally, and to keep aware of the limitations, strengths, and weaknesses of the ideas that are played out. The staff reserves the right to investigate claims of abuse with RPG, which may or may not result in punishment if the rules are found to be broken. Finally, the RPG book: Even More Magic and Mayhem may NOT be used without express permission from the staff via way of CTS, as this is not in anyway made by the creators of the RPG, it is a fan-made book. IMPORTANT NOTE: If retail with MoP and up, or updated lore books like Chroniciles directly refutes something in the RPG, the staff may try to find a way to make it fit but cannot make any gurantees they will be able too. Please keep all of this in mind if you should choose to use RPG.

11.) Mutes, Kicks and Bans:

Mutes: Mutes will be handed out if a player or players refuse to stop raging, repeatedly bring up discussions that only cause/intend to cause drama, or refuse to stop spamming. Harsher penalties will be implemented if a muted person attempts to work around the mute.

Kicks: Kicks from the server will generally serve as warnings if Mutes do not get the point across. The kicks will be served with a warning telling the player why they were kicked and that if they continue the bad behavior more serious penalties may be enacted

Bans are divided into temporary and permanent bans. Temporary bans can last from hours, to a few weeks and even up to a month if the staff feels its warranted. Temp Bans can be given to players who refuse to calm down, repeated harassment/trolling actions after being warned before, and players who come on drunk and make a nuisance of themselves. The length of these temp bans are up to discretion of the staff based on the players history and the actions that led to the temp ban in the first place.

Permanent Bans are the last resort option against players who truly and utterly refuse to follow the rules after repeated talks, warnings, kicks and mutes. They can also be given out to people who maliciously attack the server and/or forums in such a way that it disrupts day to day activities

Ban Dodging a temporary or permanent ban will result in either a longer term ban or permanent ban, if a player is found to have banned-dodge.

12.) Toxic RP and characters - The Staff reserve the ability to step in and deal with a matter that we as a staff perceive as toxic to the RP. Sometimes, matters of generally ‘intrusive’ RP, regardless of reason, are just not healthy to RP, but we also understand a large amount of these cases are not intended to be negative, and because of so this will be a rather light offense, leaning towards multiple talks before we actually reach any sort of punishments.

This can be anything from gathering information on others through a separate character without permission and then learning of it through them on another character, overshadowing others with power and trivializing danger, extreme powers having no faults and an unrealistic amount of influence among NPC factions. This is also subject to review and discretion by the staff.

13.) Mall Rules - The Mall is place where people get gear and socialize OOCLY when not rping. When at the mall, you should not be spamming spells around players or PVPing. If you wish to test new spells out, use the training dummies provided or if they are AOE spells that don’t need a target, go to an uninhabited location of mall and try them out there. Mass spamming of spells can lead to other people’s clients slowing down and crashing. This won’t be tolerated if abused.

If you wish to PVP, keep it out of the mall as this can descend into chaos, get people unintentionally flagged and cause problems. You are free to PVP in any of the battlegrounds or arenas if you wish too. Just not the Mall.

Additionally, there is a certain etiquette to have when in the mall. Firstly, the mall is an OOC place where people to go and hang out and have conversations, but sometimes the conversations turn to sexual themes and natures. We are not saying you're not allowed to talk about sexual things but it shouldn't be in the public mall. We ask that that be taken to private as it does make people uncomfortable, if you don't you will be told to stop and if the Staff has to tell you again to stop, we will consider muting you.

14.) Forum Application Rules (Specifically Morphs) - It is ill-advised to write any other player's applications, morphs, staff applications, or otherwise. The staff reserves the right to deny immediately should we find out that it was written by someone else other than the person who is applying.

We understand that one might need help, and aid when writing an application, so we encourage proofreading, and suggestions from the player base however, someone else may NOT write the application for the person the morph is intended. The point of a morph application is to demonstrate a player's understanding and comprehension of the morph they are applying for and the lore centered around it.

15.) Named NPCs - The Staff considers any and all named NPCs to be considered lore figures, no matter how small or insignificant. Thus, it is now against the rules to kill such. The exception to this is if the NPC is meant to die via Blizzard lore. This could mean a quest target, off-screen death, or as a questing mob (such as rares). Example; You can kill Borginn Darkfist, the Mogu Sorcerer. You cannot kill Elling Trias, the Master of Cheese. The exception to this rule is demons, elementals and similar NPCs that are not permanently killed when they die on the mortal plane. These NPCs will be treated on a case-by-case and you should let us know if you want to kill any of these with the understanding they can return at staff or story discretion.

16.) Player Housing and Bases Rule - Player housing, bases, and event locations are for enhancing roleplay but they are not necessary to roleplay at it's core. When the staff or storytellers build something, it is under agreement that it will be used by the person requesting it especially if it's intended to be permanent, if it is not used over a long period of time due to inactivity, and the person requesting it chooses not to inform the staff why they're inactive, or that they still wish to keep it but cant get on at the moment, then the staff reserves the right to look into the custom area and can either, clear it, modify it, or give it away. All houses, event spawns, and bases are to be treated as a case by case basis.

17.) Transferring/Importing characters and Character Progression - You can bring characters over from other servers, but you may not transfer their power levels, influence, or anything world-changing. Those must be regained by roleplaying on Freedom.  You can, however, transfer their relationships with other characters from that server.

For example, two footman characters Bob and Bob2 are from another server. They went on an adventure and became famous and powerful heroes and had a well known and influential guild. They come to Freedom and transfer their characters. They can still say they had those adventures but their power and guild influences would have to regained by roleplaying on Freedom. In essence they should be transfers in name and relationships only.

In terms of past storylines, you can say your characters participated in the wars, such as the Outland Conflict and War in Northrend but cannot say they where at events such at any of the dungeons or raids like Black Temple or ICC.

18a.) Sentient Lore Items and Mounts Rule - Lore Items and Mounts are considered to be sentient. This allows the staff to remove lore items and mounts(that are given out at events) that are either not used or abused. Generally an active player is not at risk of losing an item or mount. However, if you become extremely inactive and other players show interest or we need it for a storyline you risk having it taken away. This goes doubly so for anyone abusing a lore item or mount.

However, we will sometimes take things as a case by case basis  If you're at all in doubt about this, make a thread in the 'Contact the Staff' section asking about it. Better safe than sorry.

18b.) Lore Items on Characters - Lore Items should not be wielded by characters (in the mall or otherwise) who do not in fact possess them. Most of them have been blacklisted and aren't available through the ".additem" command and most have been removed from vendors, but may still be present in the custom item mall. Items like these will be removed if discovered.

19.) Plagiarism (Characters) - Where inspiration and references are fine and no real repercussions follow, the server generally encourages originality and discourages outright imports of characters from other settings, universes or games (trademarked and copyrighted) due to discrepancies and mismatches in the content and how it translates to World of Warcraft. These will be treated on a case-by-case basis as they appear, with conversations between the players concerned and the staff.

20.) Adult Situations - Here, on Freedom, the staff doesn't care what two consenting adults do in private chats. But keep it just like that, in a private party. Any adult themed RP (such as ERP) is strictly to be kept out of public channels. We have people who may not want to see it and those younger then 18. We ask you respect this and keep such roleplay in private parties.

21.) Regarding Player Character Death and Resurrection 

a.  Player Characters - Characters may not be killed against their will either in events or outside thereof without the player character's express concent and permission unless they are doing something that is incredibly dangerous and doing so in a way where death is the only option (ex: Running through Stormwind towards the Keep throwing fel everywhere, yelling you're going to murder the king).

b. Player Pets/Mounts - Pets/Mounts have the same protections as Player characters with regards to player death, insofar a, a player's pet or mount cannot be killed without the player's consent and permission, unless they are ordering the pet do something incredibly dangerous where death is the only option. (ex: Strapping a bomb to the pet and directing it to run towards the Orgrimmar Keep to kill the Warchief)

c. Resurrection - Player characters may be resurrected if they die on a case by case basis. Post a CtS thread explaining how they died, how they will be resurrected, and any lingering affects fom their death and resurrection (i.e. resurrection sickness.) 

                     c-2 Battle / In-RP Resurrection -  Certain effects that allow you to resurrect in battle exist, such as soulstones. So long as these are not abused, there will not be a problem and these do not need to be cts'd, but the resurrection should still come with the normal side-effects of dying and coming back to life. If your / a character dies, and wants to be resurrected via soulstone or other form of resurrection later than the same RP in which the death occurred, a CTS is required as per normal resurrections. If you feel an exception is warranted to needing a CTS, just DM a staff member or post in QFS.

22.) Regarding PvP Roleplay

We believe that conflict is natural and has a place in roleplay, however we try to make sure it is fair, it makes sense, and it is consensual.

Sometimes conflict/PvP fights cannot be avoided in which we do have a few rules which must be followed:

Server-Wide we do emote-based PvP fights, which are known as "trust fights". We understand that some players do not prefer this method in which there are alternatives, with specific caveats:

a.  Roll Fights In lieu of a trust fight, two players can deal out their pvp battle in a roll-fight, however, this must be consented and agreed upon by both parties. If one party does not want to roll fight, but both insist a fight needs to happen, then the fight must be a trust fight. We do not allow forcing any player to roll fight under any circumstances because roll fighting is largely dependent on RNG and generally has no basis in our roleplay setting due to the constraints of being unable to apply advantages/disadvantages that one does in a classic D&D. We do not have such a system to support roll-fighting. So roll fighting must be consensual. If, a player feels uncomfortable with an emote-battle, but does not want to force a roll fight then:

b. Predetermined Outcome We recommend that the two parties discuss oocly the outcomes of the fight that way everyone's best interest can be served. If there is still a level of unsureness about this option, then:

c. GM Moderator We encourage our players to seek out a GM to moderate the emote-battle for any abuse of power in the fight itself. If the battle is with a GM-player character, a player has the right to ask for a third-party GM/The Admin to moderate.

If the players cannot agree to any of the above, then they need to find a reason not to fight, or to have something break up the fight.

Edit: This rule strictly applies to PvP RP outside of events. Events are DM-discretion on if roll fights are necessary or not. The only thing we require is that the DM makes it clear that the event is roll-fight only beforehand to the players getting involved.

A Reminder: If you feel that any of these rules are being broken, or feel that you are personally being victimized, please take screenshots of the incident, and send it to the staff. It is much easier to decide if a rule was broken or if someone is being bothered by having evidence beforehand. Please be sure to speak up if you are being harassed or see something going on that’s clearly wrong. The staff isn’t on all the time and we can’t see everything. At times, it up to you the player, to come to us and let us know.

23.) Rare Lore If there is something which happens in lore but only occurs on one or very few occasions, the staff reserves the right to decide whether players are able to replicate it. This includes instances such as purifying demons.

24.) Character Scaling See here

25.) ERP, Age of Consent, Sexual Harassment  WoW Freedom is not an ERP server, but we are aware it happens here. Any ERP or sexual conduct with anyone under the age on 18 will result in a permanent ban for both parties, with no chance for appeal. If someone continuously pressures others into ERP or other forms of sexual RP, this is sexual harassment, and will not be tolerated at all. This will result in a permanent ban for the offender with no chance for appeal.

[b]The Staff Reserve the right to revise, remove, and add new rules at anytime. We also reserve the right to deal out punishment based on the severity of the infraction[/b]
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If you have questions or concerns about these rules please message a staff member or make a CTS
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