Regarding the WoD Player-Model Patch

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A friend of mine delved into the depths of patches from an older client and found a WoD model patch that is virtually identical to the one everyone uses right now, albeit it has a few fixes and changes.

  • All NPC- and DK-skins were unlocked*

  • Various feet were fixed (Specifically Dwarves, female humans, male orcs and I believe a few others)

  • Various texture fixes -- Some of the textures on the patch on Freedom were poorly indexed and in turn had weird patterns from gradients

  • WoD Orc skins exist as well, such as Bleeding Hollow, Shattered Hand and Blackrock Orc skins among others

<small>*The Orc cultist skin isn't unlocked, but I doubt anyone will use that anyways.</small>

Here's the [url="!F4BllIYA!4XtyEkTuRcxLPPAX6NXuAs7o9X23lsdzi5ByqarscSE"><s></s>link if anyone was interested -- Maforis told me to post a thread here so I guess you can say this is a suggestion to replace the old link with this one????

Google Drive link for those who dont use Megaupload: [url=""><s> ... B4VmM/view">[/url]

TO ensure you have complete compatibility delete these three MPQs in your data/enBG folder assuming you have the OLD wod patch [url=""><s></s>

And put in the MPQs located in the thread in your data/enGB folder
Nice find
This is actually pretty good. Nice!
Many Kudos. Thanks Man!
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[Image: d8WtFo4.jpg]
Can anyone give me a link to an alternate download? This one would take 15 hours on my connection.
Hnnngh.... It gives me my High Elf eyes... yes... Make this mandatory.
Question: Does this work for everyone, or does it only appear for other people who have the patch?
It appears for other people who also have the patch
<del>It only appears for others with the patch. People without it will only see your character with the first skin normally available.</del>

e: Oops, Talona beat me to it.
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<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Maforis</dt><dd>Mar 27 2016, 05:39:26 PM</dd></dl><div>Hnnngh.... It gives me my High Elf eyes... yes... Make this mandatory.[/quote]<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Quote:</dt><dd>&nbsp;</dd></dl><div>> It gives me my High Elf eyes[/quote]

You're not the only one.

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<E>Tongue</E> This thing glitched Voragh out. Probably gonna have to reroll him. Just an FYI that sometimes it messes with the existing models.
Also as a note, for people interested in making NPC characters or anything relating to it:

It includes the Flame Druid skin.
Btw guys you can type .f cust to flag yourself for character customization
f cust still broken
.f cust works just fine

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