7.3 Shadows of Argus Event Dates

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Hey guys! Below you'll find the event dates for the final patch of Legion! For the first half of the year we will be doing mostly Argus and then the final raid of Legion: Antorus! There are a few important dates here. So on Dec 4th, 2022, this will be the last staff meeting of the year. That means we will not be looking at anymore CTS's until Jan 8th. That means if you have anything important, get working on it NOW. The staff will only convene to meet during the break if it is an emergency.

Second, April 1st, 2023 WILL BE THE LAST DAY YOU CAN SUBMIT INTEREST FOR AN ARTIFACT OR A CUSTOM ARTIFACT. This is not an out of season April's fool joke. Any artifact apps submitted after this date will be denied. April 2nd will be the last meeting the staff looks over new artifact apps.

The full timeline is below.


Dec 4th: Last Meeting of the Year

Jan 14th: Community Meeting

Jan 21st: Argus Prologue: Whispers of a Frightened World

Argus Storyline: Korkunun

Jan 28th: The Hand of Fate


Feb 4th: An Offering of Light

Feb 10th: The Assault Begins(Antoran Wastes intro.)

Feb 11th: The Speaker Calls

Argus Storyline:Eredath

Feb 18th: A Floating Ruin

Feb 25th: War of Light and Shadow Part 1


March 4th: War of Light and Shadow Part 2

March 11th: Seat of the Triumvirate(Dungeon)

March 12th - March 26th: 2 week Break for Antorus Prep


April 1st: Antorus, the Burning Throne: Worldbreaker, Felhounds, High Command(Artifacts Locked off)

April 8th: Antorus: Portal Keeper

April 15th: Antorus: Eonar

April 22nd: Antorus: Soul Hunter, Kin’garoth

April 29th: Antorus: Varimathras, Coven


May 5th: Antorus: Aggarmar

May 6th: Antorus Finale: Argus

May 7th-May 28th: Break/ End of Legion Party.

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