Warlock Demon Minion List of Lesser and Greater Demons and NPC Minions & Inner Demons

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Warlock Demons that do not require a CTS/Lesser Demons

Imps/Fel Imps


Bilescourge (Available once we reach Argus)

Aranasi (Males only)


Fel Hound







Vilefiend (Available once we reach Argus)


Greater demons (Ones that need a CTS are noted)


Weaker Void Hounds

Doom Guard

Greater Succubus

Greater Void Walker



Lesser Abyssals (Requires a CTS)

Fel Lord (Requires a CTS)

Eredar Brute (Not until 7.1, Requires a CTS)

Man'ari Eredar (Requires a CTS)

Overfiend (Requires a CTS)

Jailers (Requires a CTS and needs multiple warlocks to summons one)

Greater Abyssals (Require CTS and multiple warlocks to summon one and only lasts 1 round)

Demons Unavailable as Warlock Pets


Greater Void Hounds

Eredar Lords/Doommaidens

Aranasi (Females)

Imp Mother


Ur'zhul (except for the owner of the mount in Legion)

Demons in Events

As it pertains to main events since many will be heavily NPC-centered we want to make sure we are being conscientious of the amount of NPCs are in events. You don’t need to spawn all minions (or temporary ones) like imps, felstalkers and anything that is implied to be temporary or multiple. Warlock characters should have nor more than 2 named/large demon NPCs in the field, and custom NPCs will have a soft cap of 10 npc minions people can have, anything further will be met with scrutiny and needs good reason to be created as custom npcs. 

That being said you can still use the various warlock abilities that summon the multiple demons but it has to be contained in the raid emotes themselves.

PC demon minions DO NOT count against the NPC demon cap in events. 
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