Netherlight Crucible

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Hey guys, another announcement and most likely the final big Legion related in regards to power ups for artifacts. Coming in 7.3, the players will unlock a powerful device known as the Netherlight Crucible. This device will both contain the power of the Light and Void. It can be used to also empower a player’s artifact.

When the Crucible unlocks, players will be able to empower ONE Gold Trait with a secondary activatable effect with either the Light or Void, as well as be able to fluff up their other traits with either Light or Void effects. In essence one of your gold traits is getting a second ability that you can choose to use. For these abilities you can only attack, heal or give advantage/disadvantage, you cannot gain a plus to your counter attacks or reduce the enemies counter attack..

However, some artifacts can only be empowered by the Light and only some can be empowered by the Void. The ones that are considered “neutral” can be empowered by either force but can only be empowered by one of them. For example, Ashbringer can only be empowered by Light and Xal'atath can only be empowered by the Void. However, an artifact like Titanstrike can be empowered by either Light or Void.

These won't unlock at the same time. The Holy side of the Crucible unlocks after the Feb 4th event and the Void side unlocks after the March 11th event. That means players who use Holy will have access a full month before those who want/have to use the Void. However, both  can be CTSed for the empowerment ability to use as soon as this post goes live and can be used as soon as their respective sides are unlocked.

There is no format for this. Just tell us what Gold Trait you're empowering and what the secondary effect will be. If you have any questions feel free to ask us!

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