Mage Tower Quests!

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Hey guys! This thread is to explain the Mage Tower quests and give a list of them, along with each quests final boss. These events can be picked up by ANYONE, Staff or Storyteller. These are mostly self-contained storylines that deal with other Legion threats on the Broken Isles and around Azeroth. Each one of these quests culminates in a final, epic battle against a very powerful boss.

Not only that, but completing a Mage Tower Final event will unlock the Challenging Appearance for all Main Line Artifact users who attend that event! There are 7 quest lines in all so everyone should have a chance at running or attending something. Should no one do the Mage Tower quest lines or find yourself unable to attend any of the events, the staff will discuss what to do with the Challenging Appearances.

To claim these, just make a quick CTS, ask any questions you feel you need answered, any small changes you feel like you may need to make and you’ll be all set. The Staff will try to answer these CTS’s before Sunday to give you enough time to prepare and get the event going.

And another note, while these quest lines are based on spec on Retail, on Freedom there is no such limitation and can be attended by anyone.

The following google doc shows all the Mage Tower Quests, along with hyperlinks to the start of the quest line and a hyper link to the Final Boss fight quest.

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