Wow Freedom Legion: 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras

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The Pillars of Creation have all be found and assembled. Gul'dan is defeated and Sargeras's plan of taking over Illidan Stormrage's body has been thwarted. But the Legion's invasion isn't over yet. Over the Broken Shore, the Fel Storm still rages and unleashes demon after demon on to Azeroth. And while one of their plans have been waylayed, The Legion has no intentions of giving up now. To end the invasion and send the Legion screaming back into the Nether, the Champions of Azeroth and their Order Halls must do what the Horde and Alliance failed to do...invade the Broken Shore and storm the Tomb of Sargeras himself. They must use the Pillars to seal the Tomb from ever being used a gateway to the Legion again. But it won't be easy.
Many challenges await the heroes and their allies, on the Broken Isles and elsewhere. The Legion will fight tooth and claw to keep their hold on Azeroth and with Gul'dan out of the picture and many of the Legion's top Commanders dead or imprisoned, that only leaves one person in full control over the invasion besides Sargeras himself. The Deceiver...Kil'jaeden! The Champions have defeated the likes of Archimonde, Mannaroth and even silver of power from Sargeras himself. But will they be able to stand up to the one who has hunted down his former people for thousands of years?
Welcome to Patch 7.2 for WoW Freedom! In this patch several things unlock! Read below to find out more!
Gold Trait 5
At the end of the event on April 16th, Gold Trait 5 will finally unlock for all players who have gotten it approved! More info on GT5 can be found here!
Class Order Hall Storylines and Class Order Hall Mounts!
Class Order Hall storylines return for the final legs of their stories! Each storyline will introduce a new champion to the Order Hall as well as unlock a special mount obtainable only by members of that Order Hall! Not every Order Hall will be getting a mount similar to retail and there will be a few surprises in there to keep all of you guessing. The staff will have a full announcement about Class Order Hall mounts in the near future. Keep an eye out for Order Hall Events! They will be starting soon!
Battle for the Broken Shore
After the opening event, players will be able to host events on the Broken Shore itself! Like Battlefield Barrens back in MoP, players will have almost 3 months to do events on the Broken Shore with the only off limits zone begin the entrance to the Tomb itself. Not only that, but THREE world bosses are now available. The terrible Fel Reaver Apocron, The Dread Lord Malificus and the powerful Naga Witch Si'vash! The Broken Shore will remain open for the rest of Legion!
Legion Invasions: The Broken Isles
Not only that but the Legion is now focusing its efforts on undoing many of the postive changes the Champions have made to the Broken Isles themselves. Azsuna, Val'shara, High Mountain and Stormheim can now be invaded heavily by the Legion! These can be full story-lines or one off events depending on what the applying ST wants to do! For ideas on these invasions, check out this wowpedia page
The Mage Tower
And finally...Freedom is proud to introduce the Mage Tower Questlines! These are open for anyone, ST or GM to apply for and host. 7 unique storylines that lead to an epic boss battle at the end of each of them. Unlike retail, the quests will not limited to class or spec but instead will be open to all who are interested! Players with Main Line Artifacts who attend a Mage Tower Boss Fight will unlock their final appearance of the expansion: The Challenging Appearance! The staff will have a full break down of the quests as well as alternative ways a player can get their final appearance if they cannot attend a Mage Tower storyline.

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