7.2: Armies of Legionfall Event Dates

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Hey guys! This isn't the official 7.2 thread, that will be coming later! Instead this will be the Event Dates of our 7.2 storyline! This patch will be very similar to our "Battlefield Barrens" patches, in that there is not a strong focus on staff run events but rather ST run events within the confines of the Storyline. Once the first two events are done, expect to be given free reign as Broken Isle Legion Zone invasions can finally occur, Events can be held on the Broken Shore, Two New World Bosses,  The Mage Tower Quest Lines and of course the staff led 7.2 Order Hall Storylines as well as Mount Storylines! This will all culminate in the Tomb of Sargeras Raid at the start of the summer! Read below for the dates.


Armies of Legionfall Storyline

April 23rd:  Assault on the Broken Shore

April 30th : Cathedral of the Eternal Night(Dungeon)

May 1st-August 28th: Battle for the Broken Shore. Similar to Battlefield Barrens, STs should be encouraged to do Legion themed events around the Broken Shore as well as do the Legion Invasions of the Broken Isles. For us we will need to do the 7.2 Order Hall Storylines and Mount quests, as well as Mage Tower Quests. This can be extended if we need more time or lowered if we need less time.

Tomb of Sargeras
Sept 17th :Tomb of Sargeras Prologue: Brutallus

Sept 24th: What a King Must Do(Alliance Only event)


Oct 1st: ToS: Goroth, Demonic Inquisition

Oct 8th: ToS: Harjatan, Mistress Sassz’ine

Oct 15th: ToS: Sisters of the Moon, The Desolate Host

Oct 22nd: ToS :Maiden of Vigilance

Oct 28th ToS: Fallen Avatar

Oct 29th: ToS Finale: Kil’jaeden

Oct 30th- Jan 2023: Holiday Break
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