Introducing the Artificer

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Hey everyone,

Today we’d like to introduce a new rank into the fold: The Artificer.

Artificers are a temporary rank made up of players who would like to help the staff team with writing up dungeon/raid loot. Not only will this help offload some of the work the staff has to do, it’ll also help us see what type of loot participating players would like to see.

There is no application process for becoming an artificer, simply submit a CTS stating you’d like to become one and we’ll go from there. Submissions for artificer will ONLY apply for the upcoming dungeon/raid and, upon completion, players will have to re-apply to help with the next dungeon/rank. As with storytellers, submitting your interest will not guarantee acceptance into that rank.

There are three rules that must be adhered to upon becoming an artificer.
  • Any loot you write for a dungeon/raid will not be obtainable for you under any circumstances, even if that loot piece is unclaimed. If you write it, you cannot loot it, and this rule will apply for staff members as well.
  • Artificers are not to discuss/share the loot they are working on with anyone outside of fellow artificers and staff members. If leaks are found and traced back to you, your rank will be removed and you will not be considered for future artificer opportunities.
  • You are not to make loot for the benefit of a sole person. If we catch wind of someone making loot that caters to their friends, their rank will be removed. Loot has to be inclusive.
Artificers will have their own discord channel in order to discuss what loot they wish to claim and work with each other/with staff members. They will be allowed to claim up to five items to work on at any given time. In order to prevent leaks, artificers will not have access to the master loot document and will submit their own works via CTS.

Each boss will have a ‘due date’ of when the loot will need to be submitted, so that the staff team can review/approve the loot that will be going out. If an artificer wishes to join in on the meeting when loot is being discussed, they will be allowed to in order to get feedback/provide clarity. This is not required, however, and may change depending on how the first few tests go.

Please be aware that this is a new system and there may be a few slight hiccups as we get this all put together. 

We want to say thank you to anyone who is considering taking on this role to lend us a hand and, if you have any questions, please reach out to us!
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