Trial of Valor

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The Legion has been cut off from Karazhan. Without another portal to invade Azeroth, the endless army of demons have suffered a setback. However, all is not well on the Broken Isles. Reports of increased attacks by the Helarjar, Helya's corrupted version of the Valarjar, have begun to crop up. Places near the waters report a deep mists where vykrul made from seaweed unleash devastating attacks and even kidnap those unlucky enough not to fall. With the threat of the Legion and the preparations to both aid Suramar and to one day attack the Broken Shore underway, none of the Order Halls can waste valuable assets into looking into these attacks. Well...all but one. Twin dread ravens have been seen flying around Dalaran, calling out to many of the Champions of Azeroth, asking for aid in dealing with this new threat...

The Trial of Valor storyline is upon us! This will be a short 2 week storyline! The first event will be a normal event while the last two will take place inside the Trial of Valor raid! The raid will only have three bosses be done on a Friday/Saturday sort of deal. You can find the full schedule below!

Trial of Valor Storyline

August 21st: A Call to Action

August 27th: Trial of Valor: Odyn

August 28th: Trial of Valor: Guarm, Helya

August 29th-Sept 5th: One Week Break

After Trial of Valor we will enter our final storyline for the year: Suramar: Insurrection!

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