Emerald Nightmare Lore Items

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Hey guys! If you know the Emerald Nightmare loot list, your probably wondering what happened to two very specific items. Well, wonder no more. Both the Horn of Cenarius and The First Satyr's Spaulders can be CTSed as Lore/Legendary items. These are NOT considered Legion legendaries and do not count towards that limit.If you are interested in these items please create a CTS with the effects and the event line to get them.

Horn of Cenarius: Druid, Night Elf and Tauren(Non-dark caster class) ONLY: The fabled Horn of Cenarius, used to summon the power of nature to defeat Archimonde at the end of the Third War and again to rally the ancients of Mount Hyjal to confront the forces of the Old Gods during the Cataclysm.Every time it has been used, Azeroth has always been in great danger. With the Nightmare gone, but the Legion still a threat, the Horn is needed now more than ever.

The First Satyr's Spaulders: Demon Hunters, Shadow Priests, Warlocks, Death Knights and other dark caster classes ONLY: A piece of Xavius still exists in this world. While the evil Nightmare Lord can never return(probably) these shoulder's he wore since his first inception linger with his power.It would take a powerful person to control the evilness that lurks within and use it against the forces that seek to destroy Azeroth.These shoulders can be transmogged but MUST reveal themselves in their true form when the owner is in combat.

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