The Emerald Nightmare/Finale of Suramar

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"Your coming was foretold in the rings. The long circle is nearly complete"
The Emerald Nightmare
The Emerald Nightmare has only grown stronger since the heroes departed Val'sharah. Now completely corrupted, the Nightmare threatens to spill over into Azeroth during a critical point with the war with the Legion. Malfurion has decided it's time. He calling all the Heroes of Azeroth, all those who are friends to nature and all those who wish see the Dream once again in it's pure state to his cause. To storm and cleanse the Emerald Nighmare. But it won't be easy. Corrupted Wild Gods, Infected Dragons, pieces of the corruption itself, Malfurion's own teacher and finally...the Nightmare Lord himself await. The battle to purify the vision of the blueprint of Azeroth begins...
Legion's first raid begins in two weeks! This time we are doing raids a little different, trying to make them 2 bosses per day instead of three. Of course, the final two bosses will still be a Friday and Saturday combo. Below you will find the schedule!
Also keep in mind we will be doing the Suramar Finale a week after the end of the Emerald Nightmare as it ties into the ending of the raid!
May 29th: Emerald Nightmare: Nythendra


June 4th: EN: Elerethe Renferal, Ursroc

June 5th: EN: Dragons of the Nightmare, Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption

June 11th: EN: Cenarius

June 12th: Emerald Nightmare Finale: Xavius

June 26th: Suramar Finale: A Change of Seasons

June 27th-July 11th: Four week Break
And after that's done...
" The master has been gone for so very long..."
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