Stormheim Storyline

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Hey guys, Stormheim is coming up as well as the end of the 7.0 Class Hall Order Storylines! We are reaching the end of 7.0 leveling content as this will take us from the late summer, all the way into the fall. This will be our last major storyline for the year and once it's over...well get ready for 2021: The Year of Suramar!
August 29th: Assault on Violet Hold (Dungeon)


Sept 4th: Greymane’s Gambit (Alliance)

Sept 5th: Windrunner’s Fate (Horde)

Sept 11th: The Trial Begins

Sept 12th: Blessing of the Watchers

Sept 18th: Will of the Thorignir

Sept 19th: Heart of a Dragon

Sept 25th: The Runewood

Oct 3rd: To Helheim and Back

Oct 10th: Protecting Valor

Oct 17th: Halls of Valor(Dungeon)

Oct 24th: Battle of Skold-Ashil (Horde and Alliance Stormheim Finale)


Oct 30th: Tideskorn Harbor

Oct 31st: Maw of Souls (Dungeon)

Nov 7th: Vault of Wardens(Dungeon)

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