Sanctioning Explained; Eredar Binding Updates, and Anti-Legion Aligned Demon Info

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Hey Everyone it’s been a bit and we felt that we should elaborate and get some more concrete decisions out on Sanctioning for Warlocks,  Forlarren, Anti-Legion Aligned Demons, and Summoning/Binding Eredar.

To explain our system by Faction:

The Horde primarily does not require warlocks to be sanctioned; rather, only the Forlarren require it and most of them have aligned themselves with Silvermoon so they are overseen by the Fel/Warlock representative of the Convocation (which at present is Salinos/Kukamang) and the other Warlock High Magisters.

Warlocks themselves don't require sanctioning so they are allowed essentially without Check ins, but in many societies they are not regarded well unless they have proven themselves extremely trustworthy, and not a threat, and even still that is somewhat a cautious rapport.

Necromancy is also technically allowed although Silvermoon might not like it. It is definitely existent in the Horde (e.g. Forsaken) but this is tolerated extremely poorly and perhaps seen worse to the Horde than Warlocks or even Forlarren (since they do not have a choice in being born such). Of course everyone and every society is different on the whole, Forlarren and Necromancers by the many (the npcs) are likely begrudgingly tolerated (Unless you're with the Forsaken).

With the Alliance there are requirements for Warlock characters to be sanctioned, though it’s more ICly-assumed that Warlock characters are sanctioned unless they state otherwise. This is because we do not want to require people to have to do special applications, or require staff to appoint or give sanctioning to every Warlock and Forlarren.

Sanctioning is not akin to Templars and Mages like in DA:O. Rather, Warlocks just have a badge or something to prove they are allowed to practice, study and perform warlockery. For most people they would still like to be aware of who is doing it since it can be a corruptive and dangerous magic.

The purpose of sanctioning Warlocks is to protect them and give them agency to practice without having to be secretive or in underground groups that fear for their lives if being found out. They shouldn’t be obviously casting rituals or summoning demons in public, but they can defend the city. Warlocks’ sanctioning now would be a license rather than a sanction in the traditional sense where they have many restrictions or threat of harm. 

Forlarren also require sanctioning but it is distinctly different to the Warlock's sanctioning purpose. A Warlock's sanction is allowing them to practice their magic without legal impedance and being trusted to be of sound mind and intent. A Forlarren's sanctioning allows them to be citizens of the Kingdom/Faction and makes them legal within. They likely would be reporting to the Warlocks occasionally to ensure they are doing well and not falling to the much harder struggle of their nature. Most Forlarren are Warlocks and while they won't be made to apply for a second sanctioning, instead they would be given the same rules and conditions Warlocks themselves are given, like not having demons out in the City, or practicing or creature rituals in the public city, etc.

As a note: They do not sanction or allow Necromancy in any regard. Death Knights are allowed as they do not have a choice; however, they would not be permitted to practice any of their magics or raise any Stormwind people on Alliance lands.

Both Factions:
Because of the Illidari and their Allowances in the Capital Cities, as well as their ability to deal with all things Demonic, the Horde and Alliance will relax on the Forlarren’s sanctioning  and instead it will be treated as citizenship, and not something that needs to be implied it so heavily requires being watched or handled by Warlocks or other entities as if they were a ward but if problems occur they can go to the Warlocks.

Regarding Warlock Summoning and Binding Eredar:
Lesser Eredar (which are greater demons for consideration of Warlock characters) can now be allowed to be summoned/bound, but they can ONLY be NPC Eredar minions we are not allowing Warlocks to bind and summon PC Legion-aligned Eredar, and Eredar Lords will not be allowed to be bound, period. While the factions will restrict Eredar being out in the public eye undisguised they will no longer require Warlocks to dismiss or kill their bound minion at the end of Legion.

We still require the binding and summoning of them to be achieved through the Warlock Order Hall.

Regarding Anti-Legion Aligned Demons
Demons of the Illidari or contracted by Warlocks can be in factional cities, but must have disguises (although demons bound by a Warlock may not need it if their Warlock is present, if they do have a disguise it may get outed by the DHs though they should give you a PST) understand this does NOT make them sanctioned by the factions or a citizen.

Note on Forlarren with Demon Souls
Traditionally, we do not allow demon soul forlarren to be sanctioned, but we did decide that a Forlarren who is sanctioned by a faction that joins the Illidari and gains a demon soul could actually be one case where its allowed, but if they have that intention we would ask they make a CTS so we understand their intent.
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