Azsuna Storyline

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Hey guys. We are about a month away from starting the first bit of real Legion content in our first zone of Azsuna! For this xpac and going forwards I will be posting the dates of the events for the community to see so they can look over what events are coming up and which ones they may have to prioritize. Keep in mind, this list is ALWAYS subject to change and it will be announced if it is. One thing you will notice that is different from MoP and WoD is the fact Legion will have longer breaks and more events that are simply just on Saturdays.

This is for two reasons. The first reason is prevent burn out and give players and staff more time to rest. We have no reason to rush through Legion and thus no reason to pack every week with Friday/Saturday events. They will still be around but not as much as WoD. This also allows me to make one event weeks alot more grander in scale. They may beĀ  a little longer but since its the only event for the week, it will not feel as tiring. As for the longer breaks, well this has been a staff and player request for a long time. Normally we would take 2-3 week breaks between zones. However, with an xpac like Legion, even three weeks is too little. Also add in the fact during the 4 breaks of the year we are going to be doing the class order hall storylines and we would run the risk of serious burn out. So for this Xpac we will go to a 4 week break format. We may keep it once Class Order Hall stories are done but I am not sure yet.

So without further waiting, here are the dates for the Azsuna storyline events!


Jan 11th: Behind Legion Lines

Jan 17th: The Eldest Dragon

Jan 18th: Leyline Abuse

Jan 24th: Those who Remember

Jan 25th: Shame of the Prince

Jan 31st: Back to School

Feb 1st: Head of the Snake


Feb 8th: Eye of Azshara (Dungeon)

Feb 9th-March 8th: Break. First half of Class Order Hall campaigns

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