HFC Loot: Special Rules

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Hey guys, just wanted to take a moment to tell you that for HFC we will be using special loot rules. Almost every item in the instance has a Fel coloration and that will be considered the base appearance for those item. Keep in mind, this is not all items but most do. Since we know some people will not want fel corrupted weapons, instead we are giving the players options to choose what color they get. The color of the weapon changes the effect. Now this can range to just a regular fire version of an effect to a caster heavy item becoming a healer heavy item. Here is an example, the first piece of loot from HFC and how to put your name down if you want the cleansed version.

Felfire Munitions Launcher: A massive gun once used by the Iron Horde, now corrupted by Fel, and ripped directly from the Iron Reaver; the corruption permeates the weapon - allowing for a deadly assault. Once per encounter, you can hold the trigger, super-heating the shell inside and the gun is treated like a grenade launcher - the shell explodes in a massive range, stunning enemies in a small radius.

Once per event, you may launch a barrage of Felfire shells upon 5 enemies adjacent to each other, shelling out massive amounts of Chaos damage upon them. If you use ability you will be unable to super heat the shells inside for one encounter.

Fire: The gun has been cleansed by elemental fire, getting rid of the corrupting fel within it. The effect most remains the same but now just does pure fire damage instead.

Arcane: Cleansed by Arcane energies, the gun’s effect changes entirely.. Once per day, the massive plating on the barrel of the gun becomes an Arcane Shield, allowing you to bunker down and pellet the enemy with Arcane infused shells.

Zack(Fire), Aphe(Arcane)

If you want the fel version of the weapon, either put Fel or nothing after your name. Cleansing these items require no special storyline or CTS(unless noted). Players are free to do their own little small cleansing of the weapon and can request the corrupted version to represent it. These do not require a CTS unless you plan to involve major lore characters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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