Tanaan and Beyond

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Hey guys, this isn't the official 6.2 post but I wanted to take the time to tell you our plans with Tanaan. Right now we are on break until the 5th of May. The first and ONLY two Tanaan Main events will be on May 10th and May 11th. From there the entire zone will be open to Storytellers or the entire month of May. This means an entire 3 weeks of stuff for Storytellers to do. This will be handled in a way similar to Battlefield Barrens, where people may request to do events in areas in Tanaan and also have the weekends open. We will have several mini-world bosses as well as the full on world boss, Doom Lord Kazaak, available for players to sign up for as well.

Now beyond Tanaan, we are getting extremely close to Legion. Now is the time to start thinking about custom artifacts and getting your CTS's ready. We will have an official announcement on that next week and after its up, players may begin putting their CTS's up about them.

For those who are time minded, here is what the next 4 months will look like.

May 10th: Invasion of Tanaan

May 11th: Cipher of Damnation

May 12th-June 2nd: War for Tanaan(ST's Tanaan events)


June 7th: Hellfire Citadel Part 1

June 8th: Hellfire Citadel Part 2

June 14th: HFC Part 3

June 15th: HFC Part 4

June 21st: HFC Part 5

June 22nd: HFC Finale

Month Long Break

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