Minor Raid Loot change and WoD Lore Weapons

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Hey guys, this announcement is going up a little later then I intended but it is here regardless. We are changing the raid loot rules just a bit. This will not alter the way we hand out loot but instead help people who may have to leave at mid or at the end of the event. If you have the leave the raid in the middle or towards the end you may ask a staff member to look at the loot list and get loot for that day on the character you where on, if their is any loot left. Keep in mind you will have to been actually part of the event and been there for a good chunk of it.

Next is about the WoD Lore Weapons. WoD drops ALOT of lore weapons. Normally the way we would go about these is look at players who have been active and seem deserving and want the item. However..because WoD raids are very close to Legion artifacts storylines it sort creates a strange scenario where if we give someone a Lore Weapon, they may only use it for a few months until its time for us to start handing out artifacts.

So instead what we are going do is list the current WoD Lore Weapons available and if players are interested, may make CTS if they believe their character is a fit for them. Keep in mind, again, artifacts are coming sooner then you think and if you want either a canon or custom artifact then the staff recommends you not get a WoD Lore item. But it also bears reminding that these WoD Lore weapons can be turned into artifacts once we hit Legion. I will update this list as they become available. Also keep mind CTSing for a WoD lore weapon does not mean you are guaranteed to get it. You will also have to create your own effects for the weapon and get it approved by the staff but the staff is willing to help you.

WoD Lore Weapons
The Bladefist: (Fist Weapon):  In our timeline, Kargrath eventually replaced both his hands with terrible bladed weapons known as the Bladefist. These weapons, while simple looking, killed many in the orc’sdemonic  blood lust. In this timeline, the heroes pushed Kargrath to attempt to replace his other hand early but was killed by them before he could. Now his infamous weapon has fallen into your hands...

Gar'tash, Hammer of the Breakers: (Two handed Mace): The Hammer of Kor'ragh, the breaker immune to almost all magic. The weapon itself is a strange paradox. It is somehow infused with magic but also repels it.

Staff of the Grand Imperator(Magic Staff): The staff of the Ogre King. A powerful relic wielded by Mar'gok until his death at Cho'gall's hands. It is infused with large amounts of arcane energy and seems to pulse with power. What secrets did the Imperator leave in this weapon?

Gor'gah, High Blade of the Gorians (Two Handed Sword): The sword of the Ogres. A massive and hefty two handed blade that was meant to be used by a champion of the Gorian Empire. Mar'gok never found anyone worthy to wield it and thus it sat in his vault for years. That is until his death and it was rediscovered by the heroes who helped bring down his empire.

Blackhand's Lore weapon is now available for players to CTS!

The Black Hand(Two Handed Mace): Forged by Blackhand during the birth of the Iron Horde, this weapon is always warm to the touch as the elemental energies inside of it pulse with energy. It is a forge hammer and a weapon of terrible strength and has slain numerous foes. With Blackhand’s death, it has now fallen into your hands.
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