Freedom isn't Free.

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"On behalf of our favorite dreadful overlord  Zack and the best green overseer Kretol, we're happy to announce that, among many other exciting things, World of Warcraft: Legion is finally coming to Freedom™. That's not all we've had in the works though. We've kept our dev team chained to their desks for months so this transition would be as physically painless for everyone involved as possible. In short, we've decided to stay one step ahead of other RP servers and allow you all to take us with you everywhere you go. So not only are we going Legion, we're going mobile!

We've always known that mobile gaming is the way of the future but it wasn't until recently we figured out how to cram so much content into such a tiny device but that's all been solved through Sorcery™. So starting April 2nd, you'll be able to enjoy all the content without being bound to your desk, unlike our dev team. You'll never have to miss another storyline event or raid because you're doing something trivial like driving or happen to be stuck in class. We're also planning on introducing VR support in the third quarter.

Beyond that, all allied races will be insta-unlocked upon Legion's Launch. The staff feels that many of the recruitment scenarios simply doesn't match up to the quality RP and story standard that we expect of Freedom and her storylines. So we have decided to retcon that lore and implement our own. The four allied races in Legion (Nightborne, Lightforged, Void Elves, and High Mountain Tauren) Have banded together creating their own third faction known as the Unbound, we're preparing another Infodump regarding the subject. Things are about to get interesting in Legion and beyond, as both factions will vie for the support of this up and coming powerhouse of a faction known now as the Unbound!

You do have a mobile device, right?"

This was supposed to be my post. Informative, cheeky, just like the spirit of our beloved server. But this time Zack's gone too far.

Some of you may know that our meetings are carried on Sundays, and as usual, Zack just dumped all this info on us. The discussion ended up being so heated I wouldn't be surprised if more of the staff came forward feeling the same way I do.
As much as I don't care for the most of you, some still deserve to know how we're moving forward. As part of the effort to bring Mobile, VR, and Donate2Artifact we will be scrapping everything along with the old core for the upcoming expansion. Everything will be rectonned, forget your characters, your stories, and all your work.

Why? Well, we're sick and tired of people complaining how admittedly dead the server is, and going mobile is our way of putting it onto your lazy-butt hands o keep the server alive. (That was intentional by the way. Because you can’t say expletives on the forums without it being flagged. Welcome to Zack’s new Catholic Server, another way to censor us and make Freedom an ironic meme) tWe know how unaccustomed you are with actually doing RP, so going VR is also a way to bring out that fresh, young Fortnite crowd into the server to keep it brimming with life(And you know we won't KEEP them here if we don't do microtransactions). It shouldn't impact RP quality, given the bar we've set...

That feeds into why we're hitting the 'scary reset button'. So that we can be truly just with old and new players alike, and encourage people to actually pay for our jobs. So if you are a dedicated player that actually helps the server for a change, then you get an artifact of your choosing. What happens if someone already has it? Duel it out or Khadghar makes a copy of it. Not really our problem at this point. Just so you all know, the new server will be called...

Freedom 2: The Rise of the Freenix.

Honestly, this is too much for me. The name, the reason, the logic behind it. Well, it's all utter shit. This is the last drop in a long coming wave of frustration. We're constantly being watched, judged, by the staff, and now this? I could handle bad characters and terrible writing from the rest of the server, but not this. We're better off RPing in retail folks. If any of you need me, I'll be in Goldshire playing some poker, make sure to bring gold and good times Wink
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