Black Market System Retiring! UPDATES

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Hello Everyone! 

The Staff wants to give crucial changes to the Black Market System. In this post we will be discussing its retirement, what that means for the future of Black Market system, and what it means for current token wielders. 

The Retirement of the Black Market System
In it's original inception, the staff created the Black Market System to address and alleviate loot saturation while trying to facilitate and foster RP through the items that are gotten, such as storylines to obtain certain mounts, or items, even spells, and crafting opportunities. 

As we have gone through WoD, loot saturation has become less of an issue, and we have also noted that the majority of the Black Market item list are weapons which, when Legion comes, will not be a priority for many players. Since we will notbe focusing on weapons for dungeon and raid loot tables, Legion will focus on trinkets, and rings which also makes pretty much the rest of the Black Market defunct as well.

What This Means For the Future of Black Market System 
The Black Market will continue to exist as an IC entity, and a potential quest hub as well as classhall individuals for the Rogue classhall. That means the Black Market will continue to function ICly and Lore wise but it will not function as it used to OOCly, instead we want to make it more of an interesting plot group. There is potential for something to come in the future with the Black Market but we will insist on our focus to be creating RP through it. 

This means that the way the Black Market was done is retired. There will be no more tokens passed out from trading in loot items, and it's system will be null. 

What Does this mean for Current Token Wielders
All previously acquired tokens for the Black Market will become Timeless Coins instead. Timeless coins will still be passed out but ICly through Chromie, and it will be done as dungeon/raid event loot through the Staff.

If a player had multiple black market tokens, all those tokens will become a single Timeless Coin with the caveat that they will be able to use that single coin for any of their characters this is because we are taking away potentially multiple black market tokens so we wanted to give more freedom for Black market token wielders who are potentially losing out.

What Are Timeless Coins
Timeless coins are tokens that require the individual to reach out to Zack for loot lists from previous expansion dungeons and raids. That individual will be able to get their character a loot item already passed out, that would not otherwise be gotten again. Traditionally, only the character with the coin would get the loot, the ONLY exception to that is if the coin was previously Black Market tokens. 

If you were previously a black market token wielder, you now have a Timeless coin, please contact Zackaroth to spend that coin.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact a Staff member!

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