We need YOU to tell us your building projects.

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Greetings folks! This announcement is a little different, given we need your direct input for this.

Lately we've noticed a bunch of unused building projects, and we're having some trouble keeping up with their uses, which have fallen to inactivity, and so on. Therefore we decided to compile a list of all buildings, both used an unused, so we can keep our maps and areas clean of ghost towns and abandoned houses, and at the same time know which areas have ongoing projects so we can better guide whomever might be interested in them.

For that, we've made this simple form, which shouldn't take more than a few minutes, but will greatly reduce the complexity of going about finding those areas and their owners.


The deadline for this form is March 31st. Any projects not included in any of the lists will be considered unused, and henceforth deleted. So don't forget to submit yours!

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