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Hey guys, unfortunately, it seems our Dynamic staff app idea did not pan out so well. As I said in the thread, the test would last either until the start of 2019 or till March 2019. Because of only one application however, we have decided to shut this system down and revert back to the original system.Which is us opening up staff apps when we feel we need more staff.

Right now, Staff Apps are open from January 21st to Feb 10th

But this is not all. The staff itself has gotten together and discussed what we feel we expect from new staff members based on our past experiences in doing this job. Below you find a comprehensive list of what we not only expect from new staff but ALL staff.

1. Strong Teamwork: Despite what people may think, we do not make decisions on our own. The staff discusses how answer player concerns, lore issues, loot, and even item effects to ensure as many views as possible are seen so we can craft the best possible answer to give the player. People who want to join the staff must be comfortable working in a team and discussing things with staff without letting their personal feelings get involved.

2. The staff is a position of service: Those who join the staff must understand that being on the staff is not a privileged position. Its not there for people to use to uplift themselves or their friends. If your own the staff your working the betterment of everyone on Freedom, which means sometimes you'll have to make hard decisions that may effect you negatively but in the long run be better for the server.

3. Work Ethic: We need people who are dedicated to the staff and when willing to do something, will do it.

4. Willingness to try: Before we used to break down staff members somewhat. Those who could do events, those who could handle the more administrative stuff and everyone in between. Well we can't really do that any more. With Legion approach closer and closer, I can't handle all the story on my own. Hosting events, creating loot, acting as a lore character are all very daunting things at first but it gets eaiser over time if your willing to learn. That's what the staff needs. I don't need event runners who can dm for 40 people. But I do need people who are not afraid to dip their feet water and give the story hosting side of Freedom a try. I won't ever burdern any of staff with something I think that can't handle or won't offer to help when you need it but first you need to give it a shot.

5. Sharing your thoughts: One of the most important things for a staff member and something I personally expect greatly, is the ability to share your thoughts on the situation. I'm not looking for yes men to agree with me every step of the way. I'm asking for combative or argumentative people, but I am asking people who can reasonably debate things and share their concerns and ideas. People who can constructively get their points across and give ideas when needed. 

I hope people who are interested read this over and apply with these points in mind. I look forward to finding new staff members as Freedom makes its way forward this year.

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