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[Important] WoW Freedom Survey 2017 - Talona - 04-02-2017

Hey guys this is a real announcement! Sorry about the April Fool's one =p

The staff decided to continue the Survery tradition for WoW Freedom to gather your valuable input about the server. We created a google form to gather the community's thoughts about how the server is run and if people want to see some improvement in certain areas. I kindly urge you all to try and fill it out with your thoughts and suggestions if you have any as this is done to gather some new information we haven't stumbled upon or suggestions we haven't thought of. Some questions allow for criticism as well, however, try to be constructive with that.

Additionally there are two required questions pertaining to Discord, so please answer those as well as put in your feed back about it.

The survey is completely anonymous, the only thing we receive (besides responses) is a timestamp of the form's submit action.


[Important] WoW Freedom Survey 2017 - Talona - 04-02-2017

Add: Cut-Off for this will be this SATURDAY April <del>16th</del> 15th at 1pm, Server Time

[Important] WoW Freedom Survey 2017 - Talona - 04-18-2017

Just a quick note that this is now closed. The staff will be compiling the information (its all anonymous), and we will be reviewing as much of it as we can! A big thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to submit a survey!