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Full Version: Error : 51900319
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Hello there folks.

EVerytime I Log onto the server my game runs perfectly fine for 1 minute then decides to freeze and I get DCed and sent back with that error code: WOW51900319

Any idea of where's the problem?

Thank you, lads!
Hey Herastean, that error code is a generic disconnection code and doesn't give us enough information however we do think it might have to do with a firewall issue, I'm going to link the support for that particular code which has several different directions for (trying) fixing it.

[url=""><s> ... ent=120716">[/url]
So as Talona has said above some simple trouble shooting may help, If you're willing to try the following a trouble shooting step it may help us zero in on the problem.

I would try running a repeating ping on the realm-list address by opening up your windows command console and typing in (without the quotes) "Ping -t" (you can use the shortcut ctrl + c) to stop the repeated ping but see how many pings actually reach the server before they stop or are unable to be sent, this may be your Internets connection to our Vps.
Problems come from my WIFI who, apparently, can't stand running WOW at some times. Happens during some hours only and will work fine after. Provider problems might be it too, happenned to me in the past.

I guess we can call it fixed.

Thank you for the help, I keep that link close by to in case it happens again.