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Full Version: Can't log in
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Whenever I try to log in the server, the 'connecting' fails and I get the following message;

"You have been disconnected. (BLZ 51900002)

I haven't messed up with the client at all, neither did anything different. Any help?
This is -very- likely on your end and I'll eat my hat if its the server.

Try pinging and if you're dropping packets its likely your connection to our Vps.
How do I actually do it? I'm on a Windows 10. I'm kinda newbie, lol

As an update though, I can't even open the client now. It gives me the following message:


World of Warcraft could not resolve the address of the network data source. For help fixing this issue, please see: [url=""><s></s>
Hey Nero this is definitely not an issue with you or the server, this is something that has been hitting Github which basically Freedom pulls the files from in order to work. This is not affecting everyone but it is affecting a lot of people
Hey, thanks for the reply.

Strangely enough, there IS something wrong with my network. I can not download any file on my phone while accessing my WiFi, it says something like "Unable to reach this WiFi or VPS, please, turn off the WiFi or choose another".

I'll contact my provider in a few.
This probably isn't anything wrong with your network so much as it is your provider. A lot of ISPs are currently being ddosed like github and its affecting a bunch of places around the world