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Full Version: CTS Threads?
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Heya. I can't see my CTS threads. Any of them. The entire subforum says No topics were found.

I thought they were archived or deleted or something until Chalker told me they aren't.
I was thinking on this for a bit -- I think it has a time-out, where after <x> amount of time (above 3 months), it no longer becomes visible to players, whereas GMs can see all of them, no matter their age. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I'd like to see it changed/fixed, as I have some info in old threads I'd like to dig up.
So, has it happened to you as well, then? That you can't see threads older than 3 months?
Yea. It's been a recurring issue, but I assumed it was a feature instead. I talked to Crow today and he said he'd look into it, so here's to hoping.