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Full Version: Barber Error
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Just thought I'd pop this up here. I was changing earrings on my blood elf and this error came up when I clicked to the next set of earrings to view on my character at the barber. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this or something that is me alone.

Danke <E>Big Grin</E>

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This is likely due to the added skins patch. It happened back on the MoP server as well. Probs best to not touch earrings using the barber, but use .f cust instead.
Ok thank you <E>Smile</E>
There is a flag for re-customization

Which is .f cust
As Maarten has stated above, this error comes from using custom skins and will cause a crash when attempting to view a combination the barber chair isn't programed for.