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Can I just copy over a retail copy and download extras, or does it HAVE to be that torrent? Also, the COnenction guide mentions patches and such, but offers no linsk to them. What's up with that? feelsbadman
I dont know about your first question as I downloaded it from the google DL, as for patch links you can find it in this connection guide under Freedom Essentials patch: [url=""><s> ... 882/1/#new">[/url]
Retail is a no-go. Guide does contain clickable, white-colored links.
<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Azeroc</dt><dd>Aug 27 2016, 11:49:01 AM</dd></dl><div>Retail is a no-go. Guide does contain clickable, white-colored links.[/quote]Hmm. I'll have to see if this 6.2.4 I have on the external will work. if not, I'll need someone to punch Sachiko (my sister) until she gives me a copy - we can't afford to run a 30 gig torrent, being on a limited data plan - and she stalled until an event started :T Also, the default text on this board is just slightly off-white, so a different color for links might be better.