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Full Version: Cannot connect to WoD server
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Hello! After following the connection guide (here: [url=""><s></s>, I've been unable to connect at all. I've unzipped the updated patch file, as well as made my account and used the email login (<EMAIL email="[email protected]">[email protected]</EMAIL>) but the following image is all I get.

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What do?
This may sound stupid but are you using the correct password? When i made my account on the new mini manager I changed my password to a different one from the one i had on mop. So when i tr'ed to sign into wow with that old password it didnt work.
It's also possible you were trying to log in during a restart or down-age on the server, if it is still however giving you trouble.

I would encourage you to reapply [url=""><s></s>FreedomEssentialsPatch again.

And when all that trouble shooting has failed, try to make a new account and see if that fixes your problem at all.
Still the same issue. Simply does not connect.

The accounts are made through the mini-manager yes?
Resolved, it was an issue with the WTF text files (files in my case, hurr)