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Full Version: Can't connect to the WoD server?
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So having followed all the steps, making an account and whatnot- I make it all the way to the login screen ezy-pzy, I enter my username and tap in the password- but every time, and each variation (I also tried [email protected]), I just get the same error:

"We couldn't log you in with what you just entered. Please try again." (BLZ51900003)"

Any ideas?
Two things:

Make sure you're logging in with <EMAIL email="[email protected]">[email protected]</EMAIL>

Make sure to use the Freedom essentials patch, etc, and make sure your (found in the WTF folder of your WoW directory) reads as:

<blockquote class='code_blockquote'><dl><dt>Code: </dt><dd>&nbsp;</dd></dl><code>SET portal "</code></blockquote>
Hey hey, it worked. Just the username change, apparently. Many thanks!