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Full Version: Freedom WoD Connection/Client Troubleshooting
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This thread will contain common issues, what one may get if he has problems with connecting or launching the client. Before posting technical/help thread in support section, check some of the issues and fixes for them below:

Incorrect password/username

[Image: RHcOTTL.png]

Description:The error pops up when you enter wrong username or password (remember that usernames have to be in form of "[email protected]" [without quotes]).
Fix: Enter correct credentials. If you still get the error it likely means that you have forgotten password or username, contact the staff if you cannot recover it.

Incorrect portal address / server down / server unavailable

[Image: xeRpE2x.png]

[Image: QQxvKhT.png]

Description: The error pops up when you can't connect to the server, because of invalid "SET portal (server address)" line in your (Wow root folder)/WTF/ file or the server is simply down or unavailable.

Fix #1: Make sure (WoW root directory)/WTF/ has portal set to (e.g. SET portal "").
Fix #2: If it is and the error still happens, make sure that the Freedom WoD server isn't down (ask others if they are able to connect).
Fix #2: If others can connect fine then issue lies with your internet (e.g. try clearing DNS cache).

CAS error / Error #134 ... unable to open <something> ...

[Image: A3lJtD1.png]

Description: You usually get CAS error or Error #134 if you have corrupt/incomplete WoD client OR you have file-permission troubles. Freedom WoD server uses WoD client.

Fix #1: Make sure that you have:
  • FreedomWoW.exe and tc_bundle.txt in your WoW root directory.
  • WoW/Data folder with size being around 28.7 GB (30,910,745,521 bytes)
  • Following FreedomEssentialsPatch DBFilesClient files:
    [Image: Pp1epzu.jpg]

Additional WoW/Data file integrity info - you should have:
  • WoW/Data/config folder containing 59 Files, 114 Folders summing up to about 694 KB (711,574 bytes) size.
  • WoW/Data/data folder with 62 files summing up to about 28.6 GB (30,723,181,539 bytes). More detailed:
    • shmem file with size of 11,280 bytes (11.0 KB)
    • data.000 ... data.028 files and each one of them should have size of 1,048,576 KB with exception of data.028, which is only 624,537 KB big.
    • Following .idx files with completely equal size of 576 KB (589,824 bytes) for each one of them:
      [Image: hNrcqtQ.jpg]  
  • WoW/Data/indices folder with 666 files of varying sizes summing up to about 178 MB (186,852,408 bytes) size.
  • Empty folder WoW/Data/patch

If you have something different than what I described above then your download got corrupt or interrupted mid-way and the only sure-way fix is to redownload everything.

Fix #2: Right-click on your entire WoW folder and go to properties. Uncheck read-only attribute and apply the changes. Then try to launch WoW as Administrator.

If you still have problems, then make a thread about it in Help/Support section of the forums.

CAS error unable to initialize

Description: Due to a change in the server the wow client cannot laugh through the normal exe and when you attempt after install you will get CAS system unable to initialize. The fix is listed below:

[Image: 2djckgn.png]
Fix #1: Creating a Shortcut for the Freedom Client: (Due to DB changes we must now make a shortcut for the client in order to launch Freedom)
  • Right click and make a shortcut of your FreedomWoW application. 
  • Right click the new shortcut, and select 'Properties'.
  • In the "Target:" box, add -uid wow_enus to the end of it with a space like shown in the screenshot above.
  • Apply, and use the shortcut to get on Freedom until a server-side fix is applied. 
No need to delete or remove anyting.

Troubleshooting Edit: Depending on your windows OS, you may have quotations. Try adding it on the outside (Ex: FreedomWoW.exe" --uid wow_enus). If that doesn't work, then try removing the quotations.
I can't undo read only thanks to windows 10