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Full Version: Connecting...
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*tears hair out in frustration*

I've done EVERY possible thing. I've downloaded and redownloaded it. I've recopied and pasted.

What else can I doooooooooooo?
I'm not tech-support or really know much about this, but... <E>Smile</E> First step's first: Maybe post up screenshots of the error messages you get, if any? Does the client crash with a fatal error or does it just blank out and stop responding?
Have you verified the realm list?
[url=""><s></s> here's what my Data folder looks like.

[url=""><s></s> my GB folder.

[url=""><s></s> No idea if this is verifying it?

Now it's not crashing, just gives me this [url=""><s></s>

edit// Now I'm getting this [url=""><s></s>
Have you followed the instructions for properly creating in-game accounts on the server? (You know that you have to log in on the account management page and create accounts manually from there, attached to that account-manager master account?)
Yeah! I've done that, and created the in game account. And now when I enter in that information, I get the crash.
Try deleting your WoW/Cache and WoW/Data/Cache folders. Also delete WoW/WTF/Account folder.

If the error still happens on login, can you:
  • ... paste the contents of WoW/Logs/connection.log in this thread?

  • ... create a [url=""><s></s> "paste" (be sure to set Public exposure to Unlisted) of contents in latest .txt file in WoW/Errors and then put the link to that paste in this thread?

Another thing you can try is removing all lines in WoW/WTF/, except "SET realmlist ..." and "SET patchlist ..."
Still crashed after I erased the caches and the account folder.

Here's the connections log: 4/5 17:09:11.208 LOGIN: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK

And here's the error pastebin [url=""><s></s>
<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Azeroc</dt><dd>Apr 5 2016, 01:09:46 PM</dd></dl><div>Another thing you can try is removing all lines in WoW/WTF/, except "SET realmlist ..." and "SET patchlist ..."[/quote]Still says connecting after this ;-;
Right click on your WoW folder and uncheck read-only. Afterwards, set your WoW/WTF/ to this:

<blockquote class='code_blockquote'><dl><dt>Code: </dt><dd>&nbsp;</dd></dl><code>

SET realmlist ""

SET patchlist "localhost"

SET locale "enGB"

SET accounttype "MP"

SET realmName "Freedom"

SET installLocale "enUS"


Lastly, try running WoW as Administrator.
[url=""><s></s> It crashed and I got this
Was this latest crash on login again or just plainly crashed when launched?

Another thing to try:

Add/replace this config line in WoW/WTF/

SET gxApi "D3D9"
Crash at login again.

edit// It crashes and does the "connecting".
Gonna throw out a shotgun suggestion here.

Try using your Torrent Client to check the integrity of your WoW client then repeat the connecting steps (make sure the folder has (Read-Only) unchecked.