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Full Version: Everything was Perfect... Until...
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It's a perfect day, getting in to the WoW-Freedom RP Community. I installed WoW, patched it, configered it perfectly on my Windows 10.

I enter my in-game account. It's connecting...



I see the realm list.....

The Realm is offline and the name is grey....

In the population, it says: Offline.

Hey Geralt, sorry to see you're having problems just did a quick check and the server seems to be up and open to connections, so I can only assume at this point its on your side so lets go through some trouble shooting steps.

First thing I always suggest is make sure you have patched correctly so when you open your client below in the left hand side of the client should be your current client version, it should say "Version 5.4.8 (184140)"

<IMG src=""><s>[img]</s>[url="">[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG>

If it turns out you're not properly patched, re-read the installation steps because you may have mis-read or missed an important step.

If you are still having problems connecting but your client is properly patched, in a spoiler or a pastebin, copy what's inside your config file and post it in a reply so we can take a look.
Right, gonna check now.

And do those things, and stuff...

Right, so, it says 5.4.2.

Which is clearly the wrong patch.

I don't think I did the patching thing right because I'm not good with computers and windows 10 myself, AND English isn't my firs language.

So, I must've done something, or even everything, wrong
Okay ! Well I think I know the step you missed so I will try to make it a bit easier with some visual aids : )

So the steps we're covering are these;

<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>2. INSTALLING PATCHES:</dt><dd>&nbsp;</dd></dl><div>2.1 Copy Data folder over to your World of Warcraft install directory (e.g. C:/WoW/) and accept overwrite/replace if required.

2.2 Launch the client through WoW.exe (you can create shortcut of it and use that instead).

2.3 If the client doesn't crash, then client installation is successful. Move to connection (3. section).[/quote]

So the first step is moving the Data folder from the .7z folder we had you download at the start called "WoWFreedomMoP_548_Solution1_20150804.7z"

and then drag it in to your World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria client.

<div class='spoiler_toggle'>Spoiler: click to toggle</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;"><IMG src=""><s>[img]</s>[url="">[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG></div>

Once you've done this, you may possibly get a pop-up after soon enough that asks you this.

<div class='spoiler_toggle'>Spoiler: click to toggle</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;"><IMG src=""><s>[img]</s>[url="">[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG></div>

Just click to replace the files and once everything is done being moved to the client, open it up check if you're on the right patch.

If you did patch up ! Awesome you should be good to go.

If it didn't patch up <E>Sad</E> make sure you didn't drop the "data" folder from the .7z in to another folder.

( You need to drop it in to the main folder don't drag and drop it directly in to the "Data" folder drop it some place to the side like I show on my screen shot. )
I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, there ISN'T a .7z folder, anywhere. No WinRAR folder, nothing.

I think it's because you dowloaded from MEGASync, or something, it seems. I downloaded from that Magnet link....
It's step two, you also need to download this.

2. Download WoW Freedom client package: [url="!vgBTxSSC!fyx3Dbd8phhIHXKCp5o-zM3V4mvQZbJWF4_lDV26l-A"><s>!vgBTxSSC!f ... 4_lDV26l-A">!vgBTxSSC!fyx3Dbd8phhIHXKCp5o-zM3V4mvQZbJWF4_lDV26l-A[/url]

Everything that you need for the step you missed is from the file you get from this link.
I shall do so, and hopefully, make this work.

For now, I am off to da club with some friends. When I come back (Hopefully Sober) I'll make it work.

If it does, thanks for the help, Miss/Mister Crow!
Crow, one problem.

I can't hold and drag from a WinRAR.

I don't know what you're using, but mine is a WinRAR. I tried extracting, but it didn't work.

I think I got it...


I finally hold and drag, I can replace it and then it does NOTHING.

Have you tried extracting the stuff in the winrar to another place on your computer, I.E. desktop, then dragging it to your wow folder from there?
I'll try, Mister Cat Viking.
nope, that doesn't work either.
Try taking everything inside of the new data folder and dropping it in to your clients data folder!
Do you have "wow-update-enGB-18273.MPQ" file in WoW/Data/enGB folder? If not, then copy/paste it in from the .7z archive (Data/enGB/wow-update-enGB-18273.MPQ from the archive).

Also, make sure you have these files under WoW/Data folder:
  • wow-update-base-18273.MPQ

  • wow-update-base-18548.MPQ

  • wow-update-base-18549.MPQ

If you don't have them, then copy them in your WoW/Data folder from the .7z archive (.MPQ files under Data/ in the archive).

Lastly, make sure you copied and replaced WoW.exe from the .7z archive (take WoW.exe from the .7z archive and put it in your WoW/ folder, replacing existing one).

If you still have problems, then you should post screenshots of WoW/, WoW/Data and WoW/Data/enGB folder contents, so I can find out what is exactly missing from your client.