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Full Version: Game Crashing. Missing MPQs.
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Pretty much as the title suggests, my game is crashing. Upon attempt to load up a character, my game is crashed to desktop with a version mismatch error, and upon research, I looked at the connection guide and saw I'm missing several MPQs from the Data and Data/enGB folders. The last MPQ I have in either folder is wow-update-base-17898.MPQ and wow-update-enGB-17898.MPQ in Data and Data/enGB respectively. From what I can see, it should be going up to 18548. I went to go download these missing files from the torrent. I figured maybe something went wrong with the download and they were left out. However, on the Torrent provided on the Connection guide on the forums ([url=""><s> ... 604/1/#new">[/url]) these MPQs after 17898 are apparently just entirely missing from even the download. I am unsure on how to proceed at this point. I'm 100% unable to connect and load due to this issue, and I can't seem to find a direct download to these missing MPQ files. Enclosed screenshot of the files listed on the torrent download, showing missing 18273 and 18548 MPQs. Please advise. <IMG src=""><s>[img]</s>[url="">[/url]<e>[/img]</e></IMG>
Neeevermind. Discovered things. I'm bad at reading directions apparently. Disregard this.
Glad you got it fixed! <E>Smile</E>