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Full Version: problem connecting
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So I am having a problem connecting. When I try to log in to the game, I get an error saying something like "You need to convert to a account." Do any of you know how to fix this? Kappa

Have you created an account here?

First, you need to create one account that acts as your "hub account", and then while logged into that account, you have to actually create your "in-game" accounts again, which will then be accessible from your "hub account". Your "hub account" isn't actually an in-game account, though, so you won't be able to log in-game using that. You can create an actual in-game account under the "hub account" using the exact same details, though. Or completely different details, if you prefer, but...

Point being, you need to create the in-game accounts. It seems to be a step that people miss. <E>Smile</E> Let us know if that's the issue.

EDIT: To be a bit more clear, once you have logged into the site on your normal account, go to the "User" dropdown, into Settings. Once on the Settings page, there should be a link on that page saying "Create in-game account", right underneath "View your in-game accounts" and your account information. That should do it!