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Full Version: Connection guide for WoW Freedom WoD
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Will polish the guide later, but basic instructions are these:

Connection Guide:

1. Download the client: 2. Create an account on

3. To avoid some errors in the future, right click on your downloaded WoW folder and uncheck Read-only. Accept prompt (if it shows) when asked if you want to apply it to files and sub-folders.

3.b (Optional) Rename successfully downloaded WoD_6_2_4_21742/ directory to FreedomWoW6/ directory for better clarity.

[VERSION: FreedomEssentialsPatch_20160813]

4. Download (Click down-arrow at the top of the page) latest and unzip its contents into your WoD_6_2_4_21742/ directory (or FreedomWoW6/ directory if you renamed it), saying yes to any prompt about overwriting existing items.

4.b (optional) If you want 64-bit launcher, download it here:

5. Make sure you have FreedomWoW.exe and tc_bundle.txt in your WoW root folder after .7z extraction.

6. Make sure to rename to under (WoW root directory)/WTF/ directory and just to be safe: make sure it has portal set to (e.g. SET portal ""). By default the portal setting should be like that already. LOTS OF PEOPLE SCREW THIS RENAMING STEP UP (or ignored it) - so once again: make sure to rename to (for those who do not have their extensions set to hidden will have to rename Config.template to Config.

7. Create a short-cut for launcher:
(Due to DB changes we must now make a shortcut for the client in order to launch Freedom)
  • Right click and make a shortcut of your FreedomWoW Application. 
  • Right click the new shortcut, and select 'Properties'.

    [Image: unknown.png]

  • In the "Target:" box, add -uid wow_enus to the end of it with a space like shown in the screenshot above.
  • Apply, and use the shortcut to get on Freedom. 
No need to delete or remove anything.

Troubleshooting Edit: Depending on your windows OS, you may have quotations. Try adding it on the outside (Ex: FreedomWoW.exe" --uid wow_enus). If that doesn't work, then try removing the quotations.

8. Launch your SHORTCUT FreedomWoW.exe and connect to Freedom WoD using account you created on the website (in-game username format: <EMAIL email="[email protected]">[email protected]</EMAIL>).

  • Data Core @ Paragon WoW : For helping me with WoD development (mostly server-side/db-side).

  • Razmataz @ Paragon WoW : For helping me with WoD development (mostly client-side).

  • Chase @ Paragon WoW : For granting permission to use !CrossFaction addon for TRP3 fix (allows cross-faction interaction with TRP3).

Bumping to post this link for the Troubleshooting Guide, as issues can arise when DLing the client here are some of the more common ones and their fixes: