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Full Version: Client crash when attempting to log in on characters.
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Everytime I try to log in in one of my characters my client shuts down and I get this error message:

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I found a topic here of someone that had a [url=""><s></s>similar problem, but he just redownloaded the client and I want to know if there is another way of fixing this before I redownload the client.

On that topic Azeroc asked whats inside the <WoW Freedom folder>/Data/ so I just leave that here aswell just in case.

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I run Freedom on a Windows 7.
Do you have a WoD models patch?
Happening to me too, no WoD models for myself
<blockquote class='quote_blockquote'><dl><dt>Crow</dt><dd>Jan 3 2016, 01:00:58 PM</dd></dl><div>Do you have a WoD models patch?[/quote]No, I haven't.
Getting this as well. I've rolled back video and sound drivers, and fully updated them, reinstalled DX, ran a memory check and everything. A lot of hunting on the web pointed to multisampling but I've booted it with each setting multiple times. No models patch.
First, try deleting WoW/Cache and WoW/Data/Cache folders.

If that didn't work, try removing or moving out of WoW/Data the wow-update-base-18549.MPQ file. It seems to have different size than what I have on mine, perhaps you have an older version of it.

If still failing, try launching WoW.exe as Administrator.

Ultimately, I would like to see what is going on under WoW/ folder and WoW/enGB/ folder.
Crashing as well, haven't touched anything since I was online last night. Will try troubleshooting on my end.
I deleted my Caches and everything seems to work fine now. So I suggest to all the others to try the same.
Update: Clearing both main directory cache and data cache allowed me to get on, but -not- anything regarding running in administrator or clearing one, trying, and the other.. Had to clear both before trying to get on.

Also for whatever it's worth, troubleshooted the same fix with Cerb, which did -not- fix it for him.
Update: Teleporting from the mall to Pandaria on Xiu returned the issue across all characters, and is not fixable with the process which originally fixed it for me.

Edit: Separate accounts does not change the issue.

Edit Update: When repeating the process, when I worked back to my main account, I was able to log on Zora (Who I was not able to, after going to Pandaria on Xiu)

Edit Update 2: Logged out fine, and crashed when attempting to log on Xiu, and not able to get on Zora. Will respond when fixed again and the process behind it.

Edit Update 3: Cleared both caches, was able to log on to Vesta on a separate account. Will test Zora again.

Edit Update 4: Returned to the login screen, did not close client, crashed opon logging on Zora.

Edit Update 5: Cleared caches, was able to log on Zora. Repeated log-on attempts on the same character did not previously work in my troubleshooting, may be tied to the initial account you log on?

Edit Update 6: Troubleshooted with Cerb, changing account, clearing cache, and logging in -does- fix, but Sosen is not able to be logged into (In the mall), and Xiu for me (In Pandaria). I -am- able to teleport between zones on Zora including Pandaria, so I do not believe it is zone related. Logging out and logging onto another character on the same account crashed Cerb, but not me (When switching from Zora to Maeyr). On my THIRD swap, going from Maeyr to Joan, I crashed. All characters in the mall.

Note: These processes to log on did -not- work when troubleshooting with Jordan with his own accounts / characters, nor when logging on my account on the character Vesta who I confirmed I could log on earlier. So there is likely no GM account variable in play for his 'fix' not working.

Edit Update 7: Tried deleting the account portion of the WTF folder for the account which Xiu is on, which did not fix her. Was able to log on to another character after, and then attempted Vesta (The character I had Jordan attempt) and no characters are accessible for me now using that process.

Edit Update 8: After trying the suggested D3D11 to D3D9, that did not work, but after returning it to the normal D3D11 and clearing caches, I was able to log onto Vesta. Will now be attempting to log in to Xiu following the visibility change.

Edit Update 9: I was able to log on Xiu, and teleport to the mall from Pandaira, and back and fourth again.
I just recently changed server visibility distance from 500 yards to 350 yards, it seems to have helped. This fix, however, means that you won't be able to see objects/creatures as far as you could previously before they phase out.