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Full Version: Community Meeting Summary 8/13/2021
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Hey everyone,

As you know, we had a community meeting on Friday. We received a lot of feedback from players. We're still looking for more feedback, so if you missed the meeting, we encourage you to make a CTS. Below is a general summary of the feedback we received.
  • Players would like smaller scale events where the world isn't at stake. Social events also came up as something players would like to see more of. There is a worry however that non-combat RP doesn't seem to draw in as many attendants.
  • 'Why would my character be anywhere but the front line?' came up, to which we would like to suggest and remind that characters need breaks. They can't be on the front line 24/7. One can always say that they were commanded to take a break or operate on a rotating schedule.
  • We all have lives, we're not all in school with a great amount of free-time. We have jobs, children, and families we all need to attend too. Sadly activity will drop as players reach for more in life.
  • It was brought up that applications have been slowing RP down and that the process may be stifling, that getting things done involves a lot of red tape and that the staff can be hard to approach.
  • Some mentioned that if they have an issue with staff, that they have no way to express this out of fear the staff member will find out. We just want to remind you that if you have an issue with a member of staff, please please please message Zackaroth.
  • Some have brought up that not being around and missing a bulk of activity has been discouraging. That not being part of main events have left them feeling excluded. There is a divide between those who attend events and who cannot attend. Inactive order hall leads have been noted to contribute to this problem.
  • Custom artifacts are more involved than the mainline ones and take away from mainline artifacts as a whole.
  • Events don't feel like there are enough mobs to really make us of some aspects of the artifacts. We encourage feedback of events to the DM, let them know what is and is not enough.
  • People expressed wanting more passive and flavor loot items, not always just active items. We're willing to do this going forward, just make sure to let us know if we're reaching a good balance between active/not active items.
  • We want to make sure that IC is kept IC. When asked to cut back on comments, try to respect that. Don't be calling every Orc in RP a pig due to the mainline story that they have no control over. Communicate OOCly to make sure you're not making RP un-enjoyable.
  • Lastly, when someone comes back after being gone for a while, it was requested to stop asking 'Where have you been?' because it can be discouraging. It makes it hard for players who have been away to come back if they're getting jumped on by people claiming they abandoned them. Don't ask this ICly either, as it puts characters and players on the spot.
As said above, please continue to give us feedback and if you have comments on what was said above, please let us know. We ask that you make a CTS if you have comments, because comments in general will be lost.

Keep an eye out for future updates. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know, as always!