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[insert goblin noises here]

I'm sort of new but not really. I started out roleplaying here on Freedom as a matter of fact, way over 10 years ago during the Argent Crusade Tourney era. Weirdly enough I don't even remember the full name of my main from back then (I think it was Patrick Calebros?...), but I do remember a few names I used to hang with as part of the Forsaken cool-kids club. Velkar and Baralin are two that stuck with me the most, but there's a lot of memories that bind me to this place. I do remember that the owner / admin (dunno which, really) at the time was Victor, a pretty swell and laid back guy who shared origins of the same nationality as mine and we hit it off pretty well due to that fact.

Fond memories brought me back here but I can see that a lot has changed since I departed about 8... maybe 7 years ago, when Kinnie(?) went on to create Paragon. I still see at least one familiar name though...

Stares intensely at zackaroth.

I will be around from time to time, trying to catch some RP if my awful workplace rotation schedule allows me. Also blame Lox & Cerb for my reappearance.
I take credit.

Welcome (back)!
[Image: wow___you_will_rest_in_ny_alotha_by_red_...a3a3p1.jpg]
Heya! Welcome (back) to Freedom =) glad to have ya!

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