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I've known of this server for several years but never really popped my head in, for one reason or another. I found myself curious and decided to poke around. I see a lot of y'all are from CoTH, but I unfortunately never got a chance to play it, so I'm sorta a fish out of water here.

I RP from time to time, but usually take sporadic breaks as the inspiration comes and goes.

As for my taste in vidya gams, I tend to play a lot of different things, from oldschool turn-based srpgs like tactics ogre, to stuff like baldur's gate, to FPS's and FPS-RPG's like stalker, and at times 4x games like MoO2 or for a more modern example, Stellaris.

Any tips from long-standing members on how to get in on some interesting arpee would be appreciated. I know communities tend to have their ins-and-outs, quirks etc.
write me a lovesong

discord: Nomit#0193
Heya Nomit o/

We're currently in the middle of the Talador Storyline for WoD, this week is the Siege of Shattrath. Plenty of people come down and hang around the Garrisons to get introduced, but we have tons of RP around here to fit any fancy.

Most of the Lore Organizations have guilds and their own discord if you want to join any, I help out doing stuff for the Ebon Blade and I am one of the Commanders for the Alliance Garrison. Feel free to drop me a line on Discord if you're wanting to figure out how to get involved and I am sure others will offer the same here or in-game for their own projects o/

Welcome to Freedom
Heya! Welcome to Freedom =D

Joining the overall freedom discord is a great way to start people will poke for RP in the LFG chat there, and event postings in the various channels! Right now there's a Draenor focus but the portals are open ICly so there's still some things going on the Azeroth side!
Oh hell yeah! You've got excellent tastes in RPGs and strategy games. I approve greatly.

I'd like to ask your opinion on Alpha Centauri and Morrowind at some point, maybe.

Either way, welcome!
[Image: 2hhkp3k.gif]
Thanks for the welcome(s).

I hopped in that discord as suggested.

Also, flammos, I never played alpha centauri although I heard a lot of praise about it over the years. Morrowind is unfortunately on my backlog. I've tried to get into it a few times, but, maybe modern games have fried my attention span.
write me a lovesong

discord: Nomit#0193
hey pal, let's explore the mysteries of freedom together.
Henlo :3
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Me in a Nutshell

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Welcome to the server yo. Looking forward to all the RP.
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Heh, I pat on the head.
Welcome around mate.
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The pine tree wastes which is perched on the hill,
nor bark nor needles shelter it;
such is the man whom none doth love;
for what should he longer live?
thx all

except for sorum. hiss
write me a lovesong

discord: Nomit#0193

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