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Aphetoros, Scout

WoW Freedom: Legion
WoW Freedom: Legion

WoW Freedom is proud to announce our official launch date for Legion! We will be switching over cores on August 5th! This will become our new main server as the WoD Core will remain only for those who need to transfer things like items, buildings and macros over. It will stay up roughly for around a month before we close it down. If you need more time please let the staff know.

"And in our most Desperate Hour, we must wield the power of the enemy against them"

But that is not all that is happening that week. Our official move also begins the Rise of the Illidari Storyline! This Storyline will take place from Black Temple Mission in The Frozen Throne to the mission to Maradum and will eventually end with the Illidari's reintroduction into the modern era! This storyline will be open to those who wish to create a Demon Hunter and want to show their progress over the years from normal Blood Elf or Night Elf, to Demon Hunters who seek to destroy the Legion. Other Illidari factions will be able to attend the Maradum event but the rest of the events are focused squarely on the Illidar's trials and tribulations. The event dates will be as described below.

August 9th: Beginnings

August 10th: Becoming Illidari(This event will allow the Demon Hunters to fight and consume the Demon that will make them a Demon Hunter)

August 16th: Control

August 17th: Invasion

August 23rd: Highlord Kruul

August 24th: Allies in the Shadows 

August 31st: Maradum

Speaking of which, the staff has created a list of Demons that Do and DO NOT have to be CTSed for your Demon Hunter's Inner Demon. If you plan on attending the August 10th event, please be sure to put in your CTS if you want an Inner Demon that requires it. The list is down below.

Demon Hunter Inner Demons:

Ones that DO NOT require an app/CTS

Satyr(You may have to consume more then one)

Fel Bat

Vile Fiend



Succubus/Greater Succubus





Mo’arg Brute



Dark Glares


Aranasi(Be sure to note there are differences between the Males and Females of this race)


Demons that need a CTS

Imp Mother


Fel Lord


Eredar Brute

Eredar Lord

Doommaiden (Under specific circumstances)

Nathrezim (Under specific circumstances)

The application for Demons you need to CTS for is as follows:

Character Name:

Inner Demon Wanted:
How does this make sense for your character to have as an Inner Demon:
Effects it would have on character(Beyond basic Illidari Transformation):

Don't think we have forgotten about Warlocks however. A demon heavy expansion means new demons. The staff has gotten a list of these demons(Thank you Zenethen) and like the Inner Demons Above, has created a small list of these demons that can be used without issue, will need a CTS or cannot be used at all.

Warlock Demons that do not require a CTS
Bilescourge(Available once we reach Argus)

Aranasi(Males only)





Warlock Demons that DO require a CTS
Mor'ag Brute(Be aware some NPCs may shake the ground)

Fel Lord


Eredar Brutes (Not available until 7.1)


Demons Unavailable as Warlock Pets


Imp Mother


Female Aranasi

Ur'zul(These are very touchy as they are created by combining the souls of the Army of the Light soldiers and twisting their souls. Most likely only the person who wins the mount will be allowed this demon as a pet)

If anyone has any questions about the Inner Demon and Warlock Demon pets please feel free to message the staff! More information will be announced soon about the prologue to Legion, including the Broken Shore, Artifact Campaigns and the Class Hall storylines! This is only the beginning!


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