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WoD Notes: Timeline, Shamanism and Homes
Hey guys, I just wanted to make this announcement to alleviate any confusion about the timelines, our stance on AU Draenei shamans and player buildings on Draenor.

Timeline Secret
Now I understand this has been causing a lot of confusion since it was said ICLY. Basically the idea is that the MU characters aren't supposed to reveal they are actually from the future yet. Nobody knows this an alternate timeline at the moment and nobody is sure what, if any effect this will have on Azeroth and Outland time stream wise. It could be dangerous, as we know time can be altered from all the threats from the cavern of time, but nothing major has happened yet. Its best to err on the side of caution and not risk fate, and a butterfly effect, by saying too much too soon. That and realize how much of a shock it would be to suddenly hear these people came from a future...a future in which this planet is torn apart, your race is left on the verge of extinction or enslaved to a demon curse. It'd cause a mass panic. That doesn't mean however, we won't be revealing it at all. At the end of the respective storylines this secret will end as the AU lore characters will figure out something is going on and the secret will be out. That is when it will be ok for MU and AU characters to speak about the differences, effects and etcs of the timelines.

AU Draenei Shaman
In AU Draenor, Draenei shaman simply don't exist yet. Infact, shamanism is recent to Draenei, having only learned it when they crashed to Azeroth. But this does not mean AU Draenei cannot learn shamanism/ They can be taught by other player characters and when we return to Azeroth, learn from the shamans in the Exodar and Earthen Ring.

Player Housing on Draenor

We know as Draenor opens up more, people will begin to request houses as well as stuff in and around the garrison. For AU characters they can request a house/home the same as people can in on Azeroth,. However, for MU characters, unless they plan to permanently retire to Draenor they will not be able to apply for a permanent house on the planet. As for player buildings in garrisons and around them, for T1 if people want tents we will oblige unless it begins to look like a tent city on the outside. When we upgrade however, we will not be allowing player buildings right outside the garrisons since they get in the way/accidentally destroyed when we do combat based events involving the garrison. As for buildings within the garrison, we would ask you make a CTS explaining what type of building you want what purpose it would serve. Keep in mind, even at max level space is limited so not every request will be granted and we may even close it off if garrisons get cluttered.
The Timeline Secret Part 2
So the Timeline Secret has been an issue ever since it was announced. It hasn't been working too well and has limited rp for some characters. So what the staff has decided on doing is to end the secery this week after the main events. There will be a short little post event talk with Yrel and Drek'thar with their respective factions. After that you are free to reveal you are from another timeline. The only restriction that will left in place is that the Frostwolves, most importantly Draka and Durotan, not know about Thrall's heritage.

"Hostile" Characters coming to the Garrisons

So in the past two weeks we have noticed people playing hostile characters that will come to either garrison to cause trouble with the players there. That in itself is fine but understand, by doing so you are putting your character in extreme risk. The garrisons maybe small now but they still have NPCs guarding and are still fortified. If you decide to attack the garrison then your character may even be captured or killed, forfeiting your right to refuse character death, which is similar to our rules on going to enemy capital  cities or villages. The Commanders will give you every chance to run away but if it becomes a reoccurring issue eventually your character will be captured and either imprisioned or executed. When garrisons reach their final stage its going to become almost impossible to attack them as a single character or start trouble without incurring the wrath of the many guards patrolling it.
Note this does not fully stop antagonistic rp with other players but it should be done away from the garrison and villages, some place in the wilds. If you also wish to have an antagonistic character get captured and eventually converted to joining a faction(this applies mostly to the Horde with the expection of the Shadowmoon Orcs) you should speak with the Commanders and/or make a CTS.

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