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[WoD] Creature ID not found!
Link to album, with explanations: [url="http://imgur.com/a/M0Z2V"><s></s>http://imgur.com/a/M0Z2V
What command are you using?
.npc set faction 35
Yes, like Talona said (sorry!Wink
I doubt I can do much about zeppelin transport. The creatures on it are spawned anew without reference to database entry (basically temporary creatures) and they change their GUIDs each time the zeppelin teleports. This likely happens to other transport NPCs.

Workaround for transport NPCs:
  • Get their entry by using .guid command

  • Spawn them by using their entry

  • Do faction change command (.npc set factionid 35) on the spawned NPCs.

  • After transport teleports to a new map or grid reloads, the passanger NPCs should be using the new faction.

Above workaround can likely be used for any other NPC you can change through spawning.

That said, I had no problems applying faction change to NPCs in other screenshots.

If you find any NPC, which even if spawned, cannot be changed, then post their entry IDs here.

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