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Villains in the Main Events
Villains in the Main Events

Hey guys, this thread is being set to formalize the set of rules people who are interested in bringing villains to the main event storyline. I will be listing them off numerically to make it easier to read and digest. If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask.

1. Villain Characters will be able to attend some of the Main Storyline events, acting as secondary antagonists to whatever threat the heroes are facing that day. The Villain Characters must be thematically appropriate to the enemy being fought(Demons for Legion events, Orcs for Iron Horde etc)

2. Villain characters will be told if an event is appropriate for them to attend at the start of the week of the event. The DM for that event will let those people know what the general plan is, where they will show up, when they should retreat and any other special information.

3. Villain Characters will get their own separate raid. If the player is also attending on another Hero character they are free to drop out for the duration of the fight. You will not lose your place in the raid if you choose to do this nor miss out on loot if this is the final boss.

4. Villain characters AND Hero characters should use common sense and play fair when fighting each other. Capitalize who you are attacking, do not god mod and be sure to take some hits every now and again. You are not trying to win, just trying to have fun.

5. Villain Characters should not attack players that are currently in the group making the raid emote. They should also begin to cease attacks on players about to go and change focus to others.

6. Villain Characters must remember THEY CANNOT change the course of a Main Storyline event. If the boss or force is dictated to lose that they are fighting with, that cannot be changed.

7. Neither Villain nor Hero character can kill each other without consent.

8. Hero Players who do not wish to fight Villain Players between turns should make it clear and Villain players should respect that. Hero Players should use TRP to their advantage and put down if they are Open to PVP or Not Open to PVP.

As always, these rules are subject to change and addition. Since this is a new system we will adjust based on our future experiences.

Main Event Villain Morph

Main Event Villain morphs are temporary morphs players can apply for if they wish to make disposal or main event only villains that would require a morph application to play otherwise. Be warned however: These characters are not true morphs. They cannot be roleplayed outside of the main events. Again, THESE CHARACTERS ARE ONLY FOR THE MAIN EVENTS THAT WILL ALLOW VILLAIN PLAYERS TO ATTEND. They should not be roleplayed anywhere else. If the staff find out you are using such a character you will lose your privilege at playing said character and may face other disciplinary action. If you wish to turn a Main Event Villain Morph into a regular morph you must follow the normal procedure to do so. If you already have an approved regular morph that is a Villain Character that can attend the event you do not need to fill this out.

These morph includes things anything that would require a morph application.

To get a Main Event Villain Morph fill this out and make a CTS.

Character Name:
Morph ID:
Morph Name:
Why the Character wants to attend the events(Does not need to be overtly long but the staff may ask for more information if we feel it doesn’t fit):

A New type of Counter Attack: Opposed Group Roll

During the course of event, normally a dungeon or raid, a Boss may initiate a group counter attack roll. The boss will then ask for help and if available, the villain characters may assist him/her in the roll. For example:

Hero Players A, B and C are targeted by the Boss for a group counter attack. He calls out to Villain Players D and E to aid him. The Hero Players roll out of 33 as do the Boss and Villain Players. The Highest roll wins and the winners get a free shot at the three losers. The attacks to the players, Hero or Villain, should not be killing blows or attacks that would mutilate or heavily disable the player unless they have permission to do so.

Generally the DM for that week will let the Villain knows if there will be an opposed group counter attack roll, see who is interested, let them know what the attack will be so the players can plan, and give them a heads up a turn before its used. The winner should divide their attacks equally, rather than focusing on one person.
Hey guys. After yesterday, we have gotten a really positive response to this system. It has been described as chaotic yet fun. I agree but the system still needs a bit of tweaking. This will always be a work in progress and we will add rules and suggestions constantly. Here are some new things we are gonna try as well as suggestions.

1. We will be creating a new chat channel specifically for these type of fights. Custom Made Channels DO work even if the Blizzard Made ones do not. This should help alleviate the emote spam. Those with no interest in PVPing can opt out by not joining the channel and those who are interested can join the channel and check to see who is in the channel to fight against. Channels can also be placed in a custom tab so you can have one for PVP and one for the Boss.

2. Remember to capitalize or somehow emphasize the name of the person you are attacking. One the issues we ran into yesterday was people begin unaware they where being attacked or getting confused.

3. Remember our rules on swarming people. I know technically unavoidable for villains since realistically we will always have a greater number of Hero NPCs. However, villains should be aware of this rule as well and try not to attack more then two people per emote as it may get messy if other people try to join in as well.

4.Dual Boxing: Another issue is Dual Boxing. While we still aren't going to straight up disallow it yet, keep in mind if you are attending on a Hero Character and a Villain Character, you can log out on the Hero character and return after the fight is over. You receive no penalty for this. I saw people even triple boxing at one point. You do not need to put that much stress on yourself in trying to emote fighting against players and then attacking the Boss.

5. If you are a hero character currently engaging in a PVP battle and your turn comes up, you are free to quickly disengage from the PVP fight to attack the boss and then return to the PVP fight if you wish. PVP isn't mandatory and it should not effect your ability to attack the boss unless you want it too.

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