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The Black Market, Loot, and Item Upgrades!
Hey Everyone!

The staff would like to announce an addition to the Black Market as well as talk about issues with loot as of late.

We have taken note of loot saturation when it comes to events, when it comes to mainstoryline the same people attending the mainstoryline tend to pile on a lot of the loot from these events and there is not way to alleviate these items that players get, or for some, they feel they cannot even improve it once they get the item and it stagnates after the use of the item wears off.

The staff discussed several things with regards to loot and have come up with some solutions as well as general reminders!

The Black Market

The Black Market is now accepting Items from events which can result in getting a token back for a certain number of items given up!

Storyteller Events/Eggshell Items/Quest items from Pandaria: (This can be mixed between the two options but the number required is up to the BM discretion )

3-4 items leads to one token

You must give the item, item description and effect, as well as what event it was given out.

Dungeons/Raids (GM hosted only -This can be mixed between the two options but the number required is up to the BM discretion )

2-3 items can lead to one token

You must give the item name

If you are interested in giving up items please make a request here:


Loot For the Future

We will be doing our best in the future to work on our loot lists, we are no longer doing free roll anymore, and any unclaimed items will go to the BM for the future. Additionally we will be working to add a little more personalization and attachment through stories attached to the items themselves.

Item Upgrades

We realize that it's not clear in our rules, but we do allow players to work ICly in some capacity to create items for themselves or upgrade their current items to have a better effect. So, for example if you got a questitem from Eggshell that you really love and want to make better after using it actively for months we are completely accepting of allowing players to work to upgrade that item in order to make it more personal and to allow them to continue to use it.

Additionally we are allowing players to create items and encourage people to be proactive and creative to do so because no one knows you better than yourself! There are plenty of crafters and enchanters who can help with either of these options which can be found below: 


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