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Reminder: Event Etiquette
Hello everyone,

This is just a general reminder about event etiquette, when it comes to raid emotes and OOC chatter.

Firstly, please keep the chatter to a minimum in the Raid channel itself, since many DMs are known to use it to keep track of relevant emotes for the event itself. If you want to chat, please refer either to your Party chat, General chat in-game (if it's available), or Discord. Especially during larger events, excessive chatter in the Raid can be very disruptive and distracting for the DM.

Secondly, in the spirit of the first point, it's prudent to keep emote length down during larger and more fast-paced events for the sake of your DM and fellow players. We understand that sometimes circumstances require something more than a simple emote, and an emote split into two posts is generally not that disruptive, but if it starts going on for longer it can be difficult to keep up with during certain events. Furthermore, for those who do prefer to write longer emotes, it's warmly recommended that they get in the habit of preparing their emotes ahead of time to reduce the time taken between combat turns in an event, for instance. This isn't always possible and an emote may change with the tide of battle, and this is understandable, but the effort to be prepared can make considerable difference the rest of the time.

That's about it. Smile

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