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Post SoO Staff Events and Beyond
Hey guys,

Well its finally over. After almost 2 years, we have finished the MoP storyline. Since the start of this year we have been going really fast. So for the next few months we are going to take a break. The current plan is not do anything major for the rest of the year besides some small but necessary things that need to be done before WoD. The WoD Azeroth side intro event may be done during the two weeks of Dec so by the time January comes, we can go straight to Draenor and give STs time to play with the Iron Horde in the Blasted Lands.

This also means most days will be open for ST's to host events, including Saturdays.We will try to let you guys know a week or so in advanced if we need a Friday or Saturday for staff event. Below you will find list with some tentative dates for staff run events

Post SoO Staff Events:

Sept 2nd: MoP Finale: Why Do We Fight?

Sept 16th: MoP Ending Celebration

Sept 22-23: War Crimes

Sometime in Oct: The Headless Horseman 4 and Razorfen Downs

Sometime Nov: Blackfanthom Deeps

Tentatively placed for the start of Dec: WoD Azeroth side intro

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